Cars Brands that start with V

Cars Brands that start with V

The automobile has long ceased to be an object available only to wealthy motorists. Today, it is an important means for many people, providing the opportunity to move quickly and comfortably and transport cargo, even just heavy bags and suitcases, without the need to expend a huge amount of effort. But this does not cancel the opportunity to learn more about such a technical means is irrelevant.

What brands of cars begin with the letter V?

The letter V as the first letter of the name of the car brand is found in many automakers of the world – both those that exist today and those that stood at the origins of the world car industry and today are part of its history. There’s Volkswagen and Volvo, Venturi and Vector. And many others, a brief history of which you can learn by visiting the page with the list of brands beginning with the letter V.

Especially when the question concerns the choice of your future “iron horse” or if there is a hobby in the form of collecting. But information about stamps is interesting not only to satisfy one’s desires. When building the right strategy for a newly created or existing enterprise, it is important to conduct market research. In addition, the history of the automobile industry is important for learning about the history of all mankind, predicting the future, and broadening one’s general horizons.

Having accurate and detailed information is an opportunity to avoid mistakes, save money, ensure successful business promotion, and much more. After all, thanks to modern technology, new models with better characteristics appear many times faster than less than less than half a century ago. The huge number of brands created in the world in the nearly 150 years since the first self-driving design also creates difficulties in processing completely disordered information about them. Getting the desired results and making useful comparisons while saving time searching for the right information is important for any interested person. This is facilitated by a resource where such information is organized, alphabetized by brand names, and convenient for search. With its help, you can quickly find the manufacturer of interest in the letter “V,” get the right answers to important questions and make a comparison.

Valmet Automotive

Valmet Automotive Logo

Valmet Automotive Group is the largest Finnish contract manufacturer of automobiles. It was formed in 1968 in Uusikaupunki, Finland. An important business area is the development of environmentally friendly technologies for moving vehicles, including electric vehicles. Among the activities are the development and production of modular battery systems. The company has plants in Germany and Poland. In addition to cooperation on the production of components with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab, Opel, and Fisker, it has been producing electric vehicles since 2009. In 2021, the production of solar-powered electric cars will be announced.

Vandenbrink Design

Vandenbrink Design Logo

Vandenbrink Design, founded by Michel van den Brink and Robert Koemans in 2006 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a company engaged in the engineering, design, and assembly of specialty automotive bodies. The company initially collaborated with the Italian brand Ferrari, where Vandenbrink’s products were highly praised. In 2009, the company started to develop a tourist bus, Fra Mauro, the body of which was made of carbon fiber on the basis of Spyker C8 Spyder chassis. The company is currently developing its Vandenbrink GTO model, which is based on the Italian manufacturer’s early models – the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and the 599 GTB Fiorano.

Vauxhall Motors

Vauxhall Motors Logo

The British automobile company Vauxhall Motors, a subsidiary of the multinational corporation Stellantis since 2021, was created on the basis of Alexander Wilson, founded in 1857. The company was named after its location on the banks of the Thames. The company manufactured marine engines. In 1903, the company changed its name to the Vauxhall Iron Works Company and began manufacturing cars, moving to Luton. In the 50s, a contract was signed with Opel and Holden. In 2017, the company was bought by France’s Groupe PSA. The main products are passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Vector Motors

Vector Motors Logo

American automobile manufacturer Vector Motors Corporation of Wilmington, California, traces its roots back to Gerald Wiegert’s Vehicle Design Force and Vector Aeromotive, founded in 1971. They created their first automobile in 1989, completing production in 1993. After the conversion to Vector Motors Corporation, the development of sports cars began. The brand became the first American manufacturer to compete with Europe’s Ferrari and Lamborghini. Over 50 models were developed in the first ten years. After the founder’s death in 2021, the fate of the company is in question.


Veilside Logo

The Japanese company Veilside Co., Ltd. was founded by car tuning company owner Masao Ono, former race car driver Chris Kraft, and businessman Vernon Fotheringham. The company is best known for its Vemac RD320R hybrid race car, which was developed in 2002 and raced in Japan’s Super GT class of the GT300 series for ten years until 2012. The car participated in more than 150 races. The brand is one of the main developers of concept cars for the country’s leading automakers.


