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The Clemson University logo contains only two words, but the inscription has a hidden meaning thanks to the thoughtful design. The designers deliberately enlarged the first line to draw attention to it and presented it in a bright orange color that evokes positive emotions. The lower level of the emblem looks like a pedestal because the word “University” is visually reinforced with horizontal lines.

Clemson University: Brand overview

Clemson, South Carolina, United States

Clemson University is engaged in research activities and allows students to study in seven areas, including applied, medical, social, and human sciences. It originated in 1889 and was originally called the Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina. Many campus buildings were built by convicts, with some workers just 13 years old at the time. The university was named Clemson in 1964 when the government recognized its authority and broad capabilities. In 1896 the first football team appeared at the educational institution. She laid the foundation for the future Clemson Tigers sports arm.

Clemson University alumni include many successful business people, athletes, politicians, scientists, and television workers. They celebrate the name of the alma mater, taking it to the next level. As of 2021, this educational institution ranks 74th in the country’s ranking of the best national universities.

Meaning and History

Clemson University Symbol

All Clemson students are very familiar with its corporate symbols: round stamp and logo. They represent the entire university (primarily the non-sports audience) but are used with restrictions. For example, the word mark is for non-commercial purposes only. It consists of a stylized uppercase lettering “CLEMSON” with a tiger paw print instead of an “O.” The graphic is called Tiger Paw and has existed since 1970. It was created based on a real print of a Bengal tiger’s paw.

The word “UNIVERSITY” is not included in the main logo. If used in alternative versions, it is placed at the bottom and written in reduced letters at large intervals so that the second line is the same length as the first. According to the branding guidelines, the color “UNIVERSITY” can be white, orange (branded Clemson Orange), or purple (Regalia).

What is Clemson University?

Clemson University is an American institution of higher education located in Clemson, South Carolina. It was opened in 1889 and was originally an agricultural college. Gradually, the number of directions grew to seven, covering the humanities, social, medical, and other sciences. Now it is a large university, with a ratio of teachers and students, which is 1:18.


Clemson University Logo Seal

The President’s Office must approve the use of the seal. It is placed on official certificates and must be supplemented with the registered trademark mark ®. This identity element is traditionally round. It contains a three-tiered pedestal and a column with palm leaves at the top. The undulating white stripe resembles the mountains that are visible on the horizon. It contrasts with a purple-orange gradient against a stylized palm tree background.

The name of the American state where the educational institution is located is written directly under the pedestal: “SOUTH CAROLINA.” The designers split it into two centered lines and used a sans serif font.

The central part of the seal is outlined by a chain consisting of many small white circles and placed in a wide purple ring. It, in turn, contains the inscription “CLEMSON UNIVERSITY” (in the upper half) and the number “1889” (below). The year of the foundation of the university is separated from its name by two five-pointed stars. This is followed by two thin rings: white and orange. They form the outer contour of the seal.

Font and Colors

Clemson University Emblem

The Tiger Paw graphic sign traditionally represents sports teams. In addition, it is used for academic purposes: the designers have included it in the university logo, replacing the icon with the letter “O” in the word “CLEMSON.” This symbol can be recognized by its characteristic 10-degree slope and a small white stripe at the bottom formed at the scar’s site.

The wordmark and seal of the educational institution feature the Goudy Old Style font. It is distinguished by contrasting lines in width and elongated pointed serifs. All logos are united by one color – Clemson Orange (# F56600). It is complemented by purple Regalia (# 522D80), which makes the brand highly recognizable.

Clemson University color codes

Spanish OrangeHex color:#f56600
RGB:245 102 0
CMYK:0 58 100 4
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C
Purple HeartHex color:#522d80
RGB:82 45 128
CMYK:36 65 0 50
Pantone:PMS 268 C

What is Clemson University’s logo?

The Clemson University logo is its name, located in two lines. The upper and lower parts differ in style, as they are made in different fonts: Clemson – a serif typeface, University – a grotesque. They also do not match color: the inscription is orange at the top and purple at the bottom. A horizontal stripe separates them. The seal shows a palm tree surrounded by the name and year of the university’s foundation.

What is the Clemson symbol?

Clemson’s symbol is a tiger paw print. Previously, it was used instead of the letter “O” in one of the logos, and now it is used separately as an independent emblem.