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The Full Send logo is as simple as possible, which goes against the traditions of Nelk Boys, who rely on shocking, provocative behavior and uncensored pranks. The group of YouTubers, who own a clothing brand, created a black-and-white wordmark using bold italics for it. This is the only distinctive symbol of Full Send.

Full Send: Brand overview

Founder:Kyle Forgeard, and Jesse Sebastiani
California, United States
Full Send is not just a clothing and accessories brand. It is also the main life principle of the YouTubers who run The Nelk Boys channel: Lucas Gasparini, Salim Sirur, Steve Deleonardis, Kyle Forgeard, and Jordan Nwanne. They earn almost nothing from their prank videos and get all their profit from business ventures. In addition to the Full Send brand of signature products, they own a line of carbonated beverages called Happy Dad.

Meaning and History

Full Send Logo History

Due to numerous scandalous incidents, the Nelk channel was demonetized. However, this did not upset its creators, as they earn not from video content but from their Full Send-branded products. At the same time, prank videos regularly appearing on YouTube maintain interest in the group of YouTubers and attract new customers to their online store. The main themes of the videos are crude humor, parties, pranks, and alcohol.

Content creators constantly do something dubious or illegal without thinking about the consequences. It’s no surprise that their initial fame came from a “cocaine prank” on police officers. The Nelk representatives call this lifestyle “Full Send,” and they invented and popularized this slang term themselves. Initially, its meaning boiled down to “having a wild party.” Nowadays, young people use this neologism to describe any action that can be dangerous, implying that a person puts all their effort into a risky activity without worrying about the final result.

What is Full Send?

Full Send is a trademark owned by the YouTubers from the group The Nelk Boys. Previously, this name was used for a channel where entertaining content was published, and now it denotes only a clothing and accessories brand, mainly merch. It has its own website and numerous regular customers who bring it an annual profit of around $100 million.

Full Send Symbol

There used to be a Full Send YouTube channel. Now, this trademark is associated with a clothing and accessories business aimed at millions of The Nelk Boys fans. Considering the origin of the brand name, one might expect a bright and provocative logo. However, designers chose to create a contrasting wordmark: a white inscription on a black rectangular background. Bold italic sans-serif letters create a sense of speed due to their pronounced slant to the right. This visual dynamics perfectly resonates with the Full Send lifestyle.

The clothing and accessories brand owned by the group of YouTubers has a logo that contains only the inscription. There are no other graphic elements, perhaps because the owners of the trademark wanted to place its name on signature products and were therefore forced to use a universal minimalist design.

Font and Colors

Full Send Emblem

The Full Send logo font is something between Bayformance Bold Italic by Pixel Sagas and Blunt Condensed Italic by Miller Type Foundry. It is a bold italic with uniform line thickness, vertically stretched glyphs, and shortened horizontal strokes. All letters in the inscription are uppercase, in accordance with the brand’s concept. Additionally, they are white on a black background, creating an expressive contrast.

Full Send color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C