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One of the last surviving teams participating in the 1946 BAA basketball season was the Golden State Warriors, whose logo reflects an important symbol of San Francisco. The emblem symbolizes the ease of the game, the aspiration to achieve the highest goal, and continuous development.

Golden State Warriors: Brand overview

Founder:Joe Lacob, Peter Guber
San Francisco, California, U.S.

In 1946, the debut season of the Basketball Association of America (BAA) started. Only three teams from the original lineup have survived to this day. These are the “Boston Celtics,” “New York Knicks,” and “Warriors.” The latter was based in Philadelphia at the time of its creation.

Traditionally, the team was named after a former basketball team with an incredibly original name “Philadelphia Phillys.” For two years, it competed in the ABL. In the debut season of 1926/27, the “Phillys” was renamed “Warriors,” a name picked up by the talented heirs from the BAA. The revived “Warriors” established themselves as a strong team, winning the first-ever BAA (and NBA) championship title.

In 1962, the team was purchased by Frank Mieuli, a wealthy businessman from the Bay Area in San Francisco. Therefore, the team soon moved to this place. In the 1961/62 season, the “San Francisco Warriors” made their mark. Despite the attractive name, Chamberlain’s exciting gameplay, and memorable confrontations with favorites from Boston, the team did not endear itself to the local public. The catastrophically low attendance at home matches, held in the small town of Daly City and, occasionally, in Oakland and San Jose, forced the team to take the next step. The 1970-1971 season was the last in the team’s history as the “Warriors” from San Francisco.

Changing its name to Golden State Warriors in the 1971-1972 season, the team started holding all its home meetings in Oakland. Six home games were played in San Diego, but more importantly, not a single match was held in San Francisco or Daly City. Changing its name, the “Warriors” became one of the two “Big Four” teams whose names do not mention the state or city where they perform. The other team playing in the National Football League is the New England Patriots.

The Golden State Warriors team does not have a mascot, and its home stadium, the Golden State Warriors Oracle Arena, is the oldest operating NBA arena.

“Oracle” fans (or simply “O,” as they are often called) are known as some of the most passionate and devoted in the NBA. It’s worth noting that the arena is considered one of the loudest in the league.

Meaning and History

Golden State Warriors Logo History

On January 5, 1933, authorities began constructing one of the largest bridges, “Golden Gate,” connecting San Francisco and the southern part of Marin County. The silhouette of the bridge across the San Francisco Bay, done in retro-emblem style, is depicted on the current logo of the “Golden State Warriors.”

Initially, the basketball team was called the Philadelphia Warriors, then the San Francisco Warriors, and only in recent years has it become known as the Golden State Warriors. The change of name was accompanied by updating logos, of which the club has no less than ten. In terms of color choices and shapes, they are uniform, but there are exceptions.

What is Golden State Warriors?

It is the name of one of the five teams of the Pacific Division (NBA), based in the city and county of San Francisco. Until 1971, it was known as the “San Francisco Warriors,” when it forsook the city’s geographical name in favor of “Golden State.” Currently, the “Golden State Warriors” rank sixth among the world’s most expensive sports franchises and second in the analogous list of the NBA.

1947 – 1951

Philadelphia Warriors Logo 1947-1951

Seventy-two years ago, a new promising basketball team emerged in Pennsylvania. The team was called the “Philadelphia Warriors.” The first emblem was introduced in 1947, a year after the appearance of the “Philadelphia Warriors.” It featured an image of a Native American in a cartoonish character. He is playing basketball, and his head is adorned with a feathered headdress. The color choice is simple, as is the drawing: the ball and feather are yellow, the native American is white, and the contours are purple. Also, there is a yellow inscription “Warriors” written in a handwritten font.

1952 – 1962

Philadelphia Warriors Logo 1952-1962

During the ten years the Warriors basketball team spent in Philadelphia, they used an updated version of the original logo. After the redesign, not a single full-color element remained: the image consisted only of blue contours. Artists redrew the logo, changing proportions. As you can see, the movement of the ball was drawn in the shape of the letter “W” (from the word Warriors). The name “Philadelphia Warriors” was placed in the center.

1963 – 1969

San Francisco Warriors Logo 1963-1969

A new logo appeared when the team moved to another state and was called the San Francisco Warriors. Designers took a large circle as the base and placed a smaller circle inside it, and in the center, they placed a Native American headdress. In the white ring surrounding the yellow middle, the full club name is written in blue serif letters.

1970 – 1971

San Francisco Warriors Logo 1970-1971

In 1969, the emblem developers decided to move away from the Native American theme and emphasize the team’s territorial affiliation. For this, they depicted the Golden Gate Bridge in a yellow circle with a blue frame and placed the inscription “The CITY” on top.

1972 – 1975

Golden State Warriors Logo 1972-1975

In 1971, the club was renamed Golden State Warriors. The new name was reflected in the logo. Now, the circle contains the borders of the American state of California with a blue star, located at the site of the San Francisco Bay Area and indicating the geographical position of the team. Above the orange circle is the dark blue inscription “GOLDEN STATE,” and below it is the word “WARRIORS.”

