Cars Brands that start with X

Cars Brands that start with X

The letter X has proven to be quite awkward in automobile brand names. It is more suitable for use in the sign area but not in the alphabetic part of names. Therefore, company and brand names beginning with X are not often found. However, that small list, which was found in the bowels of the history of the creation of the car and its modern brand names, has the right to its existence and requires ordering and preservation in the history of the automobile industry.

What car brands start with the letter X?

The letter X can not boast an abundance of brands, the name of which begins with this letter. These are representatives of the eastern automotive industry, such as XPeng, Xinkai, and Xiamen.

Most of these names are found among brands belonging to the founders and countries of the East—among Chinese and Japanese companies. The most important thing in distinguishing companies is correctly understanding how the sound of the logo symbol is pronounced and applying its interpretation in English. In this case, the correct interpretation of the characters and their symbolic meaning will be ensured.


XPeng Logo

XPeng is a wholly Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology Co Ltd, a Chinese manufacturer of electric crossovers headquartered in Guangzhou, with an office in Mountain View, California, USA. The brand was founded in 2014 by Xia Heng (Henry Xia) and He Tao. The subsidiary XMotors was engaged in the production of unmanned vehicles. In 2018, the brand tested the XPeng G3 SUV, followed by the P7, a four-door electric sedan. In 2021, the XPeng P5 model will hit the market. XPeng HT Aero brand has announced the release of a flying car for 2024.


Xinkai Logo

Xinkai Auto Manufacture Corporation (Xinkai, Xinkai Auto) is a Chinese automobile manufacturing corporation founded in 1984 in Gaobeidian, Hebei Province, headquartered. The company was based on foreign investment. In 1992, ownership of the company was transferred to an entity from Hong Kong. Xinkai Auto received its brand name in 1999. Several divisions represent the company. Together with Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model is produced for the domestic market. Today, production allows up to 60 thousand cars per year.

Xiamen Golden Dragon

Xiamen Golden Dragon Logo

Chinese automobile brand Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co. Ltd is a joint venture established in 1992 to develop and sell Lux class buses and light vans. The brand’s vehicles are produced in lengths from 5 to 18 meters. The company ranks 10th among Chinese automakers. The brand has covered the markets of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Today, the brand has started to develop in the European markets. The brand is a part of the largest bus company in China – King Long.


Xiali Logo


What cars start with the letter X?

Cars starting with the letter “X” belong to various styles, produced by different brands, and each has distinct characteristics:

  • The BMW X models include the X1, X3, X5, and X7, all of the SUV range. These cars are highly regarded for their luxury, versatility, and performance.
  • The Jaguar X-Type was a compact executive car known for its elegant design and smooth ride, combining luxury and performance.
  • The Suzuki X-90 was a small, distinctive SUV with a two-door body and removable roof sections. It attracted attention with its unusual styling and was fun to drive.
  • KTM’s X-Bow, pronounced “crossbow,” is a lightweight sports car known for its radical design and performance. It appeals to those seeking a racetrack-ready car.
  • Mercedes-Benz’s X-Class entered the pickup market, offering the combination of practicality and luxury typically associated with the brand.
  • The Nissan X-Trail is a compact SUV that combines performance and practicality. It is ideal for families and active lifestyles, offering a spacious interior and durability.
  • The BMW X1 is an entry-level luxury SUV that combines performance, comfort, and practicality. It is popular among those who prefer a luxury brand with practical features.
  • Bertone’s X1/9, created for Fiat, is a sports car renowned for its crisp handling and unique mid-engine design.

What supercar starts with X?

The X-Bow is a supercar from the Austrian brand KTM, whose name begins with the letter “X.” Known for its motorcycles, the brand excels at creating unique vehicles such as the X-Bow. This car is known for its radical design and use of lightweight materials like carbon fiber. It was introduced in the mid-2000s to give drivers a thrilling on-track experience. It has an open cockpit without a windshield and an aerodynamic body, which makes it stand out among high-performance cars.

What is the car with the X logo?

Xiamen is a Chinese automobile brand recognized by its “X” logo. The logo features a stylized “X” in the center, making it distinct in the automotive industry. Xiamen offers various vehicles and uses a bold “X” in its logo to highlight its uniqueness. The logo signifies the brand’s initials and reflects its modern car design and technology approach.

What expensive cars start with the letter X?

XPeng is one of the few expensive car brands starting with the letter “X.” The brand is known for its high-end electric vehicles, which have advanced technology and luxury features that justify their higher prices.