Cars Brands that start with Q

Cars Brands that start with Q

Automotive brands have approached the formation of their names in very different ways. Some gave the company their name; others used abbreviations of names; others used the name of a locality or geographic names, some names of epic heroes, gods, or words for some characteristic features of the activity. As a result, the names cover all the alphabet letters, making it convenient to organize them according to this system. And it is necessary to make this formation of the history of the brands of the world’s auto industry because the further humanity goes from the foundation of this type of industry, the more information about the producers is lost. Even today, there is a lot of lost data about those who stood at the origins. And modern business conditions make it more and more difficult to find information after renaming, mergers, splits, resales, re-registrations.

What car brands that start with Q?

The letter Q is not in particular demand among automakers. Therefore, among complete car manufacturers – not designers or assemblers – there are very few who have this letter in the title of their name. Representatives of this category are Qvale, Qvick Motors, Qoros Auto.

The lack of information leads to the impossibility to get answers to all arising questions, does not allow to build the strategy of business dealing correctly, to present the full picture of the interrelation of history of the person and the car. It also becomes difficult to satisfy one’s own needs, whether it is a hobby or a desire to make the right choice when buying a new car or, moreover, on the secondary market. This is facilitated by the services of resources where such information is collected alphabetically.


Qvale Logo

One of the Italian car brands of the 21st century – the company Qvale was founded in 2000 by an American by birth Bruce Qvale. The history of its creation began with the revival of the company Alejandro de Tomaso, founded back in 1947. For this, he used the latest development of De Tomaso Biguà. Due to financial problems, he turned to Bruce Qvale, who was the son of the famous automaker Kjell Qvale, founder in 1947 in San Francisco, California of British Motors, to distribute Jaguar. In 1996, the car saw the light of day. After the De Tomaso Biguà agreement, it was renamed Mangusta. But the cooperation fell apart, and Bruce Qvale took over the factory. And the car was given a new brand name -Qvale Mangusta in 2001.

Qvick Motors

Qvick Motors Logo

Qvick Motors was founded in 1997 in Zevekote, Belgium, for the production and service of race cars for track racing and rally cars and components. It is a supplier of Samsonas components and transmissions for the Benelux countries and provides training and coaching for racers. It maintains rally cars from retro to the most modern models. The small auto shop is known for its Qvick Mini Cooper S3. The car is based on the development of the Mini Cooper model. He participated in the Belcar series, Belgium’s endurance championship series.


Qoros Logo

Qoros Auto Co., Ltd is an automaker from Shanghai, China, founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Chery and Israel Corporation. The company was originally called Chery Quantum Automotive Corporation. In 2011, the brand received the name known today. Today, the brand partners are Chery and Kenon Holdings. The brand’s products have an original design, characterized by services and increased safety. The first model was the Qoros 3, presented in spring 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show. The model was launched in China in the autumn of the same year in serial production.


Quant Logo

Quattro Logo

What supercar starts with Q?

Given the small number of automakers in this group, the number of supercars is minimum. You can get the exact answer by visiting and studying the resource page on this letter.

What is the car with the Q logo?

The only car brand with the name to the letter Q, whose logo is represented only by the capital letter of the name, is Qoros Auto.

What expensive cars start with the letter Q?

We will have to give a more detailed answer to the question incorrectly posed. Among the most expensive cars, which begin with the letter Q, there are the following ones: Audi Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q7; Infiniti Q30, Q60. All the cars are not included in the group of brands beginning with the letter Q. Only Qvale Mangusta can be called the most expensive in the category itself.