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The symbol of quality, unsurpassed excellence, aristocracy, and wealth – is the logo of Cartier, the renowned manufacturer of jewelry, perfumery, and other luxury items. Like all the brand’s products, the logo is aesthetically appealing and succinctly beautiful.

Cartier: Brand overview

Founder:Louis-François Cartier
Paris, France
The Cartier trademark (Societe Cartier) has been a symbol of quality, aristocracy, and wealth for 170 years. The company specializes in producing jewelry, perfumes, watches, and exquisite accessories. Today, Cartier is a fashion legislator in its field.

Meaning and History

Cartier Logo History

The company was founded by a young Parisian artist, Louis-François Cartier, who, in 1847, purchased a workshop from his master jeweler and began producing designer jewelry. His beautiful brooches and pendants were liked by court ladies, and the business took off. Today, the Cartier brand operates 14 major companies in 5 countries around the world.

Logo Cartier

The monogram of two intertwined “C” letters represents the personal seal of the fashion brand. That’s why it’s designed as a round seal, convenient for marking items both on paper labels and on fabric tags. The letters symbolize the surname of the company’s founder and his descendant – the grandson who registered the trademark. The emblem expresses the close connection between generations.

What is Cartier?

It’s a fashionable French house that produces jewelry and watches. It’s one of the oldest brands, founded in 1847.

Cartier: Interesting Facts

Cartier is a famous jewelry brand that has been around since 1847.

  1. Kings and Queens Love It: Cartier was called “The Jeweler of Kings and The King of Jewelers” by King Edward VII of England. He liked their stuff so much that he ordered 27 tiaras for his big party 1902.
  2. A Watch for Flying: 1904 Cartier made the first wristwatch that was easy to use, especially for a pilot named Alberto Santos-Dumont. He wanted to see the time without letting go of his plane’s controls.
  3. Magic Clocks: Cartier made these cool clocks called Mystery Clocks around the early 1900s. They had hands that looked like they were floating. This was done with hidden gears.
  4. A Bracelet of Love: In 1969, they invented the Love Bracelet. It’s special because you need a screwdriver to put it on, which shows that the person wearing it is in a strong relationship.
  5. Panther Style: Since 1914, the panther has been a big deal for Cartier. It started with a painting, symbolizing beauty and strength in many jewelry pieces.
  6. Famous Stores: Cartier’s main store is in Paris, but they have an important one in New York City. They got it in 1917 by trading a pearl necklace for it.
  7. Bright Jewelry: The “Tutti Frutti” style mixes colorful stones like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. India inspired it, and it looks vibrant.
  8. Famous Fans: Big names like Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly have worn Cartier jewelry. Over the years, Cartier has had many famous customers.
  9. Supporting Art: Cartier loves art. They started a foundation in Paris in 1984 to help artists and show off new artwork.
  10. Caring for the Planet: Cartier has been trying to be more eco-friendly. They’re part of a group that wants to make sure jewelry comes from places that are good for the environment and treat people fairly.

So, Cartier isn’t just about fancy jewelry; it’s also about history, art, and doing good things for the planet.

Font and Colors

Cartier Emblem

The globally recognized Cartier logo was first introduced to the public at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris. The elegant monogram was designed by Pierre Cartier, the grandson of the founder. He registered the trademark in 1910 and patented the logo featuring two intertwined “C” letters with unique serifs. The monogram is placed in a vertically elongated oval. Over 120 years, the emblem has remained unchanged.

Cartier Symbol

The logo is written in the calligraphic, italic Cartier CG font.

The logo and emblem’s color scheme is strict: black-on-white or white image on a black background. White symbolizes beauty and flawlessness, and black symbolizes elegance and nobility.

Cartier color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What is the Cartier logo?

The Cartier logo is the personal seal of the jewelry brand, registered in 1910 by the founder’s grandson. It symbolizes the close connection of generations, as the intertwining of the “C” letters reflects continuity.

What does the Cartier logo look like?

The logo looks like a monogram of two intertwined “C” letters written in an old English style. It also contains a vertical oval that encircles them.

Where is Cartier from?

Cartier is based in Paris, France. It has been there since its foundation.

What is Cartier’s motto?

The company’s motto is “Never imitate, always innovate,” proposed by Louis Cartier.