Cars Brands that start with C

Car Brands that start with C

The history of the car’s development is directly related to the history of humanity. Interestingly, as soon as man began to take his first steps in the automobile industry, he immediately made a breakthrough in his development. This relationship is very clearly traced to the last century and a half. A car from a self-propelled steam carriage turned into absolutely environmentally friendly devices of the new era on new types of environmentally friendly types of energy. Initially, the issue of creating a car attracted the attention of a large number of engineers, advanced people, just lovers of everything new and perfect. This led to the fact that over time, especially at the beginning of the 20th century, a large number of enterprises around the world were already interested in this topic, which led to the emergence of a huge number of auto brands that sought to distinguish their products among many similar ones.

What car brands start with C?

In the history of the automotive industry, many car brands start with the letter “C.” It is practically impossible to list everything within the framework of one question briefly. There are only a few particularly popular ones here – Cadillac, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Citroën. Among the names on C, many leading manufacturers operating today and famous brands of the past, which today are already milestones in history.

The main criterion, of course, were better than other characteristics, then comfort, and, of course, design, which in the modern world came out on top in importance. As a result, over the years of development of auto production, many brands could not withstand competition or difficult economic and political conditions and ceased to exist, others became part of more successful ones, and others, on this wave of vacating places, decided to start testing their luck in this area. All this has led to the fact that not hundreds, but even several thousand car brands have left or continue to leave their mark in the history of the world automobile industry, many of which are lost in the “wilds” of history.

Today, there is an important task to be able to collect bit by bit all the available information, group it, neatly sorting it out by year of formation, country of creation, importance in the development of the global automotive industry, the alphabet of the brand name for ease of search and use. It is important for those concerned with the history of automobile engineering and humanity, specialists who develop new technologies, motorists, professionals and amateurs, collectors, and those who want to increase their intellectual level. And especially for those who are going to buy a car. In the latter case, the choice is especially influenced by the brand, which helps to choose, including information about its history and technology, arranged in alphabetical order. So, if you opt for the letter “C,” then many brands historically known for their quality and aesthetics are represented here, including such “masters” as Cadillac and Citroën, Chrysler, and Chevrolet. And it only remains to measure the volume of your wallet with the real cost of the car to make the right choice throughout your life.


Cadillac Logo

One of the first car manufacturers in the world was Cadillac. Founded in 1902 by Leland Henry and Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan, USA, it is second only to the American GM Buick. The brand immediately chose premium cars as its direction of production. In 1909, General Motors turned its attention to a successful business and made an advantageous offer to the founders by acquiring it. The brand retained its name and focused on the wealthy consumer, producing luxurious, expensive, high-quality cars.


Callaway Logo

American automaker and engineering company Callaway Cars Inc, founded by Reeves Callaway in 1977 and located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, US. The company develops and creates projects and packages for various types of cars, pickups, SUVs. The brand specializes in Corvettes and GM. Packages and components are installed on ready-made new GMs directly at the plant itself. The models go on sale under the Callaway TM. Today, the brand is represented by Callaway Cars, Callaway Engineering, Callaway Carbon, and Callaway Competition.

Calcott Brothers

Calcott Brothers Logo

A small English car manufacturer, Calcott began in 1886 as a bicycle manufacturer. Founded in Coventry by the Calcott brothers, who gave the brand name, the company began producing bicycles, moving in 1904 to motorcycles, and in 1913 to automobiles. Until its closure and sale to Singer in 1926, preceded by the death of James Calcott in 1924, the company produced 2,500 cars, the most famous of which is a 1921 convertible with a ten-hp engine.

Caparo Vehicle Technologies (CVT)

Caparo Vehicle Technologies (CVT) Logo

In 2006, Caparo Vehicle Technologies (CVT) emerged in Britannia from Freestream, an advanced automotive and aerospace technology company. The primary organization was founded by Graham Halstead and Ben Scott-Geddes – McLaren F1 engineers. In 2006 it was bought by Caparo, giving it its current name. Sean Butcher funded the deal. In the same year, the brand introduced the Caparo T1 sports car. In 215, it was administered and disbanded already in 2019.

Carbon Motors Corporation

Carbon Motors Corporation Logo

Carbon Motors Corporation is an auto brand founded in 2003 by Stacy Dean Stephens and William Santana Li in Los Angeles, California, to design and manufacture a dedicated police car. Attempts to obtain funding from government services to continue development using modern technology led to a delay in decision-making and an inability to continue the work. In the spring of 2013, the dismantling of the plant began, and there was a complete stop of production. In May 2013, the brand practically ceased to exist.

