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Softness and tenderness are the main characteristics of the emblem. The symbols look like a light breakfast cooling on a plate, over which steam rises. Its uniform texture, lightness, and nutrition are embodied in the Cream of Wheat logo.

Cream of Wheat: Brand overview

Founder:Nabisco (1893), B&G Foods (2007)
Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States
Cream of Wheat is a specially ground wheat porridge resembling semolina with a smooth texture. It is used as a quick hot breakfast and is designed for people of all ages. This silky texture was first achieved at the Grand Forks mill in North Dakota. The time of appearance of the product is 1893. That’s when it was first introduced to the general public. It happened at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago (Illinois). Until 2007, the brand belonged to the company Nabisco, which was part of the Kraft Foods corporation. In the winter of the same year, it was bought by B&G Foods, a food products holding company.

Meaning and History

Cream of Wheat Logo History

In the year of the economic depression in Diamond Milling Company’s hometown (and it originated just in 1893), prices and demand for flour began to fall. The head miller suggested switching to ground grits for porridge, which his wife usually made from the unused portion of the wheat grains. The flour miller sent samples of semolina flour to all his regular customers and received an affirmative response. The telegram indicated agreement to receive a carload of such powder instead of regular flour.

Then Diamond Milling opened mass production of fine grits and eventually switched to it alone. As demand increased, the firm moved to Minnesota’s Minneapolis, establishing a new plant there. This event took place in 1897. At the same time, the company changed its name to Cream of Wheat Company and focused on quick brewing powders. In its assortment appeared products not only from wheat but also from other cereals.

Everyone admired the contents of the bags, but on the contrary, they were indignant about their appearance. The thing is that the original boxes had a picture of an African-American chef. They gave him the name Rastus and began to use it everywhere: on packaging, signs, and advertisements. For a long time, it was thought that the prototype for the character was Chef Frank L. White. There is even an engraving of his tombstone with the name and image of the man from the trademark boxes of wheaten cereal. But then, because of racist currents, the image had to be changed. There are three logos in the history of the Cream of Wheat brand.

What is Cream of Wheat?

This is an American culinary brand from the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota. He appeared in 1893 and introduced packaged instant cereals to the market. Since 2007, it has been part of the largest food industry holding B&G Foods. The current Cream of Wheat logo contains only the brand name, whereas it featured a black chef earlier. After accusations of racism, the company was forced to remove it.

1893 – 1998

Cream of Wheat Logo 1893

One of the first logos shows a cook with a saucepan on a long handle. He has a bow tie, tunic, and cap. He touches a small tray with a deep smoking plate with one hand. On the other hand, it is held by a maid in a long white apron. The cook’s face is smiling, and the maids are focused but friendly. The characters are drawn in a realistic full-length style.

Behind them is a long vertical rectangle in red. It contains important information about the product and its manufacturer. The text is written in different fonts so that its parts are not perceived monotonously but stand out clearly. Because of the ornaments on the edges, the background rectangle looks like a kitchen towel.

1998 – 2020

Cream of Wheat Logo 1998

The logo was simplified and redesigned. Everything except the African-American chef disappeared from it. He’s holding a dish with a plate with steam coming out of it with one hand: a sign that the food is hot and fresh. The dark bow tie has been replaced by a red one. But the cap and tunic remained the same. A pair of golden ears of wheat is depicted in front of the friendly smiling cook. Around him are gray shadows better to distinguish the white clothing on a white background. The foreground is occupied by the brand’s name, done in blue letters with a gradient. The characters are large, capitalized, outlined in white.

2020 – today

Cream of Wheat Logo

After the redesign, the logo was further simplified – the image of the chef disappeared from it. The developers also tweaked the letters but kept their original shape. The “R” and “A” have elongated and pointed feet, while the “W” has the right top. “EA” was split, and “AM” was left fused. The outlines were also removed, so the letters look thinner than before.

Font and Colors

Cream of Wheat Emblem

For almost as long as the logo proposed by artist Edward V. Brewer, it has been condemned by the public. Many have demanded that the symbol of racism, Rastus’s character, be removed. Because of this, B&G Foods was under a lot of pressure from activists for a long time. The reason was the African-American Black Chef depicted on the product packages. In addition, the word “Rastus” is a derogatory term in the United States. In 2020, protests intensified, and most brands were forced to redesign to remove people with dark skin from the emblems.

The trademark consists of the words “CREAM,” “OF,” and “WHEAT” spaced separately. The first and third have the same garnishment – individual, stylized. A union connects them in the middle. It is made by an outline.

Cream of Wheat Symbol

All logos feature white and blue in several shades. Early versions also had brown, yellow, and red.

Cream of Wheat color codes

Marian BlueHex color:#1c3f93
RGB:28 63 147
CMYK:81 57 0 42
Pantone:PMS 661 C
TealHex color:#0093d8
RGB:0 147 216
CMYK:100 32 0 15
Pantone:PMS Process Blue C

What is the meaning of the Cream of Wheat Logo?

The Cream of Wheat logo stands for the brand’s name and its flagship product, semolina, made from wheat kernels. Until 2020, in addition to the text on the emblem, there was also an image of an African American in chef’s clothes and a cap. This character is a chef, denoting care, goodwill, and readiness to cook porridge for breakfast from the proposed product at any time. It was later removed from the label, leaving only the brand name.

What does the logo symbolize Cream of Wheat Logo?

The Cream of Wheat emblem symbolizes delicious fresh food, a pleasant atmosphere, good nature, hospitality, and simple home comfort. Previously, they were passed by the chef and the maid depicted on the logo. And now, this atmosphere is reflected in a peaceful color palette, smooth lines of letters, and a harmonious gradient.

Who is the black man on Cream of Wheat box?

The person depicted on the Cream of Wheat logo, which serves as a label on the product box, is a chef. And this is not a fictional character but a real-life culinary specialist. His name is Frank L. White. He was originally from Barbados (an island nation in the Caribbean Sea), worked in Michigan, and died in 1938. In addition, he had the nickname Rastus - as all men of the Negroid race used to be called.

Is Cream of Wheat a real person?

Yes, the person on the Cream of Wheat logo is real. He was born in the island nation of Barbados, lived in Michigan, worked as a chef, and died in 1938. His name was Frank L. White, and he had a nickname, like all African American men, Rastus. The food company used its image in the initial period. In 2020, B&G Foods removed the black character from the emblem to prevent accusations of racism.

Why is there a black guy on the Cream of Wheat box?

The box and logo of Cream of Wheat before 2020 featured a black guy because he conveyed the concept of caring, kindness, and professionalism because he was a chef. This image helped to promote the main principle of the food industry company - fresh porridge cooked with love. Moreover, a real person was drawn on the emblem. His name is Frank L. White. He was born on the island of Barbados and died in 1938.

Who was the black man on Cream of Wheat?

The black man on the Cream of Wheat packaging and logo was the chef. He showed concern for consumers getting freshly prepared semolina porridge made from wheat kernels for breakfast. At first, it was the only one in the range, and then the company expanded the list of products. The chef on the badge was named Frank L. White. His nickname was Rastus. It was removed from the label in 2020 to avoid accusations of racism.

Is Cream of Wheat changing its logo?

In the summer of 2020, B&G Foods removed a black male chef from the Cream of Wheat packaging and logo, which personified good nature and care. The reason is the protests of the US population against racism. On the emblem, she retained only the inscription - the name of the trademark, made in the same style. A complete replacement of the brand’s visual identity is not yet provided.