The CONALEP logo is abstract, so that it can be given different meanings. The figure of two wavy elements symbolizes the connection, and it can be either connected links of the same chain or a stylized image of “yin” and “yang.” The name of the educational institution is specially written in lowercase letters – so it does not seem strict and inspires more confidence.

CONALEP: Brand overview

Founder:José Antonio Padilla Segura
CONALEP is an abbreviation for one of the largest Mexican technical universities. It stands for College of National Technique Education. The educational institution was founded in 1978. The educational program at CONALEP consists of 54 specializations and six directions. College branches are located throughout the country, which greatly facilitates the learning process for local students. Despite the technical focus of the university, applicants also have the opportunity to enroll in the humanities.

Meaning and History


Because CONALEP is a public institution, anyone who successfully passes the entrance exams can get an education at a university. This is evidenced by the motto of the college, which sounds like “Quality Education for Competitiveness.” It clearly conveys the core values ​​and guidelines of the Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica.

Even though CONALEP is in demand in the Mexican education market, its representatives did not go into cycles in the marketing promotion strategy. This is evidenced by the elements of visual recognition of the brand. From the very beginning of the functioning of the college, the same logo was used. There were no major redesigns at all; sometimes, the shade changed, depending on the background where it was located. The deep green color, which has historically been the main color for the college, symbolized life, and development, the desire to reach new heights.

What is CONALEP?

This is a relatively young but promising educational institution. Every year, the number of College o National Technique Education students is growing. A competent and modern approach to the educational process is a key advantage.

In general, the logo consists of an emblem that sits above the word name of the college. Interestingly, the emblem is made abstractly, and therefore it is difficult to determine specific associations immediately. Globally speaking, these are two wave-like elements that form something resembling a chain link. Visually, it looks like two “r”s parallel to each other at a slight angle to the right. In this case, the upper part of the letters is inverted relative to each other. Depending on the versions, the emblem had a slightly different look. It could be both flat and voluminous. Also, various shades of green were used.

The CONALEP wordmark is in a classic bold sans-serif font with rounded corners. All letters are lowercase, but the minimal black shadow gives the college name a three-dimensional feel. As in the logo, the wordmark uses a deep green color. All letters in the abbreviation are at a slight angle to the right.

Font and Colors


The classic bold sans-serif font was used to write the verbal inscription. It looks modern and harmoniously complements the emblem. The use of lowercase letters only adds to the friendliness of the logo, making it more customer-oriented.

The color palette of the CONALEP logo was based on various shades of green. They change depending on the background and the conditions where it is located. At the same time, the deep green color looks confident and formal, clearly indicating an educational focus.

CONALEP color codes

Bottle GreenHex color:#006b54
RGB:0 107 84
CMYK:100 0 21 58
Pantone:PMS 335 C
BlackHex color:#000403
RGB:0 4 3
CMYK:100 0 25 98
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C