Vencer Logo

Dutch entrepreneur Robert Cobben founded the Vencer automobile company in 2010 in Vriesenwijn, the Netherlands, which produces expensive and high-performance sports cars. The first car of the brand and founder of the sports car line was the Vencer Sarthe, the prototype of which was presented in 2013 at the Top Marques Motor Show in Monaco by its owner, Prince Albert II of Monaco. This model was sold through a dealership based in China. The 2015 model was assembled by hand and is one of the most expensive models sold in Europe.


Veritas Logo

The German brand Veritas was founded by BMW Motorsport head Ernst Loof, test driver Cork Meyer, and road racer Lorenz Dietrich in 1947 in Grafschaft. He distinguished himself by using particularly lightweight bodies on racing models. In 1949, the Saturn coupe, Scorpion roadster, Comet Sportwagen rally car, and Comet S Rennsportwagen based on the BMW 328 chassis were shown at the Paris Motor Show. This year, a dealer agreement was signed with Panhard, and assembly of the Dyna Veritas ultra-lightweight sports car began. In 1951, a four-door Saturn coupe was produced. In 1953, the company closed. The brand was revived in the 1990s, and the Veritas RS III was released in 2001.

Victress Manufacturing Company

Victress Manufacturing Company Logo

The American Victress Manufacturing Company was founded in California in 1952. The first model of the brand was the S1A, designed a year earlier by Hugh Jorgensen and William “Doc” Boyce-Smith. The models produced were based on Ford or Mameco Corp. chassis. In 1954, a merger with the Merrill Powell Company took place. Several C2 and C3 models were produced. The C2 coupe became the basis for the GM Q-Corvette, XP700, 1961 Corvette, and 1963 Corvette Stingrays. In 1959, a Pioneer model with a fiberglass body was introduced. In 1961, the company was acquired by LaDawri.

Virago Cars Limited

Virago Cars Limited Logo

Founded in 2004, VR Automotive Limited, run by Andrew Knowson and David Musgrave Morris, was renamed Virago Cars Limited a year later. The company was based in Solihull, West Midlands. In 2008, the headquarters moved to Coventry. The automobile production was carried out from 2005 to 2010. The brand gained fame with the Virago Coupé sports car launched in 2008. Since 2011, the brand has been defunct and renamed Nacouz Services Limited. The brand name is also closed.

VLF Automotive

VLF Automotive Logo

VLF Automotive is an American automaker, renamed VL Automotive in 2016. The predecessor was founded in 2012 by Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villarreal. After designer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker joined the team, the company expanded its capabilities and, in 2016, received its modern name, made up of the first letters of the founders’ last names. In 2013, the first model of its predecessor, the Destino, was introduced. In 2016, the Force 1 VLF sports car was launched. In 2018, the Rocket V8 model was created in collaboration with Galpin Auto Sports.


Voisin Logo

Voisin, a French company producing Lux Avions cars, was founded in 1905 by Gabriel Voisin in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Production of cars began after the First World War in 1919 using bushing-valve engines of Knight type. The main distinguishing feature of the brand was the extensive use of light alloys, which made the cars lighter and faster. The Voisin Laboratoire Grand Prix car of 1923, with a “monocoque” chassis and a fan in the cooling system, made the brand famous. The most famous are Voisin C5 of 1924, C25 Aérodyne of 1934, C26 and C27 Aérosport Coupé. The brand was closed in 1946.


Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen, a German automobile brand of global importance, was founded in May 1937. Today, it is one of the brands within the Volkswagen AG Group, which sold more than 6 million 620 thousand vehicles in 2019 alone. The headquarters of the modern brand is located in Wolfsburg (Germany). The history of the brand dates back to 1933, when Adolf Hitler, Jakob Werlin (Daimler-Benz), and Ferdinand Porsche met in the restaurant of the Hotel Kaiserhof. Hitler sketched out on a piece of paper the requirements for the new car – durability, reliability, cheapness, assembly at a new German factory, and accessibility to the population. The latter became the name – Volks-Wagen. The first was a prototype based on the Porsche Typ 60.


