Cars Brands that start with K

Car Brands that start with K

The history of the automobile industry is very interesting. It demonstrates not only the speed and degree of growth of this type of production but also of the whole of humanity. By observing how, where, and what happened from the very beginning – from the very idea of the first car to the latest mass models and future developments – you can get an idea of the prospects for the development of the automotive industry. About the timing of future changes and the directions in which dramatic changes can be expected in the near future. In addition, such information will be interesting and useful to car enthusiasts and enthusiastic people for whom a car is not just a means of transportation but a favorite hobby – a passion, the meaning of their own lives.

What brands of cars begin with the letter k?

For convenience, this information is formed in alphabetical order by brand name. This list includes a list of car manufacturers in the world, the name of which begins with the letter “K.” Given that for the entire period of existence of the automobile industry in the world, there were many brands, the period of existence of which was very short. Their activities were not characterized by any important features; the created list includes only those manufacturers that have had the greatest impact on the development of the industry and humanity as a whole.

Kia Motors Corporation

Kia Motors Corporation Logo

Kia Motors is one of the leading South Korean automobile companies. Founded in 1944 as a bicycle manufacturer, it has grown into the world’s largest automaker. Today, it has covered all European markets, entered the Japanese market, and is already the leader in vehicle sales in the United States. Having merged with Hyundai in 1998, the brand has significantly expanded its capabilities and markets. Currently, Kia’s main products are passenger cars and SUVs. All products are represented by cars of various categories – from small cars to large and expensive models. The company is also developing hybrid cars and electric vehicles.


Keinath Logo

Created by Horst Keinath in Germany, the Keinath brand started in 1983 to create convertibles. The Pel Monza, Opel Ascona, and Vauxhall Cavalier Mark 2 lines were developed and produced. Among the original models, the GTR, a sporty hardtop version, stands out. Having modernized it by using a 5.7-liter V8 LS as the powerplant, the brand began producing it in large numbers as early as 2000. The brand continues its independent and successful operations to this day.


Koenigsegg Logo

The Swiss company Koenigsegg was founded in 1994 by 22-year-old Christian von Koenigsegg. With its help, he decided to realize his dream – to produce exclusive supercars in luxury for wealthy car enthusiasts. This goal was achieved, and the success of the company ensured the rapid development of the brand. The main production difference was the individual production of each car according to the customer’s conditions and its customization together with the owner. The line of serial Koenigsegg CCR in 2005 was recognized as the fastest (388 km/h). Almost all of the brand’s cars received high international praise.


Kaiser Logo

Throughout the history of the American automotive industry, Kaiser Industries is remembered as one of the leading manufacturers of the industry’s “golden age.” Founded in Michigan by two passionate natures, Henry J. Kaiser and Joseph W. Fraser, it became the foundation upon which several brands were later born. In 20 years, the company managed to produce several original passenger cars with different body styles – sedans and hatchbacks, hardtops and Jeeps, and compact economy sedans. The release of Jeep in civilian and military variants brought it world fame, and the Darrin became the first sports car in American history made with fiberglass. In 1963, the brand already had a new name, Kaiser Jeep, sold to American Motors.

Koenig Specials

Koenig Specials Logo

Engaged in car tuning, the German brand Koenig Specials became widely known among owners of expensive and luxurious cars. Tuning several exclusive Ferrari models, including a complete redesign of the Ferrari 348 in the 1980s, the developers added two turbo engines to this model. Thus, the brand created a lot of controversy around itself and its works, which was the reason for the popularity of the company. However, contradictory statements led to the fact that the company specialists refused to completely remake the models of the world’s leading brands, focusing on the production of modified individual components.


Kaipan Logo

The Czech Republic also contributed to the history of the world automobile industry by founding the Kaipan brand of small roadsters. Based on the British Lotus Seven, the Kaipan 47 was the first car to be produced to this day, many years after its initial release. Throughout its existence, the brand has produced five models, characterized by the originality of the body and equipped with powerplants from the leaders of world production – Ford, Honda, and VW. The company continues its activity even today.


