Cars Brands that start with Q

Cars Brands that start with Q

Automobile brands have approached the formation of their names in very different ways. Some gave the company their name, others used abbreviations of names, some used the name of a locality or geographical name, and others used the names of epic heroes, gods, or words denoting some characteristic features of activity. As a result, the names cover all letters of the alphabet, which makes it convenient to organize them according to this system. It is necessary to form the history of brands in the automobile industry because the further mankind goes from the foundation of this kind of industry, the more information about manufacturers is lost. Even today, there is a lot of lost data about those who stood at the origins. Today’s business environment makes it increasingly difficult to find information after renaming, mergers, splits, resales, and re-registrations.

What car brands start with Q?

The letter Q is not particularly favored by automakers. Therefore, among full-fledged car manufacturers – not designers and assemblers – there are very few who have this letter in their name. Representatives of this category are Qvale, Qvick Motors, and Qoros Auto.

Lack of information leads to the inability to get answers to all the questions that arise and does not allow you to properly build a business strategy to present a complete picture of the relationship between the history of man and the automobile. It also becomes difficult to satisfy one’s needs, be it a hobby or a desire to make the right choice when buying a new car or, even more so, on the secondary market. This is facilitated by the services of resources where such information is alphabetized.


Qvale Logo

One of the 21st century’s Italian automobile brands, Qvale, was founded in 2000 by American-born Bruce Quayle. The story of its creation began with the revitalization of Alejandro De Tomaso’s company, which was founded in 1947. For this, he used the latest De Tomaso Biguà development. Due to financial problems, he turned for the distribution of Jaguar to Bruce Quayle, the son of the famous automaker Kjell Quayle, who founded British Motors in San Francisco (California) in 1947. In 1996, the car saw the light of day. After an agreement with De Tomaso Bigua, it was renamed Mangusta. But the cooperation broke up, and Bruce Quayle headed the plant. In 2001, the car received a new brand -Qvale Mangusta.

Qvick Motors

Qvick Motors Logo

Qvick Motors was founded in 1997 in Zevekote (Belgium) to manufacture and service track racing and rally cars and components. The company supplies Samsonas components and transmissions to Benelux countries and provides training and coaching for racers. Rally cars from retro to the most modern models are serviced here. The small car service is known for its Qvick Mini Cooper S3 car, which is based on the development of the Mini Cooper model. It participated in the Belcar series, a Belgian endurance championship series.


Qoros Logo


Quant Logo

Quattro Logo


What car starts with Q?

Cars whose names start with the letter “Q,” such as Quant and Qvick, are unique in the automotive world. Quant is known for its electric vehicles, which use the latest technology and feature solar panels to ensure they are eco-friendly. They strive to show what the cars of the future could be like.

Qvick specializes in high-performance sports cars. These cars are fast and handle well, making them favorites for thrill-seekers. They have a modern, streamlined look and are designed for speed and agility on the road.

What supercar starts with Q?

Quant is a brand known for its electric supercars, which start with the letter “Q.” It is not as well known as some traditional supercar manufacturers, but it stands out for its innovative approach. Kvanta cars are especially known for their high performance and environmentally friendly technology combination. They use solar panels to power their cars, making them faster and more environmentally friendly.

People who like supercars love their luxury and speed, which makes them a special choice in the supercar market for those who want a powerful car that is good for the environment.

What is the car with the Q logo?

Qoros Auto, recognizable by its “Q” logo, is an automobile brand from China. This brand is known for its simple yet striking logo with the capital letter “Q.” It produces high-quality, safe, innovative cars. The brand is aimed at a global audience thanks to modern design and advanced technology. They strive to meet international safety and performance standards, making them a competitive option for buyers looking for something new in the automotive market. This approach has helped Qoros achieve a unique position in the competitive automotive industry.

What expensive cars start with the letter Q?

We see Audi and Infiniti models when searching for expensive cars starting with the letter Q. The Audi Q series includes the Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, and Q7 models. These SUVs vary in size and are loaded with luxury features, powerful engines, and advanced technology. Infiniti offers the Q30 and Q60 models: the Q30 is a compact SUV, and the Q60 is a stylish coupe known for its performance and luxurious interior.

Another brand, Qvale, produces the Mangusta, a luxury sports car. It is less common but stands out for its unique design and high performance. Although many luxury cars have names starting with the letter Q, they are mostly from well-known brands such as Audi and Infiniti, except the specialist Qvale Mangusta.