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Video blogger Jelle Van Vucht shoots entertainment content, so the logo of his channel looks appropriate. Jelly’s logo conveys the character of the person who owns the brand. It also symbolizes the excitement of the long-awaited videos.

Jelly: Brand overview

Founder:Jelle Van Vucht
Jelly is a YouTube channel and the nickname of a Dutch vlogger whose real name is Jelle Van Vucht. The platform he founded is intended for gamers, as it is dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 5 and other video games. The channel appeared in 2014. Now it is the most popular in the Netherlands and the fastest growing among thematic resources (according to 2019 data). According to Nailbuzz, the owner’s capital is estimated at about $4,600,000.

Meaning and History

Jelly Symbol

The young millionaire was born in 1996 and is an English-speaking YouTuber from the Netherlands. He currently resides in Spain, where he filmed content for a gaming vlog. And its popularity is growing every year, as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of subscribers: now, its number has exceeded 22 million people.

The YouTube channel was launched in the spring of 2014 and began with Jelle Van Vucht uploading funny situational videos along with Slogoman and Kwebbelkop. Games were their foundation. But now Jelly lives in another country, so he sees his former partners only at European events. At the same time, he is part of a group called Robust, which also operates on YouTube and focuses on Gang Beasts, Golf It, Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, Human Fall Flat, and a couple of other video games.

What is Jelly?

Jelly is a YouTube channel named after its founder and host, Jelle Van Vucht. The vlogger talks about video games and shoots and uploads funny videos based on them. The channel was launched in 2014 and has become one of the fastest-growing creators of gaming-themed video content. The number of its subscribers (as of 2022) is about 23 million users.

The channel logo is a personal mark of Vucht. He appeared due to the play of sounds in his name because when pronouncing, it is precisely the word “jelly” that is heard. However, this is not the only nickname: the vlogger is also called Jelle Bay, Jelly BayBelly, and Belle. To associate himself with something from the real world, the young man settled on the image of a gelatinous mass of a gelatinous appearance. That is, in other words, Jelly. And since this is not an old YouTube channel yet, it still has one logo.

The visual identity of Jelly is a green jelly pyramid. It has a classic shape – ribbed, with a hole in the middle, which in this case is not visible. The stripes radiating from the center are more like hair than the grooves of the candy container. The vertical lines are formed thanks to the play of colors, where spring green is combined with light green. In some places, white strokes are most concentrated in the “face” area. On the right and bottom, the ribs are edged with a dark green frame, and on the left – with a light gray one.

The makeshift face of the anthropomorphic character features a wide open mouth with a brown tongue and an upper row of white teeth. It can be seen that the “jelly” laughs with rapture. Squinted eyes testify to this. And this image is not accidental: it is reminiscent of a laughing Jelle Van Vucht. Moreover, he has a trapezoidal head shape, with an extension downwards. For fun, one tooth on the logo is drawn with a miniature gap, which adds humor.

Font and Colors

Jelly Emblem

In this case, there is no need to discuss typography because the YouTube channel logo does not have a text part: the main emphasis is on the video sequence, not the inscriptions. But the palette of the logo is quite interesting. Mostly it consists of green color of three shades. In general, these are light green (lines of medium thickness), dark green (narrow edging along the edge), and the color of spring grass (the widest stripes). In addition, gray, chocolate, coffee, and dark brown are used.

Jelly color codes

CeladonHex color:#bdf9c9
RGB:189 249 201
CMYK:24 0 19 2
Pantone:PMS 352 C
Neon GreenHex color:#3bff2e
RGB:59 255 46
CMYK:77 0 82 0
Pantone:PMS 802 C
MalachiteHex color:#01d745
RGB:1 215 69
CMYK:100 0 68 16
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Bice GreenHex color:#05ab1a
RGB:5 171 26
CMYK:97 0 85 33
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Myrtle GreenHex color:#004200
RGB:0 66 0
CMYK:100 0 100 74
Pantone:PMS 356 C
Sonoran SandHex color:#dadad9
RGB:227 212 173
CMYK:0 4 20 7
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 1 C
Old LavenderHex color:#847284
RGB:132 114 132
CMYK:0 14 0 48
Pantone:PMS 5205 C
Chocolate CosmosHex color:#57121f
RGB:87 18 31
CMYK:0 79 64 66
Pantone:PMS 188 C
CoffeeHex color:#6d3e26
RGB:109 62 38
CMYK:0 43 65 57
Pantone:PMS 168 C
BeaverHex color:#936b54
RGB:147 107 84
CMYK:0 27 43 42
Pantone:PMS 7525 C