Kantanka Logo

Among the leaders of the “K” group is a company from African Ghana, founded by Kwadwo Safo in 1992 – Kantanka Automobile. Today, it is the most popular brand in Africa, specializing in the licensed assembly and production of its vehicles. Its production group includes sedans and eight four-wheeler models in various categories. It is approached not only by civilians but also by government agencies in various African countries for the assembly and customization of military and armored vehicles. One of the important additional areas of the brand is the development and production of combat exoskeletons.


Kieft Logo

British Cyril Kieft founded the company Kieft Cars, which is known as a manufacturer of sports racing cars. The world-famous Formula 1 and Formula 3 cars came off the company’s assembly line, making the brand historically significant for the automotive industry. In addition, the company was one of the first to use fiberglass as a material for the manufacture of body elements in its sports series models. But in 1954, the brand was sold, and its new owner reoriented the company towards tuning. Six years later, it was sold again, and the new owner renamed it Burmans.


Kaditcha Logo

Australia was represented in the global auto industry by the successful car brand Kaditcha, founded by Cleveland engineer Barry Locke of McLaren. The main direction of its activity was the production of open-wheel racing cars and sports models, which provided the peak of the brand’s success in the mid-80s of the last century. Among the vehicles designed and produced by Kaditcha were the Formula 5000, Formula Pacific, and the Australian Formula 2. But the most famous was the Kaditcha K583 model. It was the first Group A Sports car with a closed top and a “ground effect” design – an aerodynamic effect that creates downforce. Subsequently, the model received another name – Romano WE84 after Bap Romano won in 1984 by ASCC.


Karmann Logo

Wilhelm Karmann GmbH has been the largest German automaker representing German products for over a century. Founded back in 1901 by Wilhelm Karmann, it specialized in the production of components, tuning, and design for the leaders of the automotive industry – Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan, Renault, Ford, and Chrysler, producing their own car models. The VW Karmann Ghia Type 14 sports roadster, launched in 1953, stands out for its top performance and original design. In 2010, the brand ceased to exist and was acquired by the Volkswagen Group.


Keller Logo

Huntsville (USA) was the birthplace in 1947 of Keller Motors Corporation, which had a short but colorful industrial life. It was based on Bobbi Motor Car Corp, originally a project of this company. Its president was Williams, who was succeeded by George D. Keller in early 1947. The Keller car, which was a restyling of the Bobbi-Kar, became the trademark of the brand. The world saw 18 copies of this model. The premature death of George D. Keller in 1950 led to the closure of production.

Kish Khodro

Kish Khodro Logo

Iran also contributed to shaping the history of the automotive world. The products of his company, Kish Khodro, founded in 1995, are known worldwide. The company was controlled by Mohammad Saffari, who owned 51% of the shares. Bank of Industry and Mine and Kamran Naghdi, managing director of UK-based BMS Automotive Ltd. Serial production was launched in 2000. The first model of the Iranian brand was the Sinad car, which used a power plant from Renault. Its development was carried out by engineers of BMS Automotive Ltd. 1800 units were sent into production.


Kissel Logo

Hartford, Wisconsin, is the home of The Kissel Motor Car Company, a family-owned commercial automobile manufacturer. Louis Kissel and his sons, George and William, on June 5, 1906. Fulfilling custom orders in its early days, the brand produced a variety of vehicles, including hearses, fire engines, cabs, and trucks. During the First World War, the brand was engaged in the production of military trucks and ambulances, 30 of which were sent to help Serbia in 1915. However, the Great Depression significantly worsened the situation in the automobile market, and in 1942, the company ceased to exist.


Kleinschnittger Logo

German automobile brand – Kleinschnittger, from 1950 to 1957, was engaged in the production of microcars. Among them, Kleinschnittger F125 city cars were in special demand. Equipped with subcompact single-cylinder engines, developing speeds up to 70 km/h, they were notable for their economy – the consumption was 3 liters per 100 km, and they had a lightweight aluminum body. There is information that the brand had production in Belgium, where the model was produced under the name Kleinstwagen, and in the Netherlands – as Alco. The company closed in 1957.


Knox Logo

An American automobile brand based in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA – Knox Automobile Company was one of the leading automobile manufacturers at the dawn of the automobile industry. Between 1900 and 1914, it produced small cars, building 15 cars a year. The two-seat 1904 models had an iron frame and weighed 839 pounds, as well as side springs. The original car had three wheels. Various model variants also had a front passenger seating arrangement with the driver behind them. After 1914, the company began producing tractors and trucks, ending production in 1924. The company’s most famous product was the air-cooled Old Porcupine engine.