Carlsson Autotechnik

Carlsson Autotechnik Logo

Carlsson Autotechnik is the world’s leading automotive tuning and styling company for Mercedes-Benz, founded in 1989 by Rolf Hartge and Andreas Hartge and headquartered today in Merzig, Germany. The company moved to the last place in 1994, having bought the Guth Weisehoff estate. The brand creates its new products annually. He regularly presents supercars at the Frankfurt Motor Show and Essen Motor Show. The brand’s leading innovations include the Carlsson SL 65 AMG Roadster, Carlsson CK63 RS, and Carlsson CGL. The company has a developed dealer network and produces up to 120 vehicles a year.

Carrozzeria Castagna

Carrozzeria Castagna Logo

Italian car body manufacturer – Carrozzeria Castagna was founded in 1849 by Carlo Castagna in Milan, Kingdom of Lombardy – Venetia. The founder acquired the Ferrari bodywork company and built a touring car – the Benz ATV. In 1954, the brand was closed, but two attempts were made to revive it in the 90s of the last century. In 1994, Uberto Petra and Gioacchino Acampora bought the name. Recent works include subcompact models and a car redesigned with the Fiat 500 and Mini. Today the luxury sports cars Castagna Imperial Landaulet and Castagna Aznom are produced.


Casalini Logo

The car brand, founded by Italian Giovanni Casalini in 1939 under his name – Casalini in Piacenza, Italy, is the oldest microcar manufacturer in the country. Carries out the production of mopeds and microcars on three and four-wheeled bases. Modern models are distinguished by using a modern high-strength polymer based on reinforced fiberglass in the body’s production. The first three-wheeled microcar, the Sulky, was released in 1969. Intended for management without rights. In 1994, the first Kore 500 ATV was released. The Sulkycar truck and the 2011 Casalini M10 Daytona three-door microcar are popular.


Caterham Logo

The British sports car and kits company Caterham Cars were founded in 1963 in Keytereme (Surrey, England), founded by Graham Nairn. Until 1973, the company provided a dealership for Lotus Cars, since 1967, being the exclusive representative of Lotus Seven. In 1973, the brand bought the rights to the model. His first car was an exact copy of the third series called Caterham 7. Since 1987, production has been moved to Dartford (Kent, England). In 2011 it became a subsidiary of the Caterham Group.

Chadwick Engineering Works

Chadwick Engineering Works Logo

In 1904, the Fairmount Engineering Company was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by designer Lee Sherman Chadwick of Searchmont Motor to develop bodywork. Moving to Pottstown in 1907, he renames the brand Chadwick Engineering Works. From 1904 to 1916, Sherman Chadwick was involved in the automobile industry, building about 300 cars. The company closed in 1924. In 1960, an attempt was made to revive the brand and create a two-seater roadster with a doorless body based on a high-strength modern composite polymer made of fiberglass reinforced.

Chalmers Motor Company

Chalmers Motor Company Logo

American auto brand Chalmers Motor Company, founded by Hugh Chalmers in 1908, is located in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Its product was the expensive luxury cars produced under this brand until the merger with Chrysler in 1923. In the year the brand was founded, the first model of the brand, the Chalmers 30, was released based on the Chalmers-Detroit Motor Company. The car proved to be successful, ensuring the sale of 3,047 cars in the first year. In 1911, the company was ranked 8th among US automakers. In 1915, the company was renamed Chalmers Motor Car Corporation. In the early 1920s, the company merged with Maxwell Motor Company.


Chevrolet Logo

One of the most famous and popular American car manufacturers is the Chevrolet company, founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet – an engineer and race car driver, and the owner of General Motors – William Durant. The founders included investors William Little and Edwin Campbell. Today the company is a free-standing subsidiary of General Motors and is headquartered in Detroit, USA. The brand officially appeared in Europe in 2005. Daewoo is being sold under his brand name. After 2015, the brand’s marketing in Europe is gradually phased out.


Chrysler Logo

The American manufacturer luxury cars, the Chrysler brand was founded in 1924 by Walter Percy Chrysler, who reorganized three companies. Chalmers Motor, Maxwell Motor, and Willis-Overland became the foundation of Chrysler, and the brand’s first car was launched in the same year. The 1928 purchase of Dodge made the brand a leader in the American auto industry. Since 2014, the brand has been controlled by the Italian Fiat. Today, the brand is headquartered in the UK, the U.S., the Netherlands, where the combined company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is headquartered.


Cisitalia Logo

The name of the car brand – Cisitalia, immediately speaks of its nationality. The Italian company was founded in 1946 by Piero Dusio in Turin, Italy, based on the Compagnia Industriale Sportiva Italia conglomerate. The brand is known as a manufacturer of racing and sports cars. The first model was the D46 based on the urban Fiat. A particularly famous product of the company was the 1946 Cisitalia 202 GT, which received the popular nickname – rolling sculpture. Having created more than 22 models, among them many race winners, the brand went bankrupt in 1963.


