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The Dude Perfect logo seems to perform a difficult and dangerous trick. At the same time, all elements look grouped and occupy the position assigned to them. The emblem characterizes the group as professionals creating a real show.

Dude Perfect: Brand overview

Founded:March 16, 2009
Founder:Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones
Frisco, Texas, U.S.

Dude Perfect is an American stunt show band with its own YouTube channels, including Dude Perfect Gaming and Dude Perfect Plus. Its acronym is DP. It creates video content of a sports, extreme and utilitarian-comedy nature, ranking 18th in the world in terms of Internet subscribers. The team consists of five people who were roommates while at Texas A&M University. They are Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and the Cotton twin brothers, Cory and Coby. They are still buddies and make their unusual videos in a large assortment. The time of origin of the showband is 2009. Its location is the city of Frisco, Texas.

In early April 2009, friends posted a video on YouTube of stunts they performed at Tyler Toney’s summer house. In just seven days, the video got an unbelievable 200 thousand views. This success inspired the buddies to record more shots for a second video. It was filmed at the Sky Ranch Christian camp and got 18 million views during the summer.

Then the guys got serious about it, saying they would sponsor the kids through Compassion International after every 100,000 views. Once the Dude Perfect video went viral, the band members were contacted by cable sports channel ESPN. As a result, excerpts of their signature videos were broadcast on many TV channels and talk shows.

In 2010, the team got a mascot – Panda. It also brought recognition to the brand, as it became a symbol of Texas A&M basketball games. Now it’s a blogger group with nearly 57 million authentic followers. And it is universally recognizable by its unusual logo appearing from various attributes. In addition, young people have attracted many stars to the show and set several world records.

Meaning and History

Dude Perfect Logo History

The original Dude Perfect visual identity sign consists of two elements. Surprisingly, they represent both graphics and text at once. The fact is that it is a stylized abbreviation of the name of the stunt team of video bloggers – “DP.” They chose lowercase letters rather than uppercase letters for the identity. This is how the “d” and “p” resemble each other upside down. The characters don’t have serifs, just smooth lines with a semi-oval that points to the right on one side (for the “p”) and the left on the other (for the “d”). The legs of the signs do not touch – they run parallel, diverging up and down.

In terms of graphics, the emblem resembles two people (top view, taken as from a drone), synchronously performing the same action. The protruding legs of both letters look like arms outstretched forward as they throw. The width of the lines emphasizes this they are composed of: the end (hand) is narrower than the beginning (shoulder). This is why the stripes are not closed, which further emphasizes their resemblance to a human figure when viewed from a high vantage point.

What is Dude Perfect?

Dude Perfect is a team of five American bloggers that was formed in 2009. They run one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Their content focuses on bowling, golf, soccer, basketball, darts, and many other sports. Their videos have become famous for their spectacular stunts that attract millions of viewers.

2009 – 2010

Dude Perfect Logo 2009

The Dude Perfect logo is designed in a “gymnastics” style. In fact, he passes one of the support tricks, in which two athletes participate. Graphic elements are located at the intersection of words, as they are stylized letters “d” and “p.” They are very similar in lowercase as if they were mirror images of each other. The name of the show band is on the right and left. The white glyphs are outlined in dark purple shadows. In the center are two identical circles: wide, with chaotic bubbles.

2010 – 2011

Dude Perfect Logo 2010

After the redesign, the emblem has become a little simpler and lighter in terms of the number of small details. The developers have removed everything superfluous that does not carry a conceptual idea and retained only the team’s name with a unique sign in the middle. The inscription became italic, blue, with a thin contrast stroke. The elements in the central composition are elongated and pointed, so they resemble a stele. However, these are still the figures of athletes. For greater similarity, the designers did not connect the bend to the opposite side to look like the hands of a person performing a gymnastic figure.

2011 – 2012

Dude Perfect Logo 2011

The designers added a black rectangle with rounded corners to increase the contrast. They transferred all the elements to it: the graphic icon from “d” and “p” and the full name of the video channel. The letters have become white, and the central element has an individual background in the form of a red square with a gradient. The spiers of the letters were needle-shaped with incredible sharpness.

2012 – today

Dude Perfect Logo

There are no points in this version of the Dude Perfect logo – they are “blunted” and completely cut off. The rest of the details of the geometric sign are in force – and the gap between the rounding and the stem, the similarity of the figures with human bodies, frozen in a gymnastic pose, and the diagonal arrangement of the letters “d” and “p.” However, significant changes still affected the emblem because everything disappeared except for the central element.

Dude Perfect: Interesting Facts

Dude Perfect is a group that combines sports, comedy, and wild trick shots, and they’ve become huge on YouTube. Here’s their story made simple:

  1. How They Started: In 2009, five college buddies who loved basketball began filming themselves, making incredible shots in their backyard. Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and the twins Coby and Cory Cotton quickly found fans.
  2. YouTube Fame: Their YouTube channel became one of the biggest. They didn’t just stick to basketball; they branched out to other sports, funny stereotypes videos, and competitions.
  3. World Records: Dude Perfect has broken several Guinness World Records with its amazing trick shots, such as the longest basketball shot from a skyscraper and the highest basketball shot.
  4. Helping Others: Dude Perfect is not all about fun and games; It also focuses on helping others. It has raised money and awareness for different charities, showing that it is about more than just entertainment.
  5. The Panda Mascot: Dude Perfect’s Panda mascot is a big part of the Brand. It pops up in videos and represents them at events. The Panda is a hit with fans and adds a fun twist to the brand.
  6. TV and Games: Their success has gone beyond YouTube to a TV show called “The Dude Perfect Show” on CMT and Nickelodeon, and they’ve even launched mobile games.
  7. Star-Studded Collaborations: They’ve teamed up with famous athletes, celebrities, and sports groups to create videos that mix trick shots with the guests’ unique skills, reaching even more people.
  8. Headquarters: Their base in Frisco, Texas, called “Dude Perfect Headquarters,” is where they plan and film their stunts. It has everything they need, from sports courts to a store selling their merchandise.
  9. On Tour: They’ve taken their act on the road, performing live for fans across the US. These tours bring the excitement of their YouTube channel to life in arenas.
  10. Keeping It Private: Although famous, the guys have kept their personal lives off the spotlight. But now and then, they share bits of their family life in videos, which fans love.

Dude Perfect’s journey from just a group of friends doing trick shots to becoming global entertainment stars shows their creativity, teamwork, and how much fun it is to watch the unbelievable happen.

Font and Colors

Dude Perfect Emblem

If we judge the emblem as an inscription, it can be noted that a customized typeface has been used for it. It is smooth, lowercase, and chopped. There is also a variant with the full name of the group. Each part is highlighted separately and typed in a different font. The word “Dude” is written in bold Bebas Neue or Trade Gothic, “Perfect” in thin Roboto.

There are two versions of the brand palette. In the first, the white background is combined with black characters, in the second – with the aquamarine neon spectrum.

Dude Perfect Symbol

Dude Perfectcolor codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C