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Die Grunen: Brand overview

Founded:14 May 1993
Founder:The Greens and Alliance 90
Berlin, Germany

The party Alliance 90/The Greens (Die Grünen) finds its roots in West Germany’s environmental and peace advocacies during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Born out of these movements, the Green Party was officially established in 1980. Parallelly, in East Germany, as the communist stronghold crumbled, the democracy-championing group Alliance 90 emerged in 1990, promoting human rights, democratic values, and environmental conservation.

The historical moment of German reunification in 1990 catalyzed the Green Party and Alliance 90 and a few civil rights champions from the East to unify their efforts. Thus, the collective entity, Alliance 90/The Greens, symbolizing the synthesis of the western and eastern green initiatives, came into existence. By 1993, as a mark of their cohesive journey, the party formally adopted the title Alliance 90/The Greens.

This group appeared in the German Bundestag in 1983 and has since solidified its position in German politics. They have been integral participants in coalitions at both the national and state governance levels. The party’s core agenda encompasses environment preservation, proactive climate strategies, social equality, cultural diversity, peaceful coexistence, and upholding human rights. Eminent personalities like Joschka Fischer, Claudia Roth, Cem Özdemir, and Annalena Baerbock have been instrumental in the party’s trajectory.

Presently, Alliance 90/The Greens holds the distinction of being Germany’s second predominant party, only surpassed by the center-left SPD, having significantly influenced the nation’s environmental and social directives.

Meaning and History

Die Grunen Logo History

1993 – 2008

Die Grunen Logo 1993

2008 – today

Die Grunen Logo History

The Green Party in Germany has chosen a simple yet profoundly symbolic logo:

  • A yellow sunflower
  • Representing which represents life, longevity, strength, and dependability
  • Being the sun itself

The sunflower features long, elegant petals arranged into what resembles a sunburst. A gap on the left side perfectly frames the two-tiered text.

The top line reads “Bündnis 90” and the bottom “Die Grünen,” both in bold uppercase letters with a slight rightward slant. The choice of green for all the lettering ties directly to the party’s name and environmental focus. Below this, a blue line stretches across, symbolizing the sky.

This logo encapsulates the essence of the Green Party’s mission: to harmonize human existence with the natural world, reflecting a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. The sunflower conveys the party’s hope and optimism for the future and their dedication to energy derived from the sun, an essential element of their green policies. The blue line at the bottom reinforces their commitment to preserving the earth’s skies and waters, completing a picture of environmental stewardship. Through this emblem, the Green Party communicates its core values and vision visually compellingly, underlining its role as an advocate for a greener, more sustainable future.