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Mr Beast Logo

Mr Beast Logo
Mr Beast Logo PNG

Mr. Beast is the nickname and now the creative pseudonym of Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTube blogger, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Born in Kansas in 1998, he became famous for the pioneering style of videos he posted online at age 13 under the name MrBeast6000. This happened for the first time in 2012. Now he is a young businessman, philanthropist, head of a team of 30 people (mostly childhood friends). Jimmy co-founded Team Trees with other Team Trees, established the Arbor Day Foundation, and owns Night Media’s talent campaign.

Meaning and History

Mr Beast Logo History
Evolution of the Mr Beast Logo

Although Mr. Beast came to YouTube in 2012, he did not immediately become popular. Until his fame, he posted content dedicated to the step-by-step guide to video games and related to various curious facts that he saw from other users. This continued until 2017, when the video “counting to 100,000” gained tens of thousands of views, becoming viral. His rating skyrocketed in a few days. So the fame came.

Seizing the opportunity, Jimmy Donaldson changed the content of his channel and began offering expensive challenge and reward videos, donation-themed plots, survival videos, and original blog content. When he stopped doing a huge job, he enlisted his childhood friends to cooperate. Therefore, now Mr. Beast is a brand behind a whole team (more than 30 employees). As of April 2012, the founder of the group had 57.4 million subscribers.

In addition to the basic YouTube channel, Donaldson has several other large resources – MrBeast Shorts and MrBeast Gaming. In 2019, their author became one of the Streamy Awards laureates, where he won the Breakout Creator Award. He was named YouTuber of the Year at the 2020 Shorty Awards. Then the young man became one of the highest-paid video bloggers.

At the same time, Jimmy Donaldson has always attached great importance to visual identity on the Internet. He changed the logo design for his channel three times, which first appeared in 2012.

2012 – 2018

Beast Logo 2012-2018

Before gaining worldwide fame, MrBeast used the image of a tiger for his identity. The animal is located in profile and painted in black and blue. The tiger’s mouth is open in a formidable roar, and sharp fangs are visible from it. The ears are pressed to the head, the eyebrows are pulled back, which indicates the readiness of the beast to attack. The muzzle is turned to the left and placed on a square with a striped background. The nose and tongue are dim red.

January – May 2018

Mr Beast6000 Logo January-May 2018

After the surge in popularity, the blogger was in a creative search for an emblem, so he used the new version for about five months. As a result of the redesign, the tiger received a slightly different interpretation. The lines on the back of the neck are longer and sharper at the ends. The strokes near the mouth (they are on a white background) are now shorter than before. The author removed the hump from the nose, straightening it, and the teeth, on the contrary, were drawn more clearly so that they were visually immediately striking. The ear is depicted raised, the eye narrowed. All black lines on the head and nape of the animal were given a soft tint. The number of stripes in the background was cut in half – to four dark blue and three blue, whereas before, there were a total of eleven.

2018 – present

MrBeast Logo 2018-present

Now the team under the single nickname Mr. Beast uses the image not of a tiger but a panther. It is also colored blue but turned to the right. The designers removed the vertical striped background and replaced it with diagonal lines of different widths: five blue and four white. Their edges are torn as if it were a mark from a wild cat’s claws, which marked its territory.

In addition, the developers added a red lightning bolt to the animal in the corner of the eye – a hint that it throws “thunder and lightning.” The fangs of the panther are longer and sharper than those of the tiger in the previous version. The large ear is laid back; the nose is wrinkled in a snarl, the mouth is open.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Mr Beast Emblem

The official symbol of the popular YouTube blogger has always been a blue wildcat. At first, it was a tiger with a white and blue stripe and then a completely blue panther. This image was chosen because it personifies strength, ingenuity, courage, determination, and quick reaction.

If there is no striped background in the emblem, the image of the animal is supplemented with text located under the panther’s head. The title is written in individual italic type, reminiscent of broad brush strokes. In some variants (as well as in the video), the team uses the free Obelix Pro font, designed by Valentin Antonov.

Mr Beast Symbol

The corporate logo color is blue in several shades. It is complemented by red-pink (tongue, lightning), white (fangs), and black (lettering, nose, edging of all elements).