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Charlotte Hornets Logo

Charlotte Hornets logo
Charlotte Hornets logo PNG

In the late 80s of the last century George Shin, the entrepreneur from North Carolina, together with a group of like-minded people, decided to return the professional basketball to Charlotte (in the 70s there was the team of ABA called Carolina Cougars). The fact of historical heritage, coupled with high growth rates of the city, allowed Shin to receive the approval of David Stern (the Commissioner of the National Basketball Association from 1984 to 2014) to open the 24th NBA club.

The name of the new club was chosen by voting among the passionate population, and as a result, the priority variant Charlotte Spirit gave way to the name Hornets. However, by the end of the 90s, the popular team in the past was in a deep crisis: the arena did not cover the need for places for VIPs, and Shin was accused of rape, which negatively affects the attitude to the team in general.

Charlotte Hornets emblem

Having overcome all the difficulties, Hornets managed to change the residence permit and move to Louisiana. However, the Turpentine State got its team very soon: the agreement on the relocation of the previous team provided for the possibility of creating a new club. That was done in 2003.

Remembering the experience of the glorious past, the Regional Sports Commission of Charlotte again referred to the fans’ imagination and fantasy. They suggested such names as original Charlotte Shinn Kickers, the unique Charlotte Carolinas, and the nostalgic Charlotte Cougars. In the final shortlist were Dragons, Fly (North Carolina is also known as the State of the First Flight – thanks to the Wright brothers) and, in fact, the Bobcats. The last variant was identified as a new name. The promise was fulfilled, and in 2004 the Charlotte Lynx appeared in the league.

Charlotte Hornets symbol

Such a name was chosen not by accident: North Carolina, along with Colorado, leads in terms of the number of red lynxes inhabiting here (about 12 subspecies). This animal accumulates all the qualities inherent to the perfect basketball player: athleticism, speed, the fearlessness of a stronger predator, and excellent hunting skills. Evil tongues also say that the choice in favor of the Bobcats is directly related to Bob Johnson, the owner of the team.

According to the old proverb, there’s never a new fashion, but it’s old. In May 2014, ten years after the team’s appearance, the Charlotte Bobcats were surprisingly renamed into Charlotte Hornets.

Following the agreement between the clubs, the whole early history of it (before moving to New Orleans in 2002) will be assigned to the team from Charlotte, if the moving team decides to get rid of the “Hornets” in the name.

Charlotte Hornets logo history

Charlotte Hornets Logo History
Charlotte Hornets Logo Evolution


1988 – 1989

Charlotte Hornets Logo 1988-1989

All the history and glory went to the team from Charlotte according to the arrangement with the club that moved to New Orleans and got rid of the “Hornets” in the title. Therefore, the first Charlotte Hornets logo was the image with the capital letters “C” and “H” with a bumblebee holding basketball with its jaws depicted on the top. The full name of the Charlotte team was designed below. The color range of the logo was made in turquoise and white colors, and the frames were black and blue. This version of the Charlotte Hornets emblem was used in the 1988-1989 season.

1989 – 2002

Charlotte Hornets Logo 1989-2002

In the 1989 season, the updated team logo was introduced. This time, there was the bumblebee playing orange-colored basketball. “Charlotte” and “Hornets” inscriptions were placed above and below the logo.

2005 – 2007

Charlotte Bobcats Logo 2005-2007

The 2005 emblem was decorated with the lynx in motion with the inscription “Bobcats” made in large font on top and the small inscription “Charlotte” above it.

The inscription “Bobcats” and the lynx itself created a single indissoluble whole. Originally, the lynx on the logo was made in red and orange tones, and the name of the team was painted silvery. All the elements were settled on a dark blue background.

2008 – 2012

Charlotte Bobcats Logo 2008-2012

In 2008, the logo acquired new lighter colors. The lynx became orange, the name of the team became light blue, and the background was redesigned to a few shades lighter.

2013 – 2014

Charlotte Bobcats Logo 2013-2014

June 20, 2012, the team radically changed the coloring of the logo, where the main colors were a dark shade of blue and gray. The lynx was gray, the background of the logo – dark blue, and the inscription “Bobcats” – white. The inscription “Charlotte,” unlike the previous one, moved to the middle of the logo and became orange.

2015 – Present

Charlotte Hornets Logo 2015 Present

In 2014, the team Charlotte Bobcats returned the name Hornets, and at the same time, represented a new design of the club’s logo. Now it’s the aggressive bumblebee, like a transformer, made in dark blue and turquoise tones. The inscription “Charlotte Hornets” is located on the top.