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Los Angeles Lakers Logo

Los Angeles Lakers Logo
Los Angeles Lakers Logo PNG

The club was founded in 1946 under the name of Detroit Gems (Gemstone). In 1947, the Detroit Gems team completed its short-term journey into the real sport. The worst average scores and points scored by the opponents for the match in the season of 1946/47 hinted at the teamโ€™s lack of positive perspectives.

After a year in Detroit, the team moved to the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and became known as Minneapolis Lakers. The owner of the team named C. King Boring agreed to sell the rights to franchisees. His partners Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen, born in Minnesota, acquired the rights for modest $ 15 thousand.

Los Angeles Lakers emblem

But in fact, the new owners got the name and some sports belongings instead of the team. Having decided to break with the unsuccessful past of the team completely, Berger and Chalfen agreed to give a local flavor to the new name. From the list of the main nicknames of Minnesota were the Star of the North, the State of Gophers, and the Earth of 10,000 lakes. The owners considered the last name the most organic one. By the way, the term LAKER also referred to a unique project of ships carrying cargo in the Great Lakes region. Due to the name Lakers, the team got the nickname Lake.

The sufferings of the predecessors from Gems were worth it: in the Draft, Minneapolis Lakers got one peak, under which George Mikan, the future legend of the club, was chosen. The team entered the new season, making great strides and became its main discovery, having won the debut champion title.

George Mikan announced the completion of his career twice. But only after his final retirement in 1956, interest in the team began to decline rapidly. The inconclusive financial indicators forced the owners to start searching for potential buyers. The team from Minnesota, led by Bob Short, saved the team from moving to Kansas City.

Los Angeles Lakers symbol

The successful experience of Brooklyn Dodgersโ€™ moving to Los Angeles prompted the team owner to think about changing his teamโ€™s registration, too. The status of a megapolis, suitable climatic conditions, and the absence of competition made the City of Angels the priority. This is how the club moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, California, in 1960.

To preserve the teamโ€™s identity, the former name was retained, except for the prefix. Since 1960, the team had been called the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the team whose sporting achievements (16 championship titles) exceed the number of natural reservoirs in the state itself.

Los Angeles Lakers logo history

Los Angeles Lakers Logo History
Los Angeles Lakers Logo Evolution

The Lakers basketball team, originally from Minneapolis, has been existing for more than 70 years. This is one of the most titled NBA teams, as well as, according to Forbes magazine, the most expensive one. Since 1947, the logo has been changed only three times, but the primary colors of the team have been presented by purple, yellow, black, and white for more than 40 years.

1948 – 1960

Minneapolis Lakers Logo 1948-1960

The first Minneapolis Lakers logo was quite catchy. It personified the arrival of something new into the world of basketball. In the center of the emblem, there was a bright yellow basketball, inside of which was a map of the Minnesota state.ย  Also, there was the city of Minneapolis in the lower right corner, the birthplace of the team. Above, designers placed the inscription MPLS (Minneapolis abbreviation) between two stars. The inscription โ€œLakersโ€ was located below.

1961 – 1976

Los Angeles Lakers Logo 1961-1976

In 1961, the team moved from Minneapolis to dry California. Despite this, the decision to name the team Lakers was made literally in honor of the state nickname: Earth of 10 thousand lakes. It wasnโ€™t changed. But the logo was redesigned almost completely. There were two primary colors โ€“ dark purple and green. In the background, the designers placed a green ball, highlighted with the golden outline. The inscription was brought to the front part. To emphasize the fast speed with which the players of the team were moving, the name was made in italics font. Also, some extended lines were added to it, giving a sense of movement.

1977 – 2001

Los Angeles Lakers Logo 1977-2001



After almost 30 years of existence, the team changed its primary colors: yellow and light lilac came to replace green and dark purple. The structure of the Lakers emblem remained almost unchanged, but they decided to highlight the contour of the ball in black, with an emphasis on live rotation. It is worth noting that the changes turned to be beneficial: the logo had become brighter. Besides, it had become easier and more comfortable to read the inscription.

2002 – Present

Los Angeles Lakers Logo 2002-Present

For the third time, the Los Angeles Lakers logo has not been redesigned significantly. The creators only made deeper and more vibrant primary colors of the team โ€“ yellow and purple. The ball in the background and the name of the basketball team at the front have been remained unchanged.