Citroën Logo

The Citroën car brand is a well-known representative of the French car industry. It was founded in 1919 by Andre Citroen to produce affordable cars available to most. Today, following the creation of the PSA Peugeot Citroën concern in 1976, the company is headquartered in Paris on rue Fructidor. The revolutionary model of the brand was the 1934 Traction Avan. It became very popular as the first all-wheel drive and was produced for 23 years. But its expensive production led to the company’s bankruptcy, which was bought out by Michelin, retaining its trademark.


Cizeta Logo

Italians Claudio Zampolli and disco father Giorgio Moroder founded Modena, Italy, in 1988. The brand name was based on Claudio Zampolli’s initials CZ. The only product of their joint venture was the Cizeta-Moroder V16T with a 16-cylinder transverse engine. The body from Marcello Gandini was reminiscent of the later editions of the Lamborghini Diablo. Moroder left the company in 1990. In 1994, the brand was closed, having managed to release eight cars, and three more were released under the brand’s trademark in 1999 and 2003. Following bankruptcy, Zampolli moved to the US, founding Cizeta Automobili USA in Fountain Valley, California.


Continental Logo

In 1955, the Lincoln Division created the Continental division to create premium, luxurious and expensive products. The name was a tribute to the Lincoln Continental of the 1930s. For two years of existence, the Continental Mark II was assembled by hand, which became the most expensive American car of that time. In 1956, the brand became part of the Ford Motor Company on an equal basis and remained there for a year. In 1961 the brand was closed. The expensive Continental Mark II brought in $ 1000 in losses each time but raised the image of Ford highly.

Cooper Car Company

Cooper Car Company Logo

The British auto brand Cooper Car Company, registered in 1947, began operations a year earlier. Its founders, father and son Charles and John Cooper, began assembling cars in 1946 in a garage in Surbiton. They have developed a new form of Formula 1. The car with the engine mounted in the rear has become especially popular. This model was built in the late 50s and 60s. The peak of the brand’s popularity was in 1959-1960. During this time, Bruce McLaren and Jack Brabham secured two Formula 1 Constructors’ Cups. Last participation in 1969.


Cord Logo

The Auburn Automobile Company brand used the Cord trademark on American premium cars in the 1930s. The brand was active from 1929 to 32 and from 1936 to 37 when it was discontinued. The Cord Corporation holding founded Errett Lobban Cord to master the production of cars and vehicles in general. Luxurious design and innovative technical improvements have distinguished all the brand’s models. But the founder’s hopes that these features would ensure the company’s long-term existence did not come true.


Courage Compétition Logo

Courage Compétition was founded by the Frenchman Yves Courage, who participated in many car races in 1981 in Le Mans, France. The racing team also bore this name. In 1981, Courage’s Lola-BMW was victorious with Jean-Philippe Grand. The company was officially registered in 1982 when the Courage C01 prototype was completed. The launch of the next model, the C02, in which the team competed, led to the sponsors Primagaz, who demanded a different name for the sports models – Cougar. The founder will contract with Porsche in 1985 to replace the engines. In 2007, the brand became the property of Oreca.


Chunlan Logo

Chunlan Auto Company of Taizhou, Jiangsu, was established as a subsidiary of Chunlan Group in 1997. Thus, the dream of the head of the parent company Tao Jianxing to create a brand for the production of heavy trucks was realized. From 2002 to 2004, the company gained wide popularity in just two years- whose equipment was included in the top five. The global crisis and heavy losses disrupted broad plans to expand to the world market. This led to the sale of the brand to Xugong Technology in 2008, followed by its exit from automotive production.


Canoo Logo

Canoo Inc is an American automaker founded in 2017 by Stefan Krause, Ulrich Kranz, based at Evelozcity in Torrance, California, U.S. The main purpose of creating the brand was to organize the production of affordable low-price vehicles for most electric vehicles – minivans, commercial vehicles, vans. The brand sees sharing, renting as one of the uses of its vehicles. The company is funded by Chinese businessman Li “David” Pak-Tam / Botan and German entrepreneur David Stern.


Changan Logo

Changan Automobile (Group) Co Ltd represents the Chinese auto industry with a rich history. The brand was founded back in 1862 in Chongqing, China, as a privately owned machinery factory. After 1949, the factory was nationalized. In 1958, work began on the defense sector – the first army off-road vehicle came out. In 1984, the production of passenger vehicles began. Suzuki formed the Changan Automobile Group joint venture with the company in 1993. It merged with Ford Motor, Mazda, and Citroën. Today the brand is the third-largest company in the country.


Chery Logo

One of the world-famous Chinese car manufacturers is Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. The mass production of cars ensured its popularity in the low and middle price segments. The brand was founded in 1997 by the City Hall of Wuhu, China. Active production was secured by Seat’s Toledo chassis license in 1999. Initially, the company produced administrative taxis. In 2001, a part of the share was acquired by Shanghai SAIC, which opened the brand access to the Chinese market and outside the country, making it the first Chinese exporter.



