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The iconic Chanel logo has remained unchanged for nearly a century. Revolutionizing clothing and cosmetics design, the brand created an equally revolutionary style. The stylishness and aesthetics of the succinct emblem symbolize the purity, openness, chic, and elegance of the products.

Chanel: Brand overview

Founder:Coco Chanel
London, United Kingdom
Chanel is a legendary fashion house and eponymous company founded in 1910 and located in Paris, France. It was created by couturier Coco Chanel. They specialize in the development and production of fashionable clothing, footwear, accessories, and various luxury items.

Meaning and History

Chanel Logo History

The logo of the iconic fashion house appeared immediately and has never changed, existing for nearly a century. It was personally designed by Coco Chanel. A slightly modified logo appeared in 1925, and since then, it has marked all branded products. It was first seen on the packaging of the famous Chanel No.5 perfume.

However, the designer left no clues about the origin of the mysterious sign or what it means. Discussions about this have been ongoing for many years, and experts have concluded that the logo represents two mirror-reflected letters “C.” These are the abbreviated initials of the name and surname of the founder of the most famous fashion house. This version is the most plausible, although there are several others.

What is Chanel?

Chanel is a French fashion house that designs and produces clothing, perfumery, and luxury items. It belongs to the high fashion level and is located in one of the world’s fashion centers – Paris. The brand appeared in 1909 and was opened by the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel, after whom it was named. She revolutionized conventional trends, offering new beauty standards.

The founder of the world-famous fashion house gave no explanations regarding the symbolism of her sign. Therefore, it is believed to represent her name and surname (Coco Chanel), from which two capital letters are taken. They are placed on top of each other and face in opposite directions, forming a vertical oval with pointed ends in the center.

Chanel: Interesting Facts

Chanel is a famous fashion brand from France that has greatly impacted how we think about clothes and style. Coco Chanel started this company, and she was a very creative and smart lady. Here are some cool things about Chanel that are easy to understand:

  1. Coco Chanel’s Nickname: Coco used to sing a song about a dog named “Coco” when she was younger. People started calling her Coco, and the name stuck with her as she became famous.
  2. The Little Black Dress: In 1926, Chanel made a simple, black dress that could be worn on many occasions. It became very popular, and even Vogue magazine said it was as important as the Ford car was for cars.
  3. Chanel No. 5 Perfume: Launched in 1921, this perfume is famous. Coco Chanel wanted a fresh and new perfume, not just flowers. So, she made Chanel No. 5, which smells different and very nice.
  4. The Chanel Suit: This is a stylish set of clothes with a jacket without a collar and a neat skirt. It was different because it was comfy yet elegant, showing a new way for women to dress.
  5. Chanel and the Camellia Flower: Coco Chanel loved this simple and beautiful flower and used it as a special symbol for her brand. You can see this flower in many Chanel designs.
  6. Using Jersey Fabric: Chanel was one of the first to use jerseys, a soft and stretchy fabric, in fancy clothes. Before Chanel, people mostly used jerseys for underclothes and work uniforms.
  7. Controversy During World War II: Chanel closed her shops during the war, saying it wasn’t the right time for fashion. Some stories also emerged about her actions and who she was friends with during the war.
  8. Chanel’s Comeback: Coco Chanel returned to the fashion world in 1954 when she was 71. She showed her classic styles to new people and made her brand important again.
  9. Karl Lagerfeld’s Work: In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld became the main designer for Chanel. He added new ideas to the brand’s classic styles and helped the brand grow until he died in 2019.
  10. Caring for the Environment: Chanel has been working on being more environmentally friendly lately. They are trying new materials and ways to make their products better for the planet.

These points show how Chanel has always been a leader in fashion, mixing beauty with comfort. Coco Chanel’s creativity and strength will leave a lasting mark on fashion.

Font and Colors

Chanel Emblem

The branding consists of two “C” letters. They are identical and intersect each other, although they are directed in different ways. They are executed in a classic uppercase sans-serif font. Below them is the full name of the fashion house, written in the same font as the top signs. The style is similar – leaning towards minimalism and succinctness.

The color palette of the logo consists of a combination of black and white. The first symbolizes purity and openness, and the second – perfection, chic, and elegance. The dark palette is predominant. Therefore, the logo is most often used in monochrome, without tonal excesses and bright accents.

Chanel Symbol

The interpretation of the logo is ambiguous, as there are several versions of the origin of the two intersecting “C”s. One of them is related to an image from the work of the Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. In his work from 1886, two crossed horseshoes are drawn as a sign of undeniable luck and fortune.

The next version asserts that the logo depicts wedding rings. The fact is that Coco dated businessman Arthur Capel for ten years, who helped her open her first boutique in Paris. To commemorate this event, she devised romantic symbolism based on the initial letters of two names – hers and her lover’s. The designer also gave them the characteristic shape of a ring.

The same font – square-cut, grotesque, representing the Sans Serif series – is used in the textual and graphic parts of the logo. It is simple, strict, and minimalist. The succinct style is also emphasized by the color: the monochrome version of the logo is built on the classic combination of black (signs) and white (background).

Chanel color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


When was the Chanel logo developed?

The Chanel logo was created much later than the fashion house it represents. The emblem appeared in 1925 and has been used in its original form ever since. It was authored by Coco Chanel herself.

Why is the Chanel logo cc?

The Chanel logo indeed uses a double “CC,” each of which is mirror-reflected and turned in the opposite direction. This structure was chosen because it elegantly reflects the abbreviated version of the name and surname of the owner of the French fashion house – the famous Coco Chanel. There are other versions of the origin of the double letters, but they are all related to her persona.

Has the Chanel logo ever changed?

No, the Chanel logo has never changed. It appeared later than the opening of the French haute couture house (in 1925) and has never been revised. The emblem exists in its original design.