Cars Brands that start with U

Cars Brands that start with U

The automobile, like the human being, has its character, its features, and its history. The automobile and man have a decisive influence on each other. The development of human society and the discovery of new laws and technologies directly influence technology development. Even a century and a half ago, the automobile was just a self-propelled cart with three or four wheels driven by steam. The level of comfort in such units tended to be zero. Any automobile created at the beginning of the century was a luxury item, accessible not to everyone. Today, the situation is completely different. From a luxury item, the automobile has become a subject of everyday life and an object of constant use, available to everyone and often especially necessary in everyday activities.

What car brands start with U?

Among the names of car brands beginning with the letter U, there are not many manufacturers. Large world manufacturers are not in it. But even here, there are representatives of different categories of cars, such as UAZ with its SUVs, trucks, and cars; British Ultima – a manufacturer of supercars; UMM, representing the Portuguese car industry; and many others.

Today, the automobile is a multifunctional means of everyday life. It helps to save time, move quickly, transport cargo of any weight, and easily overcome huge distances. But the most interesting thing is that modern technologies and achievements in engineering and design have made the car not only a convenient means of transportation. The automobile has far surpassed its traditional technical significance. Its categories have become a spectacular way of demonstrating the degree of wealth and aesthetic level of the owner, contributing to the maintenance of prestige and indicating the owner’s position in the hierarchy of the human community.


UAZ Logo

One of the main representatives of the world automobile industry, the name of which begins with the letter U, is the former Soviet and now Russian car brand UAZ, founded in 1941. Earlier, the brand was called Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, named after V.I. Lenin, twice Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant LLC is part of Sollers Holding (formerly Severstal-Avto). The brand’s production category includes all-wheel drive SUVs, light trucks, and minibusses. The enterprise is in the process of closure.

Ukrainian Automobile Corporation JSC

Ukrainian Automobile Corporation JSC Logo

Like most Ukrainian companies nowadays, the Ukrainian Automobile Corporation OJSC, or UkrAvto, is engaged in the resale of automobile brand products from other countries. The products are based on Romanian, Chinese, and German manufacturers. Founded in 1992, the company became especially relevant after Russia introduced a utilization fee in 2012; the volume of products supplied to Russia dropped from 40% to 2%, which led to the need to move to other markets. However, tightening conditions and the closure of the Crimean market led to increasing economic problems for the company.

Ultima Sports Ltd

Ultima Sports Ltd Logo

Ultima Sports Ltd, a British automobile manufacturer based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, was founded in 1992. The founder of the company was Ted Marlow. The main production focus was manufacturing sports cars and components to assemble road-ring racing cars. Assembly was based on Noble Motorsport cars. Since 1999, for 16 years, the brand produced the Ultima GTR with several modifications. GTR640 and GTR720 convertible Can-Am were presented. In the initial period, Sport and Spyder models were produced. In 2015, the revolutionary Ultima Evolution model appeared.


UMM Logo

The representative of the Portuguese automobile industry is UMM, a steel mill, one of the activities of which was the production of automobiles. This brand was founded in Portugal in 1977 to produce four-wheel drive vehicles used in agriculture. The products are also found to be applicable in municipal services and industry. The vehicles were based on the French UMM 4×4 from SIMI Cournil, characterized by strength and stability. It was a Landrover ATV based on the Hotchkiss-JEEP and had a four-wheel drive from Ferguson Diesel. This model was used to transport Pope John Paul II during his visit to Portugal.


Unic Logo

French automobile brand Unic was founded by Georges Richard in 1905 in Put. The company realized the production of buses and cars. The beginning of the formation of the brand was connected with litigation and raider seizures, which ended with the re-establishment of the company under the name of Société Anonyme des Automobiles Unic and the Unic trademark in 1905. The company’s first model was the Type A1 10CV, followed by the Type A2 12CV and Type B1 14CV. Together with Jacques Bizet (son of the composer) and Hugh Citroën (brother of André Citroën), the company’s founder created a credit and financial structure to finance the purchase of his cars on credit. In 1937, the automobile company closed down. The brand was revived several times, closing completely in 1984.