Korvensuu Logo

Finnish car manufacturers have also left their mark on the history of the global automotive industry. Frans Lindström founded a small custom car manufacturing company. It was the country’s first company in this field. The Korvensuu automobile of 1913 was not intended for mass production. This model was to demonstrate the capabilities of the brand and to draw attention to the production itself. The car with an air-cooled engine of 10 hp was designed for two people. The few Korvensuu cars that were produced were almost completely lost over time.


Kenworth Logo

Another global representative of the American automobile industry, founded by George T. Gerlinger in 1912 in Kirkland, Washington, USA, is the Kenworth company. Its production was focused on the production of medium and heavy class 8 trucks. Becoming a subsidiary of Paccar, which produces transit and school buses, Kenworth has significantly expanded the distribution area of its and its parent company’s products. Today, tractors, truck chassis, and dump trucks are manufactured in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. And Paccar has grown into a multinational corporation.


KTM Logo

Located in Mattighofen, Austria, the motorcycle, bicycle, and supercar company KTM was founded in 1934 by Hans Trunkenpolz, a specialty engineer. It all started with a metalworking workshop. In its “piggy bank,” the band recorded a light streetcar equipped with an Audi engine. During its production, the Dallara chassis was used. The model was named X-Bow. The model, designed for two people, became especially popular as an urban family car. Today, KTM is a well-known manufacturer of road motorcycles, constantly expanding the line of two-wheeled vehicles.

Karma Automotive

Karma Automotive Logo

In 2015, Chinese auto parts manufacturer Wanxiang Group opened Karma Automotive in Costa Mesa, California, USA. Having acquired all assets, including designs, hybrid, plug-in powertrain, and factory, in the wake of the bankruptcy of Fisker Automotive (founder Henrik Fisker), the brand made electric vehicle production its main focus. In 2016, the factory was put up for sale, and production of the Revero luxury electric car began, with a planned production run of 3,000 units.


Keating Logo

Founded in 2016 in Manchester, England, UK, and still operating today, Anthony Keating, the company that got its name, is known for its supercars. The brand produced four models – SKR, TKR, ZKR, and Bolt – a road-going version aimed at American car enthusiasts. Its name is a tribute to the University of Bolton, UK, where the company’s founders graduated and earned an MBA in business in 2012. Anthony’s long-term plans are to work with university students to create a high-speed model – the Keating Bolt – that will exceed the current speed record for civilian cars of 330 km/h.


Kamaz Logo

Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia, is the city and country where the famous KAMAZ brand of trucks and engines was created in 1976. It was built by the forces of all countries, turning the enterprise into a striking youth construction site. The first generation – KAMAZ-5320, was developed jointly with the Soviet design institutes “Swindell – Dressler” (Pittsburgh, USA) – technological and special parts of foundry production, Renault (France) – project of engine plant, “Liebherr” (Stuttgart, Germany) – production of gearboxes. It was based on two model lines – ZIL-170 (6 × 4) and ZIL-175 (4 × 2). Today, this brand is the leading manufacturer of heavy trucks in Russia.

Karlmann King

Karlmann King Logo

The world’s most expensive SUV manufacturer, the Chinese brand Karlmann King, was founded in 2017. The vehicles produced under its name are assembled in factories in Italy and the USA. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and funded by Beijing-based International Automotive Technologies. Its $2 million SUV of the same name that wowed the world is a huge lounge on wheels, complete with armchairs, a coffee machine, a large bar, and a huge plasma. It’s a small-batch model that will be made to order for customized changes.

King Long

King Long Logo

Another Chinese car brand that deserves a spot on this list is King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd, founded in 1988. It was founded in Xiamen (Fujian Province, China) by China’s Fujian Motors Group Corporation. The main activity of the company is the development, production, and sale of large luxury buses, which are in great demand outside the country. In addition, this brand produces medium-sized buses and light vans characterized by low cost and high durability. Today, the company’s assembly lines are producing five series of products divided into 50 categories.

Which expensive cars start with K?

The most luxurious cars beginning with the letter K are Karma Revero, Kia K9, Kia Stinger, Koenigsegg, Keating Supercars.