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The Chivas (club) logo has historical value, as it reflects the heritage of the soccer team and its connection with its hometown and founder. Meanwhile, the emblem expresses the athletes’ leadership qualities and their inexhaustible will to win.

Chivas (club): Brand overview

Soccer Club Chivas is as important a symbol of Mexico as mariachi or tequila. It has existed since 1906, is based in Guadalajara, and only recruits Mexicans. This last rule was introduced in 1908, when the team, formerly known as Club de Futbol Union for its multinational, was renamed Club Deportivo Guadalajara to impress fans against the backdrop of the emerging Mexican Revolution.

Meaning and History

Chivas (club) Logo History

Until 1908, Chivas was called Union because the team had players of different nationalities. Then, it was renamed Club Deportivo Guadalajara and started recruiting only Mexicans. This defined the history of its subsequent logos. The first attempts to link sports identity with Guadalajara’s coat of arms were seen even before 1920. But only in 1923 did the emblem acquire a recognizable form, which served as the basis for all subsequent versions. The design has changed repeatedly and even included the image of stars, reflecting victories in Mexican League championships.

What is Chivas (club)?

Chivas is a popular nickname for Club Deportivo Guadalajara. It’s a Mexican soccer team recognized as the most valuable in Liga MX. It has won many championships and has never fallen to a lower league. The club’s home stadium is Estadio Akron, and its owner is Grupo Omnilife.

1908 – 1911

Chivas (club) Logo 1908

Club de Futbol Union was founded in 1906, and two years later, changed its name to Club Deportivo Guadalajara. Around the same time, it adopted a logo featuring a red monogram, where a horizontally stretched “C” was superimposed on a flattened “G.” Sharp spikes and ornate protrusions on the ends matched the font of that time. This emblem could only be worn by goalkeepers.

1911 – 1917

Chivas (club) Logo 1911

After the start of the Mexican Revolution, the team adopted a new red and white logo. The letter “G” resembled a stylized horseshoe, and “C” turned into a snake wrapping around it. The monogram was inside a circle, edged by a thin line.

1917 – 1923

Chivas (club) Logo 1917

In 1917, with the end of the Mexican Revolution, the soccer club fundamentally changed its emblem. It took the form of a vertical rectangle, divided into alternating stripes: five white and four red. In the center, there was a diamond with a sharp-angled letter “G.” Dark blue was used for central elements and outer contours.

1923 – 1984

Chivas (club) Logo 1923

In 1923, the round Chivas logo appeared, which became the basis for many subsequent versions. It contained vertical red and white stripes placed inside a wide blue ring with the white inscription “Guadalajara.” At the top, there was a stylized coat of arms of Guadalajara: a shield with two lions and a pine, a knight’s helmet, and draping lambrequins hanging on both sides.

1984 – 1987

As the vertical lines became narrower, their number increased: red to five, white to six. The wide blue frame contained the inscription “CLUB DEPORTIVO GUADALAJARA A. C.”. The elements taken from the city’s coat of arms looked refined, especially the lambrequins with elegant swirls. The top of the helmet was adorned with a small red flag. The logo included eight stars, reflecting championship victories, arranged in a semi-circle at the bottom.

1987 – 1997

Chivas (club) Logo 1987

When the soccer club won another championship, the number of stars was increased to nine. Otherwise, the design remained unchanged: the emblem retained its recognizable elements, including the vertical stripes and the Guadalajara coat of arms.

1997 – 2002

Chivas (club) Logo 1997

A tenth star was added to the logo as a symbol of Chivas’s ongoing progress. It was earned after the team’s victory in El Torneo de Verano 1997 and represented pride in sports achievements.

2003 – 2006

Chivas (club) Logo 2003

This emblem appeared after Mexican businessman Jorge Vergara acquired the club. The design largely remained the same, but the colors became brighter and lighter. For the first time, the design featured a wide white frame, which was round at the bottom and followed the shape of the protruding parts of the helmet and lambrequins at the top. The inscription in the blue ring read: “CLUB DEPORTIVO GUADALAJARA S. A. DE C. V.”.

2006 – 2007

Chivas (club) Logo 2006

In 2006, Chivas became the leader of the Mexican League, winning eleven championships. Proudly, the club added an eleventh star to its logo, positioned at the very bottom and highlighted in red.

2007 – 2009

Chivas (club) Logo 2007

Designers made minor changes that hardly affected the overall appearance of the emblem. All the stars in the semi-circle looked identical: they were blue and matched in size. The wide white frame continued to be used.

2009 – 2010

Chivas (club) Logo 2009

This emblem was not well-received by fans because the traditional colors of the Guadalajara coat of arms were distorted: both lions, the tree, and the helmet turned white, while the shield was painted bright red. Two decorative spirals depicted on the sides were simplified to the extent that they no longer resembled lambrequins.

2010 – 2017

Chivas (club) Logo 2010

In 2010, the full-color version was restored, looking almost identical to the 2003 logo created at the beginning of the Jorge Vergara era.


Chivas (club) Logo 2017

In 2017, the team won its seventeenth championship title, so a new five-pointed star was added to the emblem. Designers made it red, outlined it with a wide strip, and placed it above the knight’s shield.


Chivas (club) Logo 2018

In the official version, the twelfth star was not at the top but in the lower semi-circle. It was the same blue as the other eleven stars and matched them in size.

2019 – 2020

Chivas (club) Logo 2019

The soccer club continued to be proud of its hard-earned victories but removed their visual confirmation – a chain of twelve stars – from the logo. This made the image simpler to use in digital spaces, as some of the small details that are not visible when resized were eliminated.

2020 – today

Chivas (club) Logo

The inscription in the blue ring was shortened to “CLUB DEPORTIVO GUADALAJARA.” The emblem still contains elements from the Guadalajara city coat of arms.

  1. Heraldic lions symbolize power and readiness to fight for victory.
  2. The pine with a green crown embodies nobility.
  3. The helmet, adorned with lambrequins, is associated with noble origins.

The vertical stripes refer to the original form of Chivas, inspired either by the old style of Club Brugge or, according to another theory, the French tricolor.

Font and Colors

Chivas (club) Emblem

The logo uses a custom sans-serif font. All letters are uppercase and semi-bold, keeping the inscription clear at any scale. The colors match the palette of the Guadalajara coat of arms: green, yellow, blue, gray, and red. White is also added, which, along with blue and red, links Chivas to the city of Bruges, the hometown of the team’s founder, Edgar Everaert.