1976 – 1988

Golden State Warriors Logo 1976-1988

The California basketball players proudly played under this emblem for 12 years. Then, the artists drew a circle with lines, making it look like a basketball. They also changed the palette, replacing the orange color with yellow.

1989 – 1997

Golden State Warriors Logo 1989-1997

The 1989 Golden State Warriors’ emblem became a more refined version of the previous one. The circle became orange again. The font changed: now the letters became flatter and bolder than in previous versions.

1998 – 2010

Golden State Warriors Logo 1998-2010

In 1998, the Golden State Warriors completely rethought the concept of the emblem. The orange circle turns into a realistic ball, against which a man in a blue superhero suit is depicted. The character holds lightning, leaning over the word “WARRIORS.” The lightning merges with the letter “W” and seems to be its continuation.

2011 – 2019

Golden State Warriors Logo 2011-2019

Another logo was introduced on July 17, 2010. The work on it lasted for 18 months. The team returned to the yellow-blue palette, using royal blue Warriors Royal Blue and golden yellow California Golden as the primary shades. Designers again placed a fragment of the “Golden Gate” bridge in the circle, with the inscription “GOLDEN STATE” above and “WARRIORS” below. This emblem is the result of collaboration between the club, NBA, and Adidas.

2020 – today

Golden State Warriors Logo 2020-Present

In 2020, the colors became darker, allowing for focusing on the fine details of the bridge. The updated logo was released on June 14, 2019, when the team moved to the Chase Center.

Golden State Warriors: Interesting Facts

The Golden State Warriors are an important basketball team with many wins and cool stories. Here’s what makes them stand out:

  1. Starting in Philadelphia: They began in 1946 as the Philadelphia Warriors and won the first championship a year later.
  2. Moving to California: In 1962, they moved to San Francisco and changed their name to the Golden State Warriors in 1971 to show they represent the whole state.
  3. Wilt Chamberlain’s Big Game: In 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game, which is still one of the top sports moments.
  4. The Logo: Their logo features the Golden Gate Bridge to show they’re part of the San Francisco Bay Area.
  5. Winning Lots: The Warriors have won several championships (1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022), showing they’re good over the years.
  6. The Splash Brothers: Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are amazing at making three-point shots and have greatly helped the team win.
  7. Record Season: In the 2015-2016 season, they won 73 games, more than any team before them.
  8. Playing Style: Their coach, Steve Kerr, helped make their fast and fun shooting style popular, changing how other teams play.
  9. Their fans, called “Dub Nation,” are super supportive. They were known for being loud at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.
  10. New Arena: In 2019, they moved to the Chase Center in San Francisco, a nice venue for games and events.
  11. Famous Worldwide: The Warriors and players like Stephen Curry are known and loved worldwide for their success.

The Golden State Warriors have done a lot for basketball, from setting records to making the game more exciting for fans everywhere.

Font and Colors

Golden State Warriors emblem

The emblem of the “Golden State Warriors” depicts part of the span of the “Golden Gate” bridge, connecting San Francisco and Oakland. It’s one of the main attractions of the San Francisco Bay Area, allowing the identification of the professional basketball club’s location and emphasizing its commitment to the native region.

Golden State Warriors symbol

The last two emblems use a personalized font developed in collaboration with Adidas. It’s a serif font with small sharp serifs on the left side. The palette is chosen according to the club’s official color scheme: royal blue for the circle and inscription, yellow for the “Golden Gate” bridge, and the ring running along the inner edge.

Golden State Warriors color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#006bb6
RGB:0 107 182
CMYK:100 56 0 0
Pantone:PMS 293 C
SlateHex color:#26282a
RGB:38 40 42
CMYK:73 65 62 67
Pantone:PMS 426 C
California Golden YellowHex color:#fdb927
RGB:253 185 39
CMYK:0 30 94 0
Pantone:PMS 123 C


What does Stephen Curry’s logo mean?

The main element of the logo is a monogram of the letters S and C from the athlete’s first and last name. It’s his unique signature. The smooth curves symbolize the ease of movement, and a small stroke at the top indicates what to strive for – some higher goal requiring constant development and exceeding one’s capabilities.

Where are the “Golden State Warriors” from?

The hometown of the “Golden State Warriors” is San Francisco, although there’s no geographical designation of the city in the team’s name. The basketball team moved there from Philadelphia in 1962 and now plays home matches at the Chase Center.

What does the “Golden State Warriors” logo represent?

The team’s logo looks like a blue circle, inside which is an image of a yellow bridge in a ring. This is not a collective image – the road structure depicted in the picture is a fragment of the “Golden Gate” bridge. This architectural structure is considered a globally recognized symbol of San Francisco. No wonder it’s called the most photographed bridge in the world.

When did the “Golden State Warriors” move to San Francisco?

The team, known at the time as the Philadelphia Warriors, moved to the city and county of San Francisco in 1962 and then received the corresponding name – San Francisco Warriors, which was used until 1971. The change of location occurred after the controlling stake in the shares was acquired. Shares were bought by TV and radio producer Franklin Mieuli, who lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area.