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The Cinnabon logo reflects the brand’s well-known image for making indulgent cinnamon rolls. Established in 1985 in Seattle, Washington, Cinnabon became popular for its aromatic cinnamon rolls with rich cream cheese frosting. The logo represents customers’ warmth and comfort at a Cinnabon store, evoking the inviting aroma that attracts people. It symbolizes the brand’s dedication to creating memorable and indulgent experiences with each product, from classic rolls to other sweet treats.

Cinnabon: Brand overview

In 1985, Rich and Greg Komen, a father and son from Seattle, Washington, started Cinnabon with a big goal: to make the best cinnamon roll ever. They worked hard to come up with a special recipe. Their cinnamon rolls had a unique cinnamon called Makara, a special dough, and a creamy frosting. The first Cinnabon opened in December 1985 at Sea Tac Mall.

People loved Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls right from the start. The company grew fast; by 1991, there were over 100 Cinnabon stores. A big reason for their success was how the stores smelled like fresh cinnamon rolls, making people want to come in.

In the late ’90s, Cinnabon got bigger when it joined forces with AFC Enterprises (now Inspire Brands). This helped them grow even more.

In the 2000s, Cinnabon added new things like Cinnamon Stix and drinks. They also started opening stores in places other than malls, like airports and train stations.

Cinnabon has been trying new flavors and collaborating with other brands to create products like cereal and ice cream. Now, there are over 1,500 Cinnabon stores in more than 50 countries.

Cinnabon keeps coming up with new ideas and improving its cinnamon roll. They’ve shown that a simple cinnamon roll can be something special. Cinnabon is ready to keep making sweet lovers happy for many years. Their story shows how creativity and hard work can turn a simple pleasure into a worldwide favorite.

Meaning and History

Cinnabon Logo History

What is Cinnabon?

Cinnabon, founded in 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia, has grown into a global sensation renowned for its delightful cinnamon rolls, known as “Cinnabons.” This popular franchise has broadened its menu to include a variety of baked goods like cupcakes, doughnuts, and even ice cream, appealing to diverse tastes. Cinnabon stands out for its high-quality products and distinctive aroma and flavor, enhancing the customer experience with each visit.

1985 – 1994

Cinnabon Logo 1985

Since its founding in 1985, Cinnabon used an image of its cinnamon rolls in its first logo, featuring three cinnamon-filled rolls on a baking rack. The logo used white as the base color with a pink background, giving it a light, playful feel. The name of the sweet was written on the blue half of the emblem in soft, rounded letters that looked like white sugar cream, making the logo unique and memorable. These letters resembled the frosting on the rolls, adding to their appeal.

The contrast of the dark blue background with the white text made the logo clear and visible from a distance, helping to attract customers. The logo included a gradient from dark to light blue, symbolizing the inviting aroma of baking that fills Cinnabon stores and stirs the appetite. This design linked the logo to warmth and comfort and underscored the high quality and unique taste of the cinnamon rolls.

1994 – 1998

Cinnabon Logo 1994

In response to expanding its flavor range, the company redesigned its emblem to better suit the market needs and ensure it looks good on signs and product packaging. The logo was simplified by reducing the number of cinnamon rolls shown from three to one, making it more focused and emphasizing the brand’s main product. The company name now appears to the right of the cinnamon roll image on a blue background, which makes the text stand out more.

A new element was added at the bottom of the logo, featuring a light script that invites visitors to explore “the world of the famous cinnamon roll family.” This highlights the variety of products and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. The name “Cinnabon” cleverly combines the words “cinnamon” and “bun,” effectively capturing the essence of the product and its key ingredients. This change makes the brand more memorable and communicates what Cinnabon is about.

1998 – 2016

Cinnabon Logo 1998

When AFC Enterprises acquired the business, a major rebranding was undertaken, which included updating the corporate emblem. The logo was redesigned with a rich chocolate hue that immediately brings to mind the deep taste and aroma of cocoa and cinnamon, key ingredients in the brand’s products. The brown outline and bottom bar emphasize this connection.

The only element retained from the original cinnamon roll theme in the updated logo is the stylized letter “O,” designed to resemble a twisted Cinnabon roll. This unique design keeps the logo distinctive and reminds customers of the company’s signature product. This letter’s playful and memorable design helps the brand stand out among competitors.

Other parts of the logo’s text also contribute additional meaning, reflecting the roll-making process. Their design suggests the texture and shape of the dough, which adds a sense of craftsmanship and handwork, highlighting values important in confectionery. The entire inscription curves slightly, evoking the aroma of baking that emanates from Cinnabon bakeries and draws in passersby, enhancing the brand’s warm and inviting atmosphere.

2016 – today

Cinnabon Logo

The latest Cinnabon logo has moved away from its traditional design featuring the brand’s famous twisted rolls, adopting a more fairy-tale-like emblem that incorporates elements of fantasy and magic. This new design has surprised and disappointed some fans who preferred the classic style. The logo now uses a deep dark color with a blue-green outline, which aims to reflect the brand’s long history and heritage, suggesting years of experience and reliability.

This new emblem, created for the company’s 30th anniversary, emphasizes Cinnabon’s global presence and professionalism, underlining its international status. The logo’s blue color emphasizes the style and indicates the expansion of the product range to include fruit fillings, demonstrating the company’s innovative approach to diversifying and expanding its menu.

Font and Colors

The Cinnabon logo uses a handwriting-like font that conveys warmth and a personal touch, making it feel familiar and comfortable. This style suggests a casual, friendly, and accessible business, positioning Cinnabon as a provider of comforting treats. The text features an elegant serif font with the first letter “C” enlarged and its tail curved to mimic the shape of a cinnamon roll.

