Chinese Motorcycle Brands

Chinese Motorcycle Brands

In today’s market, the Chinese industry has firmly taken its position. This applies not only to economy segment goods, with which China is usually associated but also to many other things. Among them are famous Chinese motorcycle brands and the concepts behind their logos. Each such logo is a miniature representation of the company’s message that it wants to convey to customers.

What are Chinese motorcycle brands?

This is an overview of the most famous motorcycle brands registered in China and manufactured in Chinese factories. Among them are CF Moto, Haojue, Jialing, Jianshe, Lexmoto, Lifan, Loncin, Qianjiang, Shineray, and Wuxi Futong.

CF Moto

CF Moto Logo

The company recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in the motorcycle and ATV market. CF Moto is China’s most powerful exporter of these vehicles. Until two years ago, the number of the company’s showrooms present around the world was around 2,700.

Initially, the company specialized only in the production of motorcycles. More than ten years ago, ATVs were added to its assortment, which has been appreciated by many fans of extreme sports around the world.

When considering the logo of the company, the symbolism, made in the color “metallic,” immediately catches the eye. This is organic in this context because not-for-nothing motorcycles are often called “iron horses.” The symbol, enclosed in a horizontal oval, resembles a cross between the letters C and F. This is a very good design solution. Inclined letters evoke associations with dynamics and drive, so characteristic of riding a motorcycle.

At the bottom of the logo is the name of the company. The brand name looks fresh and stylish, and the soft outlines of the letters fit into the overall concept of the shapes of this logo.


Haojue Logo

Haojue is a large modern Chinese manufacturer. Produces about 2 million units per year. It works mainly for the domestic market of its state.

The logo of this company looks very ambitious. From the two letters included in the brand name, the logo designers made a stylized crown. Such a decision is beneficial in several contexts at once:

  • visual accent gives the logo expressiveness;
  • the crown as a symbol carries a certain meaning – it reminds of prestige and status;
  • red color visually strengthens this part of the logo.

Under the symbol itself is the name of the company for which the blue color is chosen. This is a winning option in terms of balance. Blue tones in logos indicate the seriousness of the company and its deep and thoughtful approach to its business. Thus, some provocativeness of the red color is balanced by the depth of blue. The logo is thoughtful and cute.


Jialing Logo

The peculiarity of the company is that it is state-owned. The history of the company is very solid and interesting, as it was founded back in 1875. Initially, it produced military equipment and weapons. Changes in the strategic course of the company occurred much later – in 1979. It was during this period that the company started producing motorcycles.

The company logo uses white, black, and blue tones. The combination of white and black basically indicates concreteness and efficiency. The blue color, as in the previous logo, gives more depth. Soft shapes and smooth lines characterize both the font and the image above it. The only exception is the isosceles rhombus within the visual form.


Jianshe Logo

The history of the Jianshe brand is somewhat similar to that of Jialing. In 1889, it was founded as a firearms factory. For a long time, Jianshe played the role of a leading defense enterprise in the state. In 1980, the production of motorcycles began. In 2004, the company became the largest partner of Yamaha in China. This path shows the development and willingness to transform.

The company logo combines red, white, blue, and turquoise shades. If we analyze the stylistics, we can note that the use of blue and turquoise shades of the font combined with smooth outlines is a kind of trend. The same can be said about how the letters that make up the name of the company are reflected in stylish visual forms. In this case, the symbol, which uses white and red colors, is enclosed in a red square. This makes the logo recognizable and effective. The calmer shades of the letters add harmony to the overall picture.


Lexmoto Logo

Lexmoto is another popular Chinese motorcycle manufacturer. Among the priorities that the company focuses on with its target audience are fuel efficiency and driving pleasure. The company is a major importer of motorcycles. For example, in the UK, Lexmoto motorcycles are the third most popular motorcycles.

The logo uses black and red colors. Black font complements the symbol formed by three rhombuses in the overall composition. As in some other variants described earlier, geometric shapes are balanced by the smooth outlines of the font.


Lifan Logo

Lifan is a powerful global exporter of motorcycles. By some estimates, the company is called the most recognizable among those who export motorcycles in its segment. It is known not only for its large production volumes and successful sales of manufactured motorcycles but also for its research department, which is responsible for the development of modern technologies for production. Thus, today, the company owns about 7 thousand patents.

