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Informative and attractive is the modern logo of Danone, a French manufacturer, since 1919. The ambitious logo reflects the company’s vision and symbolizes its understanding of the relationship between the planet’s health and society, friendliness, and care.

Danone: Brand overview

Founded: 1919
Founder: Isaac Carasso
Paris, France
Website: danone.com
Today, under the Danone trademark, healthy food is sold in 140 countries globally, made exclusively from natural ingredients: fermented milk products, mineral water, juices, snacks from whole grains, food for small children, and diet food.

Meaning and History

Danone Logo History

Danone company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. It was created by an ordinary pharmacist from Barcelona, Isaac Carasso, intending to help children with dysbiosis, of whom there was a lot at that time. The pharmacist got acquainted with the Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov on the beneficial properties of yogurt. Carasso discharged yogurt cultures from the Pasteur Institute and began to make yogurt in his home laboratory, pouring it into clay pots. Every day, he sent 400 of these pots to hospitals and pharmacies. This tasty “medicine” really helped, and soon Danone yogurts began to be sold not only in pharmacies but also in confectionery and grocery stores. In 1973, the company was bought by the French; now, the Danone brand is known all over the world.

The basis of the logo is the name of the company. The founder named it so in honor of his son Daniel, who was affectionately called Danone. This word is present in all variants of the logo, only slightly changing in size and font. As conceived by the designers, this speaks of the stability of the products’ quality, the respect of manufacturers to their consumers.

The Danone logo is a sign of quality, a reflection of the trust and loyalty of the company. As one of the world’s largest producers of dairy products, the company has an impeccable reputation, and its goal is to provide its consumers with the best food products.

The Danone logo has not changed much in the entire history of the brand, it always consisted of a stylized brand, and only in the 1990s, a graphic emblem was created.

What is Danone?

This is the name of a transnational corporation from France and its flagship brand of the same name. Danone owns more than 180 production sites, several hundred brands, laboratories, and agribusiness enterprises.

1968 – 1972

Danone Logo 1968-1992

Until 1968 there was no logo; the company’s name was written on the labels in blue letters.

The full-fledged logo was created with the help of the renowned design group Fletcher / Forbes / Gill. The base is a horizontally located blue-violet oval. There are three white stripes above them in the lower part – the brand name in white capital letters.

1972 – 1993

Danone Logo 1972-1994

The general concept of the emblem has changed, but its recognizability has remained. The plate is a horizontal hexagon with rounded lateral corners. The upper part is larger; the color is deep blue, the brand name is written in white letters. A white stripe separates the lower part of the blue color.

1993 – 2005

Danone Logo 1993-2005

The changes are noticeable, but the image remains the same. The hexagon has become solid, blue with lightning towards the bottom. The letters remained the same, large, white. Added a red wavy stripe at the bottom. The concept, with its bright accent, was supposed to draw people’s attention to healthy food.

2005 – 2017

Danone Logo 2005-present

The new version of the Danone logo has become warmer and more human. The plate has regained its oval shape, the sides have been cut off, the corners are gently rounded. The background is the usual blue, in the center – highlighting. The brand name is unchanged. The red stripe has evolved into a stylized smile to symbolize the benefits of branded products to people.

2017 – today

Danone Logo 2017-present

In July, the brand presented an updated logo and corporate slogan. It is planned to keep it at least until 2030. The concept of the emblem has been fundamentally changed.

The new logo is a blue circle with a child’s white background, looking at a star in the sky. Under the picture, the company’s name is written in blue letters with a small gradient stretching the name of the DFNON brand; under it is the slogan “One Planet. One Health”, executed in a handwritten font and translated – “One Planet. One Health “. The second official version is a picture with a child to the left and the inscriptions to its right, one below the other.

With such a metamorphosis of the already familiar logo, the company is trying to draw the people of the planet’s attention to the problem of ecology and healthy nutrition, which brings life to society and the Earth as a whole.

At the same time, until 2025, Danon manufacturers have the right to use the old logo for product labeling.

