Cars Brands that start with Y

Cars Brands that start with Y

The global automotive industry is widely represented by various brands representing many countries. Over 150 years of its development, the industry has come a long way from self-propelled chassis to modern high-speed cars and environmentally friendly electric vehicles. During this time, a huge number of manufacturers have changed. Some of them ceased to exist at the very beginning of their journey, others closed after many years of success, leaving a significant trace in history, some are now struggling for survival, and some are leading the way. In this abundance of information, it becomes a challenge to understand the history of a car, find the information needed to make predictions, do marketing, make comparisons, and much more, including answering questions about an upcoming car purchase or filling in knowledge gaps for your hobbies and pastimes.

What car brands start with the letter Y?

The letter Y in car brand names is not as common as others. It is mainly used in the brands of Eastern companies. To date, we can only distinguish the Yenko Chevrolet dealership, the Chinese Youngman, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd from Taiwan, and the bus brand Yutong.

To get the necessary information quickly and in full today is especially important. Offers of modern Internet resources, trying to collect this information, to find the slightest clues about companies and brands, whose history has been partially lost during this time, to organize everything by arranging it in alphabetical order, contribute not only to saving time but also to getting enough material to solve the tasks, to preserve a huge layer of human history. This can be seen in the example of brands whose name begins with “Y.” Their number is so small that it raises doubts about the completeness of the collected information. At the same time, there is hope that not everything in this group has not yet been reflected and not everything has been found. The work is not over yet, and the hope remains that more “Y” manufacturers will be found in the layers of history, which will take their rightful place in these lists.

Yenko Chevrolet

Yenko Chevrolet Logo

Yenko Chevrolet was founded by Chevrolet Co. as an American division in 1949 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It was founded by Frank Yenko, who later headed the center whose name was given to the company. The center became known for original modifications starting in 1957 when leadership passed to the founder’s son, Don Yenko. In 1966, 100 Corsa cars were registered as Yenko Stingers, modified for racing. Corvair coupes were then converted to Stingers. In 1988, the company was closed and sold.


Youngman Logo

Youngman is a well-known Chinese truck and bus manufacturer founded by Pang Qingnian in 2001 in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China. At the same time, the company started producing passenger cars, which was discontinued in 2015. The name was created based on the English interpretation of the surname of the company’s founder. In 2000, Gottlob Auwärter GmbH & Co. KG produced MAN trucks. In 2006, an agreement was signed with Iran Khodro to produce Samand and Soren cars from parts produced by PSA Peugeot Citroën; production of Lotus Cars sports cars was also started. The 2011 Lotus L5 is particularly well known.

Yulon Motor

Yulon Motor Logo

In 1953, the largest Taiwanese automobile brand, Yulon Motor Co., Ltd., was founded in Miaoli County, Taiwan, under the name of Ching-Ling Yen, which today has become part of the Yulon Group. The manufacturer is known for producing licensed Nissan cars, which began in 1957. In 1956, the American Willys technology was acquired. In 1986, the brand developed and released its Feeling 101 model. The next releases of its developments started in 2009 with the Luxgen line. The brand cooperates with many companies – Chrysler, Geely, GM, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, whose licensed models it assembles in its factories.


Yutong Logo

Buses and electric buses in China are produced by the Yutong Motor brand, founded in 1963 and located in Zhengzhou (Henan Province). Production and assembly of buses are based on the supply of components of various brands – MAN, ZF, Wabco, DANA, Cummins, Eaton, Allison, Nissan, and Hino. Representative offices and production facilities are located in San Felipe and Yaracuy (Venezuela). In the small category, the brand produces a model Yutong ZK-6737D. In the medium class – Yutong ZK-6831N and Yutong ZK-6831NG. In the large-tourist models, Yutong ZK-6118HA, Yutong ZK-6118HGA, Yutong ZK-6120HGM, and Yutong ZK-6129H.


Yamaha Logo


Yes! Logo


Yo-Mobil Logo

Yue Loong

Yue Loong Logo

What supercar starts with Y?

Considering the small number of car brands beginning with Y, everything is rather simple. No supercars in this group were found.

What is the car with the Y logo?

The letter Y is often found in the original or stylized version of car brands, even those which do not begin with it in their name. Youngman brand cars are among them. To determine exactly what brand or car such a logo belongs to, you need an image of it. A more accurate answer can be obtained by studying the lists of services.

What expensive cars start with the letter Y?

Brands and existing car models presented in this group belong to the average price category or the inexpensive ones. Only the 1966 Chevrolet-based Yenko Stingers sports car modification can be the most expensive.