Again, we see the use of black and red colors in the logo. The capital letter of the name is used three times in different sizes. This visual composition is enclosed in a horizontal oval. The brevity and catchiness of the red color make the logo bright. The name of the trademark is written in black letters with smoothed edges. All letters of the logo are located at an angle, which provides stylistic unity. It is also important that the company presents itself through the logo without deviating from the general trends. It is about the oblique letters.


Loncin Logo

The company is known for its production facilities and is one of the most popular in China. Not least of all, such a success of the company ensured cooperation with BMW, for which it produces 30 thousand engines per year. Loncin is one of the few companies that participated in international FIM competitions. And in MotoGP races, the company has shown that it is the only Chinese manufacturer whose motorcycles can compete at the level of such competitions.

The Loncin logo has the same slanted font with smoothed letter corners. Again, it is a combination of red, white, and black colors. The slanted rhombus is divided into segments. In general, the logo concept looks stylistically unified and corresponds to the general trends inherent in the logos of Chinese motorcycle brands.


Qianjiang Logo

Qianjiang is one of the few brands that have successfully tapped the European market. It is not without reason that a special second name, Keeway, was even invented for export, more recognizable both in sound and meaning for the European audience.

Despite the fact that the company’s logo conveys the trends described above, it looks unique. Among the common solutions used by designers is the use of red color and oblique letters with “soft” edges. We can observe the same in the visual stylization of the first letter of the name. However, the very format of this stylization, when the letter Q is depicted as a key, makes it very recognizable. This is what makes this logo stand out among the others.


Shineray Logo

A kind of “chip” of the company Shineray in the production process can be called that this is one of the few Chinese enterprises that specializes in the production of off-road vehicles.

The brand’s logo uses black and red colors, which is no longer new. The same can be said about the visual symbolism enclosed in a horizontal oval, which has already been seen in the previously described logos. However, there are some unique solutions in this logo. For example, the fact that different colors of text are used in the brand name. And the uniqueness lies in their interesting presentation – where some letters pass into others.

Wuxi Futong

Wuxi Futong Logo

The Wuxi Futong logo also uses a horizontal oval. However, it has a bright blue color applied to it. The letter F is “inscribed” in the logo in an interesting way, one part of which merges with part of the oval, and the other two lines go to the center.

On the one hand, the blue color symbolizes the depth of approach and seriousness; on the other hand, its bright and saturated shade conveys the idea of dynamism.

If we talk about the history of the company, it is quite young. The company was registered in 2007. But despite this, significant production volumes and demand for cars allow Wuxi Futong to confidently occupy its position in the market.


Zongshen Logo

In the logo of Zongshen, we again see the red color and italic font. But there are also distinctive features that make this logo recognizable and interesting, as in the example of the Qianjiang brand. These are wings depicted by combining and crossing several tiers of red lines. Such a figure above the brand name looks very effective in the logo. It visually strengthens it.

As for the history of the company, its rapid rise to success largely reflects the idea behind the logo. In 1992, Master Zuo Zongshen founded a small workshop. Today, this man is one of the top 100 wealthiest in China, and his path is compared to the success of the founder of Honda.

A characteristic feature of the logos of Chinese motorcycle brands is that they often use similar visual techniques. These are black, red, white, and blue colors. It is also the stylization of letters to match the meanings conveyed by the company name. Another such feature is the use of geometric shapes, particularly ovals. And slanted fonts as if reminded of the movement to which the motorcycles of these companies “call.” At the same time, each logo conveys something unique that makes it recognizable among others.

What is the best Chinese motorcycle brand?

The top seven Chinese motorcycle manufacturers include Benelli, Lexmoto, CFMoto, Zongshen, Zontes, Lifan, Loncin. The Benelli company is considered Italian, but it belongs to the Chinese holding Zhejiang, and its production is concentrated in the PRC.

Are Chinese motorbikes any good?

Chinese motorcycles are a favorite with low-budget buyers. Among them, there are quite reliable models, although they are in many ways inferior to the Japanese two-wheeled vehicles.

Who is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China?

The title of the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the PRC belongs to Da Changjiang. In 2020, this company was the leader in terms of sales in China.