Danone Early Life Nutrition

Danone Early Life Nutrition Logo History
Evolution Danone Early Life Nutrition Logo

For most of its history, Danone used the brand name as a logo for its visual identity, but in the 1990s the brand finally decided to create an emblem that would reflect all the values ​​and vision of the company.

2010 – 2017

Danone Logo 2010-2017

The image of the face of the child looking at the star was taken as the basis for the new emblem. The boy look to the left. The star and the boy were located on the background of the blue circle, and were made in white color. The boy’s figure was an image of Daniel Carasso, the son of the founder of the brand.

2017 – today

Danone Logo 2017-present

The color palette of the logo has changed a bit, today the blue color has become lighter and more gradient. The boy turned his face to the right. Under the image appears the slogan “One planet – one health”, made in handwritten capital letters in blue.

The Danone logo is a reflection of the brand’s heritage and roots, as well as its goals and objectives for the future.

Font and Colors

Danone Emblem

Danone’s visual identity’s evolution is associated with changes in the background, letters, and lines. Simultaneously, the changes are not immediately evident because they took place naturally – without critical edits and abrupt innovations. For example, at first, the dividing line was white (more precisely, there were three of them), then it was left alone, then it changed color to red, got an arched shape, and at the end turned into a good-natured smile. A similar thing happened with the rectangle, which managed to be a hexagon until the oval disappeared completely. The shape of the letters changed from simple to curved.

The Danone logo uses the Futura Heavy typeface. It was created by designer Paul Renner and first appeared in Linotype. The font is simple geometric symbols. But in 2005, it was specially modified to get a modernized version with a curved crossbar at the letter “N.”

If the color palette was monosyllabic (blue-white) in the early versions, it is now blue with highlights and gradient transitions from pale blue to deep blue. Also, white and red are used.

Danone color codes

Violet Blue Hex color: #324baa
RGB: 50 75 170
CMYK: 71 56 0 33
Pantone: PMS 2726 C
Spanish Sky Blue Hex color: #11aced
RGB: 17 172 237
CMYK: 93 27 0 7
Pantone: PMS 801 C
Light Sky Blue Hex color: #89c8f2
RGB: 137 200 242
CMYK: 43 17 0 5
Pantone: PMS 2985 C
Blue Jeans Hex color: #5bb5e9
RGB: 91 181 233
CMYK: 61 22 0 9
Pantone: PMS 306 C
Picton Blue Hex color: #4cabe4
RGB: 76 171 228
CMYK: 67 25 0 11
Pantone: PMS 2955 C

What does the Danone logo mean?

The boy in the Danone logo looks a lot like the little prince. Such associations arise from the fact that he is looking at a star. This is the son of the founder of the corporation – Daniel Carasso. The silhouette of the head is created by negative space within a blue circle.

What companies do Danone own?

The global Danone company owns more than three hundred product brands. The most famous brands are Nutricia, Milupa, Actimel, Activia, Danone, Prostokvashino, AQUA, and many others.

What products does Danone produce?

Danone transnational corporation works in several directions: specialized and medical food, bottled water, fruits, vegetables, berries, dairy and sour-milk products, ice cream, coffee, juices.

Is Danone from France?

Yes, Danone is headquartered in France. This is the country of incorporation of the company and the residence of its founder, Isaac Carasso.

What does the logo symbolize Danone Logo?

The Danone logo symbolizes the benefits of fermented milk products, the optimal regulation of digestion, the delicate restoration of the gastrointestinal tract, and the maintenance of vigor. This is reflected in its color scheme and in the form of the main elements. Even the wide arrow used earlier made a favorable impression because it meant an effective cleansing of the body. Today, all corners are rounded, and a kind smile is under the inscription.

What is Danone’s best selling brand?

Danone Corporation owns a very large number of brands - both international and local. Activia and Actimel became the most successful among the brands of fermented milk products. Evian is the best-selling bottled water brand in the world: it is known in 120 countries. Among the brands of medical and baby food, Nutricia is the leader.