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If approached casually, the FGTeeV logo reflects the number of Ryan family members. But from a serious perspective, it’s an excellent marketing sign that attracts the attention of not only gaming enthusiasts but also curious individuals. It’s atmospheric, extravagant, and unusual, as it represents a gaming YouTube channel.

FGTeeV: Brand overview

Founded:May 23, 2013
Founder:Alexis Ryan, Michael Ryan, Chase Ryan, Shawn Ryan, Samantha Ryan (Mother), Vincent Carter (Father)
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
FGTeeV is a family YouTube channel from the USA featuring gaming content with reviews, videos, blogs, jokes, parodies, music clips, and other captivating video materials of individual design. It’s purely a creative platform oriented toward modern families. It was launched in 2013 thanks to the efforts of Vincent Carter and Samantha Ryan, who involved their four children: Alexis, Michael, Chase, and Shawn.

Meaning and History

FGTeeV Logo History

This is a project of a family from Charlotte, North Carolina. Its members are not just passionate about video games and talk about them, but they also create game videos, sketch comedies, clips, parodies, and blogs. They even have their own mobile game, FGTeeV Ape Chase, and four graphic novels that have been recognized as New York Times bestsellers.

The channel name and their family group are creative pseudonyms in the form of an abbreviation, where uppercase letters are mixed with lowercase ones. It originated from the phrase “Family Gaming Teams’ Extraordinarily Entertaining Videos.” To the unusual name was added an equally unusual emblem. For many years, it was a joint “portrait” of the family, and then it turned into the main attribute of every gamer – a joystick.

What is FGTeeV?

FGTeeV is an American YouTube channel belonging to a family from Charlotte, North Carolina. It specializes in gaming content of all kinds – from personal, humorous videos to funny reviews of official games. Its hosts (and participants) include Shawn “Funnel Vision” Ryan, Chase “Lightcore Chase” Ryan, Michael “Skylander Boy” Ryan, Alexis “Lex/Skylander Girl” Ryan, Samantha “Moomy” Ryan, and Vincent “Duddy” Carter. The channel was founded in 2013.


FGTeeV Logo 2013

The FGTeeV logo is graphic. It features the faces of all the family members at that time. Vincent Carter is in the upper left corner, Samantha Ryan in the upper right, and at the bottom are Alexis Ryan, Michael Ryan, and Shawn Ryan. The images are, of course, symbolic and only remotely resemble the prototypes. They can be recognized by characteristic features: glasses, eyeshadow, lipstick, and hairstyles.

Eleven yellow rays extend from the center of the emblem in different directions. They are narrow in the middle and wide at the edges. This is the background on which the participants and owners of the YouTube channel are placed. Their improvised portraits are arranged as if forming a neat square. In the middle, with right alignment, is the name of the family group. It is typed in a black sans-serif font, making it easy to read despite the abundance of surrounding faces.

2013 – 2016

The Family Gaming Team Logo 2013

As a result of the rebranding, the inscription in the logo changed. Instead of the abbreviation FGTeeV, the expanded channel name – The Family Gaming Team – appeared. It took a central place between the drawn characters. To fit the whole phrase comfortably, the designers broke it into segments. The article “The” ended up at the top, between “dad” and “mom.” The middle part with “Family Gaming” fit into the second line. The word “Team” was placed at the bottom right.

2016 – 2019

The Family Gaming Team Logo 2016

With the addition of two-year-old Chase “Lightcore Chase” Ryan to the creative collective, he was also depicted on the logo. This step proved to be very profitable, as the YouTube channel’s rating skyrocketed because the little boy not only appeared on the emblem – he starred in family videos, attracting gamers’ attention. As before, each face expresses some emotion. The new character’s emotion is skeptical.


FGTeeV Logo 2019

After returning to the abbreviated name, the abbreviation FGTeeV reappeared on the emblem. But now it is stylized as a joystick: the letters are arranged in the middle, and the control handles are on the sides. The design turned out to be harmonious thanks to the reduced “G” and enlarged “EE.” The developers “hid” them under the caps of the large glyphs: “F,” “T,” and “V,” the right side of which is connected to the previous letter. Interestingly, the heads of the two characters (they are on the right) have become the same size as the face drawn on the left. This was done to show that the boys have grown up and already surpassed their sisters in physical parameters.

2019 – today

FGTeeV Logo

The FGTeeV logo is now more associated with gaming and less with the family because it features a joystick made up of the channel’s name. Between the large white “F,” “T,” and “V” are the red “EE” and a small “G.” Interestingly, the “V” resembles the mathematical symbol √ (root) rather than a letter. The background consists of a shapeless yellow spot with numerous spikes.

Fonts and Colors

FGTeeV Emblem

The font in the emblem is custom-made, specifically for the gaming channel. The letters are harmoniously combined in the center of the joystick and appear as an integral part of it. They are large, blocky, and sans-serif. In other versions, grotesque is also used, but with tall glyphs, including not only uppercase characters but also lowercase ones.

The color palette is diverse. It consists of red, white, yellow, black, and a wide range of beige shades used for faces and hair.

FGTeeV Symbol

FGTeeV color codes

LustHex color:#f2030f
RGB:242 3 15
CMYK:0 99 94 5
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Neon YellowHex color:#fef201
RGB:254 242 1
CMYK:0 5 100 0
Pantone:PMS 3955 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C