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Burritos, tacos, and other Mexican dishes reflect the logo of Chipotle, a popular American restaurant chain. In its visual self-expression, the brand reflects the history of creation, quality, and adherence to the concept of “Food with Integrity.”

Chipotle: Brand overview

Founded: July 13, 1993
Founder: Steve Ells
Newport Beach, California, U.S.
Chipotle is the largest fast-food chain established in 1993. Its restaurants serve Mexican-American cuisine, mainly tacos and burritos. At the same time, the company tries to use only natural products, following the Food with Integrity concept.

Meaning and History

Chipotle Logo History

The Chipotle logo has three different format versions. At first, it was a simple white inscription on a black background. It resembled the retro signs that adorned eateries in the 1950s. The font looks handwritten and remotely similar to Papyrus.

Then another variant of the emblem appeared: multi-colored concentric circles with the inscriptions “Chipotle” (top) and “Mexican Grille” (bottom). The letters were strict and geometric. Hot pepper was the most prominent place in the center of the Rondel. It consisted of two parts: a large fruit and a long stalk that extended beyond the small circle.

This logo had two versions. The first is simple, black and white. The second is with gray text, a red-black background, and white pepper. In 2009, a new Chipotle trademark appeared. It was created by the design firm Sequence from San Francisco.

What is Chipotle?

Chipotle is a trademark of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. It is one of the first fast-casual restaurant chains. It was founded in 1993 and started with just 16 locations. At the moment, she owns more than 2.7 thousand catering establishments.

1993 – 2009

Chipotle Logo 1993-2009

The emblem of this period consists of two separate inscriptions: at the top is the word “Chipotle” (denotes the name of the fast-food chain), at the bottom is “Mexican Grille” (indicates the main kitchen). The visual emphasis is on the first part, so the letters are made in an individual font: they are elongated, with uneven edges. The phrase below them, on the contrary, is smooth, chopped, and even.

2009 – today

Chipotle Logo 2009-present

In 2009, a new logo was adopted, further highlighting the name of eateries. Now it is placed in a red rectangle, and in front of it is pepper in a brown square. The rest is on a white background and written in small geometric letters without sans serifs from a grotesque series of fonts.

Font and Colors

Chipotle Emblem

The current emblem is similar to the previous one. It also consists of two circles of different sizes, but this time they are both red, with narrow white contours. Pepper is drawn more professionally – experts thoroughly reworked it and made it fit in a small circle. Now the vegetable looks stylish and modern, and a small whirlwind in the center gives the image a special flavor.

The current trademark has two forms. The familiar Rondel is a priority – it is often used on products and in advertising. The second version is “laid out on shelves”: pepper is on the left in the square, and the name Chipotle is on the right, in the horizontal rectangle. The corners of geometric shapes are rounded. At the bottom is a reduced inscription “Mexican Grille.” This option is usually found on signboards of fast-food restaurants.

Chipotle Symbol

The main elements of the emblem are related to the Mexican theme. Shades of red are associated with spices and burning fire. The word “Chipotle” refers to a traditional seasoning from Mexico – smoked jalapenos. It is he who is depicted in the center of the logo.

Logo Chipotle

If earlier on the logo, a font similar to Papyrus, was used, it looks completely different. Sequence specialists reworked the logo and selected a modified version of the Gotham Bold font for the inscriptions. This is one of the sans serifs variations created by the Tobias Frere-Jones typographer. The letters are rounded and sans serif. The middle stroke at E is offset just below the center. At the same level is the horizontal bar at “H.”

The color palette is saturated. For the background, designers chose brown and dark red (# A81612). For additional elements made white color to create a favorable contrast. Also, the logo exists in a classic black and white version.

Chipotle color codes

Carnelian Hex color: #a81612
RGB: 168 22 18
CMYK: 0 87 89 34
Pantone: PMS 485 C
Black Bean Hex color: #451400
RGB: 69 20 0
CMYK: 0 71 100 73
Pantone: PMS 483 C

What does the Chipotle logo represent?

The Chipotle logo represents a restaurant chain named after the dried chili jalapeno, an ingredient in Mexican cuisine. The little pepper illustration complements the CHIPOTLE lettering. The red color symbolizes the spicy taste.

Who designed Chipotle’s logo?

Typically, all Chipotle logos are created by the company’s in-house designers. The development of the latest brand concept was attended by specialists from the Sequence studio, which is engaged in modernizing user interfaces.

What does 13 mean at Chipotle?

For Chipotle, the number 13 is very symbolic: it means 13 characteristics that a person must possess when applying for a job in a restaurant chain. These are conscientiousness, ambition, intelligence, honesty, politeness, and other positive qualities.

What kind of pepper is the Chipotle logo?

Chipotle’s logo features a red pepper, after which the brand was named – dried jalapenos.

What does the logo symbolize Chipotle Logo?

The Chipotle logo symbolizes healthy food made with natural ingredients from traditional Mexican cuisine. The choice of designers is smoked and dried jalapeno. It was he who gave the name to this chain of fast food restaurants. The red color fits in perfectly with the theme as it is the natural shade of the chili pepper. In addition, it symbolizes love and energy. Such an emblem fits well with the concept of the company.

What does Chipotle stand for?

This word literally means ‘smoked chili.’ That is how it is translated from the Aztec language (Nahuatl). Therefore, the Chipotle logo contains an image of jalapeno, a traditional Mexican product. Broken lines accurately convey its softness.

What is Chipotle’s motto?

Although none of the slogans are used in the Chipotle logo, they are quite popular as they reflect the idea of this fast food chain. The very first was the motto ‘Food with integrity.’ Steve Ells introduced it after he was inspired by cooking in compliance with national technologies and ethnic norms. Then another option appeared - Better for You. Better for people. Better for Our Planet. It conveys the core values of the company.

What is Chipotle’s brand promise?

The key promise of this brand is strict observance of national technologies, food purity, and ethnic norms in cooking. And all because the company is convinced that the right cuisine can change the world because there is a connection between the taste of food and how the product from which it is prepared is grown. The base must be natural. The Chipotle logo clearly conveys this concept.

What is the meaning behind the Chipotle logo?

The meaning of the Chipotle logo is healthy food. In this case, it means natural products grown in natural conditions and dishes prepared in accordance with ethnic norms. This is confirmed by smoked chili peppers - jalapeno, a Mexican national ingredient. It is the cuisine of this people that can be found on the menu of a fast food restaurant.

Why is Chipotle called Chipotle?

Steve Ells named his fast food chain because he chose the concept of natural food cooked in natural conditions. That is, natural products are used for dishes, and food is prepared only after receiving an order and strictly in accordance with ethnic norms. The word ‘chipotle’ perfectly characterizes Mexican cuisine because, in translation from the Nahuatl language, it means ‘smoked chili pepper.’ It is this product that is featured on the Chipotle logo.