Cars Brands that start with W

Cars Brands that start with W

Considering various aspects of humanity’s development, ignoring its influence and direct dependence on the technologies used in different periods is impossible. This is especially true of the trends that led to the creation of the automobile and its changes over the years. For a century and a half, the automobile has turned from a luxury item into an almost commonplace household item that accompanies every person in everyday life. And not only as a personal means of transportation but also as public transportation. It has become an important means for transporting heavy loads and fast movement. The automobile provided an opportunity for comfortable recreation, became the main accessory for special sporting events, effectively demonstrated one’s wealth, and maintained the necessary level of prestige. But much has already been lost in the depths of history. The peculiarities of modern business and economic difficulties lead to a constant change of brand owners, mergers, and acquisitions. At the same time, some brands and trademarks retain their identity or name, while others dissolve and disappear.

What car brands start with the letter W?

The letter W as the first letter in the name of automobile brands is quite common. There are many automobile brands – famous and not so famous. Among them are Wallyscar and Warren-Lambert, Willys, and others.

The desire to learn more about those who created the first samples of this type of technology, about the main differences of products of different brands, and about the formation and development of the automotive industry today faces difficulties in finding the necessary information. Effective help in this direction is provided by information resources that collect such information bit by bit and store it in an inconvenient alphabetical order.

W Motors

W Motors Logo

W Motors, a car brand from Dubai, UAE, was founded in Lebanon in 2012 by Ralph Debbas and was the first car brand in the Middle East to develop Lux sports models. The company is engaged in development, research in high-performance sports cars, and consulting in their small-scale production. The brand became famous after developing an electric multi-purpose model for ICONIQ Motors, a Chinese manufacturer of ICONIQ, an ICONIQ Seven subsidiary. In 2020, the company announced that it was including the production of its own electric and autonomous vehicles in addition to its core product lines.


Wallyscar Logo

La Marsa, Tunisia-based Wallyscar, founded in 2007 by French engineer Nicola Cagnot, produces Jeep-based vehicles as its core product. Today, the company’s capacity allows it to produce up to 600 vehicles annually, exported to the EU, Qatar, Panama, and the domestic market. In addition, the company produces components for Peugeot and Citroen. From 2007 to 2014, the company produced its Izis model. As of 2017, a new Wallyscar Iris model is on sale.


Waltham Logo

The American automobile company Waltham Manufacturing Company was founded in 1893 in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Its founders were Charles Herman Metz, Prof. Herbert L. Thompson, Elmer G. Howe, Frank L. Howe, and William Parrott. 1898, the company began producing motorcycles, ATVs, three-wheelers, and self-propelled models. The company produced under three brands: Orient, Waltham, and Waltham-Orient. The first was a steam car, followed by the Orient Victoriette motor buggy and small cars built between 1902 and 1903. In 1905, the Orient 20 HP De Luxe Touring automobile appeared. Production continued until the brand closed in 1910.


Wanderer Logo

The German automobile industry was ahead of the development of the U.S. automobile industry in its formation. One of the first representatives of this direction was the company Wanderer Werke AG, which has produced bicycles, motorcycles, and passenger cars since 1896. Johan Winklhofer and Richard Jaenicke founded it in Augsburg (Germany) as Winklhofer & Jaenicke. In 1911, it was renamed Wanderer. In 1932, it became part of Auto Union AG. Its main products were passenger cars and vans. Famous models were the Wandererer W21 of 1933, the Wandererer W25 of 1936, and the Wandererer W25 Stromlinie Spezial. It was discontinued in 1945.


Warren-Lambert Logo

Warren Lambert-Morgan – a car sales agent in 1912 in Richmond, Surrey County, Britain, founded an automobile company of his name by adding a hyphen – Warren-Lambert Engineering Co. Ltd. His first automobile was a four-wheeled velomobile. In 1914, the ten-horsepower Dorman was produced. World War I halted production. It was resumed in 1919 in Richmond. All models were two-seaters. A new Dorman model was shown in 1921. Only two prototypes were made. This model was the last one. In this year, the brand was liquidated.


Wendax Logo

The automobile brand Wendax from the German city of Hamburg-Hamm was the company with the shortest history of automobile production. Founded in 1933, it produced railroad carts and cargo tricycles under the name Draisinenbau Dr. Alpers. Automobile production began in 1949. It was then discontinued in 1950. The company is known for producing the first German and half-ton truck immediately after the war. Wendax WS WS sedan and three-seat roadster model, Aero WS 400 with one rear-wheel drive, were developed. However, the poor quality of the vehicles led to the brand’s closure at the end of 1950.


