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The Decathlon logo is designed in a geometric style where everything has a clear structure, straight lines, and a rigid style. This likely relates to the company’s nature of business, as it manufactures and sells goods for sports, where things must adhere to principles of comfort, convenience, and functionality.

Decathlon: Brand overview

Founder:Michel Leclercq
Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
Decathlon is a private company that manufactures and sells various goods for 70 types of sports. It produces a full spectrum of necessary goods, from clothing to equipment. Entrepreneur Michel Leclercq founded the business. It appeared in 1976 in the city of Villeneuve-d’Ascq (France). Now, it has transformed into a large corporation, uniting several of its brands.

Meaning and History

Decathlon Logo History

The company’s logo resonates with its name, which means “decathlon.” This word perfectly conveys the nature of its activity: manufacturing and selling equipment for most sports directions. The universality is also emphasized by the graphic symbol placed in a bright blue rectangle.

The inscription is done in uppercase, bold font similar to Avant-Garde Bold. The characters are placed very close to each other, so many of them merge and form a single structure. The letter “D” is connected to “E,” “C” to “A,” “O” to “L,” and “N.”

The company uses its name as a trademark. Some letters in it are joined, demonstrating a spirit of support and the desire to help find everything necessary for any sport.

The most interesting merger is between “C” and “A.” The leg of the second symbol doesn’t touch the surface and is positioned higher than the others. It has a smooth, rounded transition and resembles a ramp for skateboarding or a high wave in surfing.

What is Decathlon?

Decathlon is a chain of stores specializing in the sale of equipment, accessories, and gear for swimming, tennis, basketball, snowboarding, soccer, and other sports. The company was founded in France in 1976. Over time, it opened stores in more than 50 countries and became one of the world’s largest sports goods retailers. It owns about 20 brands and several research centers where new products are developed.

1976 – 1980s

Decathlon Logo 1976-1980s

The first version of the logo is the word “Decathlon” with horizontal lines of different colors. The stripes are divided by the letter “A” and located above and below. The inscription was immediately executed in a recognizable style, still used to this day – all characters are even, strict, and geometric. In some places, they have connections: the letter “O” merges with the adjacent “L” and “N,” “A” with “C,” and “E” with “D.” Moreover, the front leg of “A” doesn’t reach the common lower border – it ends slightly higher.

1980s – 1990s

Decathlon Logo 1980s-1990s

Designers removed the stripes, recolored the name from black to green, and added the lower inscription “A FONT LA MARQUEE.” The letters in it are unevenly placed: due to the difference in height, they look like jumping. Furthermore, the symbols at the end of the phrase are depicted much larger than at the beginning.

1990s – today

Decathlon Logo 1990s-present

After a radical image change, the trademark received an updated emblem: the letters became white, the background was light blue, and the style was simple. The only thing designers left unchanged is the writing of the word “Decathlon.” The name in the emblem is original and looks the same as forty-five years ago.

Decathlon: Interesting Facts

Decathlon is a big store in France that sells stuff for various sports. It started in 1976 with just one shop; now you can find its stores worldwide.

  1. How It Started: Michel Leclercq opened the first Decathlon store in Lille, France. Since then, it’s grown a lot; now, many Decathlon stores are everywhere.
  2. Making New Things: Decathlon creates new sports gear. They have a special place called Decathlon SportsLab, where they brainstorm new ideas to make sports better and more fun.
  3. Brands for Different Sports: Decathlon makes its products for different sports. For example, Quechua is for hiking, B’Twin is for biking, and Kalenji is for running. This means they know a lot about what they’re making.
  4. Stores Around the World: You can find Decathlon in over 50 countries with over 1,600 stores, so it’s easy to find somewhere.
  5. Lots of Sports Gear: Decathlon has gear for more than 70 sports, from soccer and basketball to archery and climbing. So, if you like sports, Decathlon probably has what you need.
  6. Good Prices: Decathlon’s products aren’t too expensive. They ensure this by caring for everything from making the products to selling them.
  7. Fun Sports Stuff to Do: Decathlon doesn’t just sell sports gear; it also helps people play sports. It organizes events and workshops where people can try new sports and have fun.
  8. Cool Tech for Shopping: Decathlon uses technology to improve shopping. They have apps for shopping online and even virtual reality in some stores so you can see what the gear would be like in real life.
  9. Helping the Planet: They let you rent sports equipment or buy used stuff, which is good for the planet and makes trying new sports easier for everyone.

Decathlon is about making it easy and affordable for people to enjoy sports, whether just starting or playing for years.

Font and Colors

Decathlon Emblem

The word is written in a standard white font without serifs on a bright blue background with a barely noticeable neon shade. Such contrast energizes, invigorates, and conveys the desire to move forward. According to the developers’ concept, this label is the exact expression of vital force.

The official Decathlon palette consists of light blue (background) and white (letters). The unofficial one can be in various combinations, as the symbols are colored in turquoise, white, dark blue, or black.

Decathlon color codes

BlueHex color:#007dbc
RGB:0 125 188
CMYK:100 34 0 26
Pantone:PMS 7461 C