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An American fashion brand has chosen a Chrome Hearts logo in the style of Medieval Gothic. Old English letters, a sacred circle, a wide ribbon with curls at the ends, a flower in the shape of a heraldic cross – they all show this style. Such elements add mystery and make the brand sensitive to mysticism.

Chrome Hearts: Brand overview

Founder:Richard Stark, Leonard Kamhout, John Bowman
Hollywood, Los Angeles, U.S.
Chrome Hearts is a luxury fashion house from the United States. It produces various items made of gold, diamonds, and silver. Its range includes jewelry, eyewear, perfumes, clothing, and furniture. The company was founded in 1988 by three entrepreneurs: John Bowman, Leonard Kamhout, and Richard Stark. At present, the management is focused on the hands of the Stark family – Richard and his wife, Lynn. The production site is located in Los Angeles, employing about a thousand workers. The brand’s administration does not disclose information about the brand, maintaining an atmosphere of mystery.

Meaning and History

Chrome Hearts Logo History

It all started with leather. John Bowman and Richard Stark founded their small business in a garage, where they decided to produce jackets because one of them was a manufacturer of leather products, and the other was involved in the sale of high-grade rawhide. Then Leonard Kamhout, a master jeweler, joined them. However, their partnership did not withstand the test of time, and in 1994 the entrepreneurs had a falling out. Two of them left the company, and it was handed over to the Stark family.

The concept of the fashion brand is mystery and veiledness. Therefore, the owners provide little information about it, do not engage in e-commerce, release no more than two collections a year, and maintain a huge base in Hollywood, which spans three blocks. Richard Stark came up with the name for the trademark when they were creating a costume for Chopper Chicks in Zombietown. He suggested taking the working title of the movie as a sign that this was their first high-level order. Since then, it has always been present in the logo, either in a full circular design or in a semi-circular, arch-like form.

What is Chrome Hearts?

Chrome Hearts is an authentic fashion brand from the USA. It positions itself as a luxury brand and offers clothing, perfumes, eyewear, jewelry, furniture, and leather goods. It has existed since 1988. Its founders are John Bowman, Leonard Kamhout, and Richard Stark. The current owner is the Stark family. The production site is located in Los Angeles, Hollywood.

Chrome Hearts Symbol

The emblem of the mysterious brand features no less mysterious elements, in accordance with the concept of mystery. A circle, divided in the lower part, serves as the basis. This is a wide ribbon, mirrored and twisted at the bottom, so the right side is identical to the left. The trademark name is distributed throughout the perimeter of the circle, but the letters look like cabalistic symbols rather than alphabet characters. This was made possible by using Old English glyphs, which perfectly fit into the Gothic style, mystique, and luxury fashion.

The central place is reserved for a decorative cross, which resembles a trefoil cross or the cross of the Templars. It consists of four cult elements – heraldic fleurs-de-lis. Arranged in a certain way, they form an unusual figure with a round center. Thanks to it, the drawing is perceived as a flower, not a religious attribute. There is also a simplified version of the emblem – with an arc-shaped ribbon, without the classic fleur de lys. It features only the Gothic-style inscription “Chrome Hearts.” It also resonates with rocker and biker styles because Richard Stark is a long-time motorcycle enthusiast.

Crosses and horseshoes with “mystical” inscriptions (bearing the brand name) have been used by this fashion house since the late ’80s. But recently, they faced plagiarism: the brand The Kooples & Guess began to use a similar element, so Chrome Hearts filed a lawsuit against them.

Font and Colors

Chrome Hearts Emblem

To denote its own identity, the Chrome Hearts fashion house chose a non-standard typeface. It belongs to the category of Old English lettering and is authentic. However, it is not the brand’s own development: the inscription in the logo is set in Cloister Black Font.

The signature color palette is restrained and depends on the color of the base. Usually, it’s black or white. Accordingly, on a light background, the emblem is colored in black, and on a dark one – in white. However, there is no riot of colors, as luxury clothing manufacturer prefers monochrome.

Chrome Hearts color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C