Volvo Logo

The Swedish brand Volvo Cars, known domestically as Volvo Car Corporation or Volvo Personvagnar AB, was founded in 1927 in Gothenburg. The trademark was officially registered in 1915 to sell a series of bearings to the American market but was not used until 1927, when it was first applied to the Volvo ÖV4 automobile created that year, which was created under the auspices of SKF. In 1935, the brand became independent. In 1944, the Volvo PV444 model was developed. Since 2010, the company has been owned by Geely Automobile.


Vortex Logo

A car manufacturer from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Britannia Vortex Automotive Limited was created from Phantom Automotive Limited. The latter was founded in 1997 by Adrian Greville Smith, David Abel, Graham Winston Astbury, and Norman Morris. In 2008, the brand, formerly under a different name, Virago Cars, was renamed again. Under the new name Vortex Automotive Limited, the cars produced since 2010 were Vortex F1, Vortex V 2, Vortex BT 1200, and others. The brand moved to the town of Kenilworth in Warwickshire.



VŪHL, a Mexican-American joint venture founded by brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria in the city of Queretaro in 2010 on the basis of the Etxe automotive design agency, became famous for the development of an ultra-light supercar VŪHL 05. The model was first presented at the Festival of Speed in Goodwood in 2013. The name of the brand translates as VEHICLES OF ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGH PERFORMANCE. The company was founded by a founding father who spent 30 years building race cars.


VinFast Logo

A young representative of the Vietnamese car industry is VinFast, founded in 2017 by Pham Nhat Vuong in Hanoi with production in Hai Phong, Vietnam. In 2018, the brand unveiled its prototypes at the Paris Motor Show, launching mass sales in early 2019. Its models include the Vinfast Lux A2.0 sedan based on the BMW 5 Series F10 and the Vinfast Lux SA2.0 crossover based on the BMW X5 (F15). In the domestic market, the company sells the Vinfast Fadil five-door mini-hatchback, having bought the license from General Motors.


Venturi Logo

French automobile designer and manufacturer Venturi Automobiles was founded by Claude Poiret and Gérard Godefroy in 1984. The headquarters of the company is located in Fontvieille (Monaco). The production is engaged in the production of the expensive category of electric cars. In 2000, the company went bankrupt. Among the brand’s products are several model lines of coupe and Transcup, as well as Atlantique 300, 300 GTR, MVS Venturi, Venturi Atlantique, and Venturi 400 GT. In 2001, the brand was bought by Guild Pallanca Pastor, which reoriented production towards the use of electric motors, creating the Venturi Fétish.

Vale Motor

Vale Motor Logo

In 1931, the Vale Motor Company was founded in the London borough of Maida Vale as a hobby. Its creator, Pownall Pellew, began assembling his Vale Special automobile. The endeavor was financed by Pellew and two partners, Allan Gaspar and Robert Owen Wilcoxon, brother of famous movie actor Henry Wilcoxon. In the early days, the cars were assembled by hand. Most cars were produced in a lightweight version with a two-seat open body. In 1933, a new Vale “Vixen” model was introduced. The brand created between 60 and 80 models until its closure in 1935.

Van Hool

Van Hool Logo

Van Hool is a Dutch automobile manufacturing company founded in 1947 in Koningshoekt, Lier, Belgium. Its main activity is the production of semi-trailers and public transportation – buses and trolleybuses. In the year of its foundation, the production of bus bodies began. The next milestone was the cooperation with Fiat VC in 1957. The expansion of production and new capacities prompted the construction of a factory in 1964. In 1971, the brand created a subsidiary, Van Hool España, S.A., in Zaragoza, which sold in 1983. Today, the brand produces up to 1,500 complete buses per year.

Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas Logo

Vanden Plas is a brand with a rich history. It was founded in 1870 by Guillaume van den Plas in Brussels, Belgium, as a manufacturer of wheels and bridges and, later, luxury carriages. In 1898, the first car bodies were produced. In 1912, the company was acquired by Theo Mazuy, who moved production to England and founded Vanden Plas Ltd. In World Wars I and II, as part of the Aircraft Manufacturing Co., the brand produced airplanes in the Second, De Havilland DH 98 Mosquito spare parts. In 1949, the history of the Belgian body shop ended. Since 1959, the British brand has been producing cars. In 1991, the brand was liquidated.

VDL Nedcar

VDL Nedcar Logo

The large Dutch car manufacturer VDL Nedcar was founded in 1967 in Born (Netherlands) by the van Doorn brothers. After acquiring a controlling stake in 1975, Volvo renamed the brand Volvo Car B.V., becoming its full owner by 1976. Starting joint operations with the state, Volvo and Mitsubishi, after the crisis of the 1990s, the brand was renamed Netherlands Car B.V. in 1996. The company assembled models for the German brands DAF and Volvo.


Velie Logo

The American brand Velie Motor Vehicle Company was founded in 1908 in Moline, Illinois. Velie Motors Corporation created it on the basis of the Velie Carriage Company body shop, founded in 1902. The first model was an assembly2 of various components. In 1910, 1,000 cars were sold. In 1911, the company produced trucks. This year saw the introduction of the four-seat Velie 40. In 1914, the Continental, with an electric starter and dual ignition, was introduced. In 1920, the Model 34 Universal was released. The death of the founder in 1928 led to the closing of the company.


Vermorel Logo

French automobile manufacturer Vermorel traces its history back to 1850 as a family company founded by Antoine Vermorel to create agricultural machinery. The brand assembled its first car in 1899. However, full-scale production of cars began only in 1908. In the post-war period, the brand introduced a design characterized by innovative equipment – Vermorel “Type X.” The company was engaged in the production of various types of engineering products. After changing several owners, the brand closed in 1965.


Vinaxuki Logo

Vinaxuki – a Vietnamese company producing mini-trucks and cars- was founded in 2004 in Hanoi (Vietnam). It produced its products under its own brand as well as under some Chinese brands. Until its closure in 2015, it produced 38 truck models, including 3450T, 5500TL, 8500TL, 2500BA, 3000BA, 4500BA, 5000BA, 7000BA, two semi-truck models, and touring vehicles, including Vinaxuki Pickup 650X, Songhuajiang HFJ6376 minivan. It also has two models of buses at its base.


Vaillante Logo

Vegantune Evante

Vegantune Evante Logo


Vemac Logo


Vernon-Derby Logo


Vespa Logo


Victoria Logo


Victory Logo


Vignale Logo


Vinci Logo


Vivinus Logo


Volga Logo

What supercar starts with V?

More than one supercar is presented in the group of car brands beginning with V., But it is possible to distinguish some leaders in this category. For example, Virago Coupe was created by British Virago Cars or Vencer Sarthe 2015, hand-assembled by the team of the Dutch brand of the same name. More complete and detailed information can be found in this letter’s grouped lists of brands.

What is the car with the V logo?

To give a correct answer to this question, it is necessary to put it correctly, specifying the main features of the logo. Otherwise, it is possible to give a variety of answers. For example, INFINITI brand, BMW V8 model, Cadillac Sedan De Ville 1956, Cadillac V16 1940, Chevrolet BelAir Project-X 2006, Chevrolet Impala convertible 348 SS, Chevrolet Corvette, Chrysler New Yorker 1954, Ford Thunderbird 1959, Vauxhall V10 1937, and many others have the letter V upside down in their logo. Clarification is required as to whether the execution of the letter is stand-alone or presented in conjunction with other elements.

What expensive cars start with the letter V?

Among the most expensive cars named with the letter “V” is the Vector W8 Twin Turbo, the fastest and the most expensive at its appearance. Also, the 2010 Venturi Fetish and the 2015 Vencer Sarthe. More information can be found on a specially created resource in the section of car brands with the letter “V.”