Westfield Logo

In 1982, Chris Smith founded Westfield Sportscars, a sports car company, on Dudley Road in Kingswinford, England. At a time when Lotus Cars was in trouble, the new company successfully sold kits similar in style and design to the Lotus Seven. The brand produced factory and factory-built two-seater open-top cars. Colin Chapman designed the first of these. Westfield made radical changes to the design and construction of its cars. In 2006, the brand became part of Potenza Sports Cars Limited. Its sports Turbo and racer electric racing car models acquired European status.

Western Star

Western Star Logo

The American automobile brand Western Star, a manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles, was founded in 1967 by Semon Emil Knudsen. It became a White Motor Company division with an office in Portland, Oregon, USA. In 1981, both companies came under the control of Volvo Trucks. During this period, Western Star Trucks gained economic independence and was acquired by Terry Peabody, who transferred this brand to Daimler, its Freightliner division, ten years earlier. Today, the company produces several Class 8 trucks with a payload of more than 15 tons and specialty equipment.

Wills Sainte Claire

Wills Sainte Claire Logo

The automotive division of the American company CH Wills and Company called Wills Sainte Claire was located in Marysville, Michigan, in 1921. The company was founded by Childe Harold Wills, who received this name because of his mother’s great love for Lord Byron. The brand was named after the river that flowed near the factory. The first car was released in 1921. 1923, the brand acquired a transformed name – Wills Sainte Claire Incorporated. The cars produced could be equipped with different types of bodies. In 1927, the founder closed the brand.


Willys Logo

Willys has been a manufacturer of American automobiles since 1908. John Willys founded it. In 1913, a license was acquired for the production of engines developed by Charles Knight, as a result of which some models were produced under the Willys-Knight brand. Collaboration in the 20s with Crossley of Manchester and the accession of F.B. Stearns contributed to the appearance of models of the luxury line Stearns-Knight. In 1926, the budget model Whippet appeared. In the crisis period, the brand was saved by the Willys 77 model, which became the base for Willys Americar. Military Willys MB becomes the most famous military model. In 1944, the civilian Willys CJ-1 was developed. The Jeep CJ2A also goes into production. In 1946, the Jeep Wagon station wagon was released. In 1953, there was a merger with Kaiser Motors.


Winnipeg Logo

From 1921 to 1923, Winnipeg Motor Cars contributed to the development of the Canadian automobile industry. During this short period, the brand created two models that added to the compact touring car market. The company was based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Its founders were Frank and Dave Ogletree, E. L. Herbert, and Louis Arsenault. The Hatfield Model A-42 tourer was produced in Sidney, New York. It was shipped in disassembled form to Winnipeg, where it was reassembled. In 1923, the car used a six-cylinder powerplant. A financial crisis led to the closure of the company.


Wolseley Logo

In 1901, the British company Wolseley Motors Limited, founded by Herbert Austin and the Vickers brothers, began its production activities. The company began by manufacturing large automobiles that were categorized as expensive luxury. After the brothers’ death, the company’s expansion began, making the brand the largest automobile manufacturer in the 20s. In 1927, the brand was bought out by William Morris, merging it into Morris Motors. Parallel production of similar models under the two brands was carried out until 1975 when the company was closed. Today, the right to use the brand belongs to the Chinese company SAIC Motor.


WEY Logo

The car brand WEY was named after the family of the company’s founder – Mr. Jack Way, who created a luxury SUV—a product of Great Wall Motors, established in 2016. The brand represents Haval luxury crossovers in model lines such as Wey Tank 300, Wey VV5, and Wey VV7. The brand was the first Chinese car lineup named after an owner and the first brand in the luxury SUV category. The brand has set its sights on becoming the world leader in the luxury SUV category.


Weltmeister Logo

Weltmeister is an automobile brand with pretensions. Its name translates as “Champion of the World”. Thus, the company demonstrates a challenge to the traditional automobile industry. The brand was founded in 2015 by Freeman Shen, who previously managed Geely in Shanghai (China). The core business is the production of electric vehicles. The company is owned by WM Motor Technology Co Ltd, which specializes in developing battery electric vehicles.


Workhorse Logo

Workhorse Group Incorporated was founded in 1998 by Steven Burns in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The main activity is the production of trucks, including those with electric drive. Under this brand, new generation vans with all-electric drive, composite construction, and a range of up to 100 miles are produced. Since 2007, the company has operated as a vehicle electrification company with the AMP Electric Vehicles division.


Wiesmann Logo

In 1988, in Dülmen, German entrepreneurs Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann founded the automobile company Wiesmann GmbH. The company’s specialty is the manual assembly of non-standard convertibles. In 2014, the company was temporarily closed. It is planned to relaunch the brand at once with the release of a new conventional-type model and an electric car, the development of which has recently been completed. The model is claimed to be the latest development, requiring readiness for the unexpected. An offshoot of the brand, Wiesmann Sports Cars GmbH is known for having produced more than 1,600 cars. After going bankrupt, the brand was bought out in 2014 by Britons Rohin and Sahir Berry.