The font size in the logo is proportionate and effectively fills the space, focusing attention on the brand name. It is neither bold nor italic but has significant weight, making it stand out. This font creates a distinctive brand style, implying quality craftsmanship.

The readability is excellent due to the contrast between the white font and dark background and the clear, smooth lettering. Despite the detailed serifs, the brand name remains legible even when the logo is scaled down for various uses.

The font evokes a sense of indulgence and comfort, mirroring the sensory experience of enjoying a cinnamon roll. The script’s smooth contours may evoke the swirl of cinnamon in the brand’s pastries, reinforcing the sensory appeal.

The dark navy color provides a strong, reliable foundation, while the white font offers contrast and visibility. Navy suggests professionalism and reliability, while white represents purity and simplicity. These colors enhance the brand’s memorability and recognition, helping it stand out in a crowded market.

The font and color palette of the Cinnabon logo blend harmoniously, creating an appealing and memorable visual identity that easily resonates with consumers and reflects the brand’s reputation for sweet, comforting products.


What is the meaning of Cinnabon?

The name “Cinnabon” comes from combining “cinnamon” and “bun.” It perfectly describes their famous sweet cinnamon rolls, which people love worldwide. The name is simple and straight to the point, making it easy for customers to remember.

Cinnabon is part of Focus Brands, a big company in the US that also runs other food places like Schlotzsky’s, Carvel, Moe’s Southwest Grill, McAlister’s Deli, Auntie Anne’s, and Jamba. Focus Brands is based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and has over 5,000 stores worldwide. They manage many different brands to offer a variety of foods to people.

Being part of Focus Brands helps Cinnabon because it gets to share resources, like marketing and supplies, and can grow more easily. This setup is common in the food industry because it helps smaller brands like Cinnabon and the larger company Focus Brands. For Cinnabon, this means more support and chances to reach more customers. For Focus Brands, it adds a well-loved brand to its food services group.

The name “Cinnabon” tells customers exactly what they’re getting: delicious cinnamon rolls. With the backing of Focus Brands, Cinnabon can keep growing and serving up treats to cinnamon roll fans everywhere.

Who owns Cinnabon?

Cinnabon, famous for its cinnamon rolls found in malls and airports all over the US, is owned by Focus Brands Inc. This company, with its main office in Atlanta, Georgia, is supported financially by Roark Capital Group. This big investment firm focuses on consumer brands. Focus Brands owns several other food service companies like Schlotzsky’s, Carvel, Moe’s Southwest Grill, McAlister’s Deli, Auntie Anne’s, and Jamba, managing many stores worldwide to meet various customer tastes.

Joining Focus Brands has been great for Cinnabon. It’s given Cinnabon better marketing and operations and the chance to grow globally. This support has helped Cinnabon develop new products and spread its cinnamon rolls beyond the US, making them loved worldwide.

In short, Cinnabon is an important part of Focus Brands, and its parent company provides it with lots of support and expertise. This helps Cinnabon keep customers happy with its tasty cinnamon rolls, which have grown to be a favorite in the food market.

How long can you keep Cinnabon?

Cinnabon rolls are tasty treats with warm, gooey centers. They’re fresh for a short time. Here’s how to keep them tasty for as long as possible.

You can keep Cinnabon rolls at room temperature for two days. Don’t put them in the fridge, making them hard and dry. If you need to keep them longer, freezing is a good choice. They can last in the freezer for 30 days. To freeze them, wrap the box in plastic wrap or put the rolls in an airtight container. This helps keep them fresh and prevents freezer burn.

When you’re ready to eat frozen rolls, let them thaw at room temperature. Don’t use the microwave to thaw them because it can make them chewy. After thawing, you can reheat them in the oven or microwave to make them taste fresh again.

In short, to keep Cinnabon rolls tasty, store them at room temperature for up to two days without refrigerating. For longer storage, freeze them right; they can last up to 30 days. This way, you can enjoy the deliciousness of Cinnabon rolls even later.

What makes Cinnabon unique?

Cinnabon is famous for its cinnamon rolls; three main things make them special. First, they bake their dough fresh in the store. This means every cinnamon roll is soft, fluffy, and melts in your mouth, unlike rolls made from pre-made or frozen dough.

Second, their cream cheese frosting sets them apart. It’s rich and creamy, adding a delicious layer that works perfectly with the cinnamon. This frosting makes the rolls indulgent and memorable, making people return for that smooth, creamy taste.

The third thing that makes Cinnabon unique is their special cinnamon called Makara. It comes from Indonesia and has a rich flavor that you can’t find in common cinnamon. This gives their rolls a warm and spicy taste that’s different from any other cinnamon roll.

In short, Cinnabon stands out because of its fresh dough, delicious frosting, and special cinnamon. These three ingredients combine to make a cinnamon roll and a tasty experience that people love worldwide. This is why Cinnabon isn’t just another treat but a memorable indulgence.

Why can’t you refrigerate Cinnabon?

Storing Cinnabon rolls or bread in the fridge might seem smart, but it makes them stale faster. When bread is baked, the starch inside soaks up water, making it soft. Once it starts cooling, the starch loses water and becomes hard, making bread stale. The fridge speeds up this drying out, so your rolls get hard and lose flavor quicker than if left at room temperature.

The best way to keep Cinnabon rolls fresh briefly is to leave them at room temperature for a day or two. If you need to store them longer, freezing is the way to go. Freezing keeps them from getting stale, and they’ll still taste freshly baked when you warm them up. This way, you can enjoy their softness and flavor even later.