CAMC is the name of the Chinese auto brand Hualing Xingma Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd outside the country. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Ma’anshan, China, the brand builds on a construction equipment business founded in 1970 and manufactures trucks for various applications. Including special purposes. Starting with the production of concrete mixers and cement trucks, after the conclusion of an agreement with Mitsubishi Fuso in 2003, the production of heavy trucks began. In 2005 the company carried out the first export of its products. In 2012, there was a reorganization and adoption of the current name.


Changfeng Logo

In 1950, the Chinese brand Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) in Changsha, Hunan, China established an automobile manufacturing subsidiary called Hunan Changfeng Motor Co. Planning change in 2012 – merging with the GAC Group, the company in 2009 changes its name and type, becoming GAC Changfeng Motor Co Ltd. The main products of the brand are light trucks, mainly for the Chinese market. Today the range has expanded, including copies of Mitsubishi Pajero and modifications, Mitsubishi pickups: Fine and Flying, Kylin hatchback in conjunction with Bird Technology.

Cole Motor

Cole Motor Logo

The Cole Motor Car Company was one of the leading car manufacturing companies in Indianapolis, Indiana, from 1908 to 1925. Joseph J. Cole founded it. Elite luxury cars were produced. The founder’s first attempt at creating a car was carried out in 1903. In 1904, the Gates-Osborne Carriage Company was bought, renamed Cole Carriage Company. A high-wheeled motor buggy was built at this time. In 1909, the brand was named the Cole Motor Car Company, producing the first Cole Model 30. The company was liquidated in 1925, selling the last 607 cars immediately after the death of Joseph J. Cole.

Corre La Licorne

Corre La Licorne Logo

Corre La Licorne is an automaker founded in 1901 by Jean-Marie Corre in Levallois-Perret, France. Produced cars with TM Corre. Becoming the leader in racing in the brand’s car, the nobleman Waldemar Lestienne influenced the logo and brand name change. In 1907, the company incorporated its unicorn into its identification, changing the name to Corre La Licorne. At the same time, the founder sold the company to Lestienne Firmin. An electric car was developed, which was produced in 1 copy during World War II. Cars were sold until 1947. The brand was closed in 1949.

Chevrolet Corvette

Corvette Logo

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of General Motors’ leading sports car lines, which was started in 1953 in the US. It was the first American sports car. It is a two-seat and rear-wheel-drive model. It is assembled today at the USA factory – Flint, St. Louis, Bowling Green under different designations – Sting Ray C1 first-generation and C2 from 1963 to 1967, C3 from 1968 to1982, C6 from 2005 to 2013. Now the next model, C8, is being produced. Since 1960, racing variants of the Corvette have been produced: the Cx-R, the latest to date is the C8.R.


Cagiva Logo


Calthorpe Logo

Cambli International Thunder 1

Cambli International Thunder 1 Logo

Campagna Corporation

Campagna Corporation Logo

Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby

Central Motor Co., Ltd

Central Motor Co., Ltd Logo


CG Logo


Champion Logo


Chandler Logo


Changhe Logo

Chariot Motors

Chariot Motors Logo


Chatenet Logo


Checker Logo

Cheetah Racing

Cheetah Racing Logo


Chenard-Walcker Logo

Chevron Engineering Specialties

Chevron Engineering Specialties Logo

Chinkara Motors

Chinkara Motors Logo


Chiribiri Logo


CityEl Logo


Clan Logo


Claveau Logo


Clinton Logo


CMC Logo

Colonial Motors Ltd

Colonial Motors Ltd Logo


Comet Logo


Commuter Logo

Compagnie Nationale Excelsior

Compagnie Nationale Excelsior Logo


Connaught Logo


Costin Logo


Cottin-Desgouttes Logo

Covini Engineering

Covini Engineering Logo


Crossley Logo


CSC Logo


Csonka Logo

CT&T United

CT&T United Logo


Cunningham Logo


Cupra Logo


Custoca Logo

What expensive cars start with the letter C?

The most expensive cars from brands beginning with the letter C both among modern and among the cars of the past can be confidently called the various models of the Cadillac brand. Their unsurpassed luxury interior and unique, original design distinguish the brand among the premium class cars during release. Even today, the presence of Cadillac TM car demonstrates a high status of the owner and his or her special aesthetic taste.

What is C type vehicle?

There are several types into which all produced cars in the world are divided. They are designated with letters A, B, and C and differ in characteristics and other parameters. Type C includes vehicles carrying up to 16 people, hazardous materials (HAZMAT). These are vans of passenger type, small trucks, and trucks with trailers. All other categories, including trucks, buses, etc., are not included in this type of vehicle.