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The “Philadelphia 76ers” have a strong national logo. It reflects the basketball players’ aspiration for victory both domestically and internationally. The open emblem carries the spark of energy and conveys that movement is the foundation of life on the planet, hence the ball resembling the globe.

Philadelphia 76ers: Brand overview

Founder:Josh Harris
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

In this cozy haven, a muted whisper of history can be heard, preserving the achievements of great past teams and the glorious chronicle of the city that has given the NBA numerous stars and outstanding confrontations.

The team’s name has a rich and long history, dating back to 1946. Initially named the Nationals, the team was based in Syracuse, a territory rich in basketball teams. It played in the NBL until the formation of the unified NBA in 1949.

The debut NBA season was significant: at the end of the regular championship, the team performed slightly weaker than the “Lakers” with a result of 51-13. During the playoffs, the “Nationals” showed their strength in matches against opponents from Philadelphia and New York.

In 1963, the owner of the “Nationals” agreed to sell the club to a group of investors led by Irv Kosloff, who attempted to return the best ball game to the USA’s first capital. After the team moved, there was a pressing question about the name: after brief discussions, the team was named Philadelphia 76ers.

Thus, this name is considered one of the best in the NBA for several reasons:

  • Firstly, the team’s name is associated with the most significant date in United States history. 1776 was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed by the North American colonies from Great Britain. By the way, the team’s name soon began to project onto the city’s residents, who called each other Sixers. The team’s name and logo, more known as Sixers;
  • Secondly, the name was extremely appealing from a marketing standpoint (a very important aspect). The spacious and sonorous abbreviation Sixers and the team’s logo were perfect for advertising campaigns and newspaper headlines.

Meaning and History

Philadelphia 76ers Logo History

Athletes of the Philadelphia 76ers club have been associated with the number indicated on the logo since its founding. It reflects the patriotic spirit of the United States and the importance of the state of Philadelphia as the birthplace of American independence. The team received its first logo in 1947 when it was still named Syracuse Nationals. Over its long history, it has changed six times until it acquired a modern interpretation – stylish and with deep meaning.

What is Philadelphia 76ers?

Philadelphia 76ers is an NBA franchise from Greater Philadelphia. But it has only been called that since 1963, as it was previously known as the Syracuse Nationals. The basketball team was established in 1946 and is one of the oldest participants in the league.

1947 – 1949

Syracuse Nationals Logo 1947-1949

The debut emblem features a map of the USA on a dotted background of red and white stripes. It is located in a circle and surrounded by eleven stars. The protruding edges of the administrative unit extend beyond the emblem. The team name, Nationals, is placed on the map, spanning from left to right. All elements are executed in the colors of the national flag.

1950 – 1963

Syracuse Nationals Logo 1950-1963

Two years later, the designers changed the colors. Now, the map became white, and the inscription on it, conversely, was blue. The word “Nationals” is supplemented by the first part of the team’s name – “Syracuse.” They made it lowercase and placed it above. The stars around the red stripes turned blue.

1964 – 1977

Philadelphia 76ers Logo 1964-1977

After renaming the basketball club to the Philadelphia 76ers, it received new symbolism. As a result of the redesign, it became radically different. Then the legendary numbers appeared on the logo – red “7” and blue “6.” Above the seven, there was a circle formed of small five-pointed stars.

1978 – 1997

Philadelphia 76ers Logo 1978-1997

In 1978, the developers reduced the numbers, complemented them with the designation “ers,” and placed them in a circle representing a basketball with characteristic lines. The colors remained the same – a combination of red, blue, and white, as on the American flag.

1998 – 2009

Philadelphia 76ers Logo 1998-2009

The emblem underwent a radical change, having been in the familiar design for almost twenty years. On a dark background, a golden inscription “76ERS” appeared. The numbers were larger than the letters, and the first one contained a silver star with a red border around the edges. To the bottom right was a basketball of the same color as the inscription. Curvy blue-white stripes led from it to the star.

2010 – 2014

Philadelphia 76ers Logo 2010-2014

Eleven years later, the team returned to the original logo with minor changes. The original version was placed on a square red background. At the bottom, there was an inscription “Philadelphia,” which occupied all the space of a blue horizontal rectangle. The ball with the numbers and the lower inscription were separated by a wide silver stripe. The square was outlined along the perimeter with a thinner line of a similar color.

2015 – present

Philadelphia 76ers Logo 2015-present

The current emblem represents a modern interpretation of the team’s traditional distinguishing marks. They are stylistically reworked, combined with a common wide line and an improvised circle consisting of a basketball. It features the trademark inscription “76ers,” which was introduced in 1978. Above the number “7,” there is a ring of 13 five-pointed stars. Around the ball is a double border of blue and white stripes. On the wide outer stripe, the word “PHILADELPHIA” is written (above) and six large stars (below).

