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Chicago Bulls Logo

Chicago Bulls Logo
Chicago Bulls Logo PNG

The creation of a professional basketball team took three attempts. In the late 40โ€™s Chicago Stags became the first NBA team representing Windy City. In the early โ€™60s, Chicago Packers/Zephyrs replaced them and, in a couple of years, moved to sunny Baltimore.

The team Chicago Bulls was founded on January 16, 1966. It plays the home games in the United Center arena along with Chicago Blackhawks from the National Hockey League. The name of the third team goes back deep into city history. In 1865, the world-famous Chicago slaughterhouse was created. The enterprise became one of the largest production facilities in the world. The territory of 2.5 square kilometers held more than 30 thousand employees who worked under the slogan, โ€œonly the scream of an animal can be wasted.โ€ Nineteen million cattle heads were annually sold to the world. Contrary to popular belief, the first time conveyor production was used precisely in the Chicago slaughterhouse, where it was borrowed by Henry Ford, the โ€œinventor of the conveyor.โ€

Chicago Bulls emblem
City legend determined the themes of the names, proposed for the club, for example, Chicago Matadors, Toreador, for some reason Beers and Blackhawks, the classic for Illinois. A young son of Dick Klein, one of the owners, was the one who closed the uncertainty. He childishly characterized the proposed collection as Thisisbunchofbull[s**t]. Thatโ€™s how the name of the future basketball legends was chosen.

Chicago Bulls symbol
Bulls became the dream of any marketer: a short, sonorous name was tough as a hoof hit. The team was extremely successful: 18 years before the joining of the famous Michael Jordan Bulls went to the playoffs ten times, and the events after the 1984 draft are well known, too.

Chicago Bulls logo history

Chicago Bulls Logo History
Chicago Bulls Logo Evolution

The head of the bull, which is depicted on the Chicago Bulls logo is the face of the brand, which, after several decades, has become one of the most expensive and recognizable in professional sports. The Chicago bulls symbol is one of the most recognizable basketball emblems.

1966 – Present

Chicago Bulls Logo 1966-present

The emblem of Chicago Bulls is the head of an angry red bull. The logo was created by American graphic designer Dean P. Wessel and accepted in 1966.

Dick Klein asked Mr. Wessel to use red and black, the colors of the school team in which he played. Probably, many of you will be surprised, but the designer depicted a bull, or rather his face with the team name signed over the animal. Wessel tried to make the logo as aggressive as possible, but he did not get over it, so the emblem came as quite adequate and relevant at all times. Yes, this is the only NBA team logo that has not been rebranded and changed at all. It has successfully survived to these days in its original form. It is worth noting that, given Kleinโ€™s inexplicable craving for slaughterhouses, he wanted to see droplets of blood on the horns, which added color and character, but did not violate the imageโ€™s harmony. In the early โ€™70s, an alternate team logo was used, but it looked different. This version of the emblem had the same bull and a cloud with an inscription โ€œWindy City.โ€

Evil tongues say that after Michael Jordan leaving the team, the expression of the bullโ€™s muzzle became less ferocious.