Wartburg Logo

Wartburg is a German car brand that existed since 1955 in the GDR and was produced by Automobilwerk Eisenach until 1991. Initially, the company, for 12 years, produced the Wartburg 311 model based on IFA F9, but with a new modernized chassis. Three modifications were created: Wartburg 312 (station wagon), Wartburg 313 (roadster), and a pickup truck. The next variant from 1965 for 13 years was Wartburg 353 in several variants – Wartburg 353W Tourist. It was produced with pickup trucks and station wagon bodies. Restyling in 1985 made drastic changes in the appearance of the body. Production was discontinued in 1991.


Wuling Logo

In 2002, SAIC Motor and General Motors founded the Chinese automobile brand Wuling in Liuzhou (Guangxi Province, China). The brand is known as the largest manufacturer of minivans under the SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile or SGVM brands. The brand has incorporated its founders’ best modern manufacturing technologies as a joint venture. Being an affordable electric vehicle, the brand is considered the people’s electric car maker, whose popularity increased in 2021 with the introduction of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV model in 2020.


Weber Logo

Weber has been known since the early 1980s as a medical equipment manufacturer. In 1990, a new direction was opened – the development of road sports cars. For this purpose, a special division – Weber Sportscars – was created in 2000. The brand’s product range included cars designed for street racing. The brand was focused on the production of small batches of sports cars. In 2013, the cult model Weber Faster One was released, which incorporated all the innovations of the WS brand.


Walker Logo

Founded in 1905 in Detroit, Michigan, the automaker gained fame for producing just a few 1906 models. The brand created two passenger-type roadsters and a low-volume model with a twin opposition engine. A direct-drive transmission was used, with two gears—forward and reverse. The maximum speed of the car was 25 miles per hour.


Warszawa Logo


Warwick Logo

West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs Logo


Wiima Logo


Wills Logo


Willys-Overland Logo


Woodill Logo


What cars start with the letter W?

Cars whose names begin with the letter “W” are produced by different brands, each contributing to the automotive world:

  • Wanderer: This brand has a rich history in the German automobile industry. Originally part of the Auto Union, which included Audi, it produced cars that are now considered classics.
  • WCC (West Coast Customs): This brand gained fame through television shows showcasing its unique creations.
  • Webb: A lesser-known company specializing in specific automotive niches.
  • Weber: Known for creating high-performance cars and parts, including high-performance sports cars.
  • Weineck: A niche brand specializing in heavy-duty engines and vehicles, offering some of the most powerful vehicles on the market.
  • Welter Racing: Known in racing circles for designing and producing racing cars, especially lightweight prototypes for endurance racing.
  • Westfield: Specializes in kit cars, allowing enthusiasts to build them by replicating classic sports cars.
  • Wiesmann: A brand that combines modern performance with retro style, producing sports cars with distinctive handcrafted designs.

Which car brand has a “W” in its logo?

Volkswagen abbreviated as VW is a well-known German automaker with a distinctive logo featuring the letter “W” inside a circle. The brand offers many cars and SUVs to suit global preferences and needs.

Volkswagen’s cars combine innovative technology with practical functionality, making them modern and easy to use. The range includes compact city cars and spacious SUVs ideal for families, all designed with a focus on quality, safety, and sustainability.

Which supercar starts with W?

The Weineck Cobra is a standout supercar that begins with the letter “W.” Made by the German company Weineck Engineering, it draws inspiration from the Shelby Cobra, a famous 1960s sports car. It is known for its striking looks and powerful engine. Produced in small numbers, it is rare and sought after by collectors and supercar enthusiasts.

Which car has a W logo?

The “W” logo is synonymous with Volkswagen, one of the largest car manufacturers in Germany. This logo, a simple “W” inside a circle, is known worldwide.

Volkswagen offers a wide range of vehicles to suit various customers. The range includes everything from the classic Beetle to the modern Tiguan and electric ID series models. Its clear and simple design is one of the most recognizable automotive logos globally.

Which expensive cars start with the letter W?

Luxury cars starting with the letter “W” include high-end models from W Motors and Westfield Sportscars. W Motors is known for producing luxury cars like the Lykan Hypersport and Fenyr SuperSport.

Westfield Sportscars produces high-performance kit cars that allow for extensive customization and sophisticated engineering. These cars are preferred by those who love to personalize their vehicles for a superior driving experience.

Weltmeister specializes in luxury electric vehicles, standing out in the electric vehicle market by combining eco-friendly technology with elegant design and luxurious amenities.