The combination of dark burgundy and blue on the Philadelphia 76ers logo, also known as the “Sixers,” turned out to be comfortable for perception, as neither of these colors is aggressive. Instead, it is subdued and soft. The old-fashioned font on the Philadelphia 76ers logo harkens back to the 60s – the era of the team’s dominance under Wilt Chamberlain. The Sixers (Philadelphia 76ers) logo is considered one of the two best in the NBA: a simple ball adorned with fine details. The red number 7 looks stylish, and the 13 stars symbolize the 13 American colonies.

Philadelphia 76ers: Interesting Facts

The Philadelphia 76ers are a famous basketball team with a long history. They started 1946 as the Syracuse Nationals and became the 76ers in 1963 to honor the Declaration of Independence, signed in 1776 in Philadelphia.

  1. Early Days and Name Change: They first played as the Syracuse Nationals. In 1963, they changed their name to the Philadelphia 76ers, celebrating a big event in 1776.
  2. First Win: They won their first big championship in 1955 when they were still the Nationals.
  3. Wilt Chamberlain: A super tall and strong player, Chamberlain joined them in 1965 and helped win another championship in 1967. He once scored 100 points in one game!
  4. Julius Erving Comes Aboard: In 1976, when the NBA and ABA merged, the 76ers got Julius “Dr. J” Erving. He was amazing to watch and led the team to win in 1983.
  5. 1983 Champions: The 1983 team was among the best. They had stars like Erving and Moses Malone and won almost every game in the playoffs.
  6. Allen Iverson: The 76ers picked Iverson in 1996. He was a fantastic player who became the MVP in 2001 and led the team to the finals that year.
  7. The Process: Around the 2010s, the team decided to rebuild using “The Process,” focusing on getting good draft picks to build a strong team for the future. It worked, getting them top players like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.
  8. Big Rivalries: They’ve had some great battles, especially with the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, adding excitement to the game.
  9. Mascot: Their mascot is Franklin the Dog, named after Benjamin Franklin. He’s fun and loves to entertain the fans.
  10. Cool Uniforms: Their uniforms use red, white, and blue, showing American pride and Philly’s history.
  11. Legacy: The 76ers are a top team in basketball history, having won three championships (1955, 1967, 1983) and featuring famous players like Chamberlain, Erving, Malone, and Iverson.

These highlights show how cool the 76ers are, their big moments, and the awesome players who have been part of the team.

Font and Colors

Philadelphia 76ers emblem

The team has always used the number 76 on the logo and 13 stars above the first number. They are very symbolic for the country as a whole and for the club in particular since it was originally called Syracuse Nationals and used the map of the USA as a distinguishing mark. The numbers “7” and “6” refer to the month and year of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence – July 1776. The 13 stars forming a ring are the number of American colonies that first signed the Declaration.

Philadelphia 76ers Symbol

In the early versions of the Philadelphia 76ers logo, a cursive handwritten font with lowercase characters, including the first letter “n,” was made large. Although such a design looked old-fashioned, it resonated with the inscriptions in the Declaration of Independence. Now, a different font is chosen, associated with the classic Times New Roman—capital letters with serifs.

The palette of the emblem has always consisted of white, blue, and red colors. This combination of colors of the USA flag. They reflect the patriotic nature and set the mood for victory.

Philadelphia 76ers color codes

BlueHex color:#006bb6
RGB:0 107 182
CMYK:100 56 0 0
Pantone:PMS 293 C
RedHex color:#ed174c
RGB:237 23 76
CMYK:0 100 65 0
Pantone:PMS 199 C
NavyHex color:#002b5c
RGB:0 43 92
CMYK:100 64 0 60
Pantone:PMS 289 C
SilverHex color:#c4ced4
RGB:196 206 211
CMYK:5 0 0 20
Pantone:PMS 877 C


What does the “Philadelphia 76ers” emblem mean?

The basketball on the Philadelphia 76ers logo speaks of love for the sport, and the little star above the number 7 symbolizes the 13 colonies that laid the foundation for the United States.

Who created the 76ers logo?

The red-blue number “76” with a ring of stars was invented by Mel Richman. Now, this element is at the center of the modern logo developed by the basketball club’s employees.

When did the “76ers” change their logo?

The “Philadelphia 76ers” last changed their logo in 2015. It’s worth noting that it is very similar to the version created in 1977.

How many stars are on the 76ers logo?

The ring above the number “7” is formed by thirteen blue stars, one for each original colony. But at the bottom of the frame are six more white stars. In total, there are nineteen stars.