Universal Power Drives

Universal Power Drives Logo

Universal Power Drives manufactures specialty vehicles and trucks under the Unipower brand. The brand was founded in 1934 in the London borough of Aldwych, in the Perivale area of London. Until the ’50s, this brand produced special equipment – forestry trucks. In 1972, a special fire and construction equipment based on 4×4 Unipower Invader was developed. In 1966, the brand introduced a sports car, Unipower GT and Quasar-Unipower 1967-68. The 1980s saw the introduction of the C Series tractor. Following the acquisition of Alvis plc, a subsidiary, Alvis Unipower Limited, was established to produce the Alvis-Unipower brand of trucks.

UD Trucks

UD Trucks Logo

UD Trucks Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturer founded in 1935 as Nihon Diesel Industries, Ltd in Kawaguchi, Japan, a suburb of Tokyo. Kenzo Adachi founded the company. The brand focused on producing diesel-powered trucks, buses, chassis, and special-purpose vehicles. The company is located in Ageo, Saitama, Japan. Changing its name several times, the brand became UD Trucks in 2010. In 2021, Isuzu Motors acquired the brand.


Unicar Logo


Unipower Logo


What car starts with the letter U?

Cars starting with the letter U are made by different automakers and serve different purposes:

  • UP! – Volkswagen: The Volkswagen UP! is small, affordable, and easy to drive in tight city spaces. It’s packed with modern features, making it a great choice for city residents who need a compact and efficient car.
  • Urraco – Lamborghini: The Lamborghini Urraco is a sports car from the 1970s, known for its sleek design and strong V8 engine. It was more affordable than other Lamborghinis, making it accessible to more people while offering great performance.
  • Urus – Lamborghini: The Lamborghini Urus is a luxury SUV that’s powerful and stylish. It’s perfect for those who want a practical car for daily use and capable of high performance.
  • Urvan – Nissan: The Nissan Urvan is a reliable commercial vehicle for transporting goods or people. It’s built to be durable and has plenty of space, which makes it a favorite among businesses.
  • UTE – Holden: The Holden UTE is a classic Australian vehicle that mixes a sedan’s comfort with a truck’s utility. It’s known for being versatile and powerful.
  • UX—Lexus: The Lexus UX is a luxury compact crossover designed for comfortable urban driving. It’s stylish and features the latest technology and safety features.
  • UX200 – Lexus: The Lexus UX200 enhances the UX series with better engine performance and a more luxurious interior, offering a good mix of efficiency and comfort.
  • UX250H – Lexus: The Lexus UX250H is a hybrid version of the UX, focusing on being environmentally friendly without sacrificing luxury. It uses both electric and traditional.

What supercar starts with U?

Ultima Sports, founded in 1992, is a well-known supercar manufacturer that offers models like the Ultima Spyder, Ultima GTR, Ultima Can-Am, and the more recent Ultima Evolution. These cars are famous worldwide for their incredible speed and excellent handling. Ultima Sports offers extensive customization options, allowing buyers to tailor their vehicles to their preferences.

What is the car with the U logo?

Several automobile brands use the letter U in their logos, even when it’s not the first letter of their name. Unipower, a British manufacturer famous for sports and racing cars, has a U logo. Similarly, UD Trucks, a Japanese brand known for commercial trucks, incorporates the letter U prominently in its logo design. This helps both companies stand out and gives them a unique and recognizable identity.

What expensive cars start with the letter U?

Starting with the letter U, expensive cars include models from the British brand Ultima, such as the Ultima GTR and the sports car Unipower GT. The Ultima GTR is known for its high performance, luxury, speed, and handling. The Unipower GT is a classic sports car with a unique style and impressive performance. Both brands are renowned for their advanced engineering and innovative designs.