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The Preston logo is explosive and extraordinary, like its owner, who plays Minecraft on his channel. The extravagant sign reflects his determination to overcome obstacles, heroically cope with difficulties, and even burn bridges behind him. An avid gamer cannot do without these characteristics, for he is immersed in a dynamic world where raging energy reigns.

Preston: Brand overview

Founded:2010 – present
Founder:Preston Blaine Arsement
Dallas, Texas, United States
Preston is the username of a young American YouTuber from Dallas, Texas. Real-life data of Preston Blaine Arsement served as the basis for the creative pseudonym. The young man was born in 1994 and, in his teenage years, took a serious interest in computer games, live broadcasts, and other current content, which he posted on YouTube.

Meaning and History

Preston Logo History

The appearance of Preston Blaine Arsement on YouTube was a search for himself, experiments that succeeded. After finishing school, the young man intended to enter a serious specialty (a surgeon), but adolescence provoked internal rebellion. The young man got confused, got into bad company, and had problems. Then he decided to return to his channel TBNRfrags, started shooting a lot, and publishing until Machinima noticed him and offered sponsorship. Then the parents realized their son makes money by doing what he loves. And they supported him.

Preston seriously delved into the online business after receiving internal (from himself) and external approval (from relatives). He opened several more thematic channels (as of 2023, he had eight in addition to the main one), invented his logo, and developed an original greeting. The old introduction sounded like “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to…”, the new one – “Hello/Welcome beautiful people, today…”. His emblem is emotional because he has raging internal passions that break out through various content on YouTube.

What is Preston?

Preston is a young popular YouTuber from the USA who runs eight channels of various themes. He mainly posts videos with pranks, challenges, and game content in several directions, including Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and much more. The vlogger’s full name is Preston Blaine Arsement. His location is Dallas, Texas. He began his career on YouTube in 2012.

2012 – today

Preston Logo

The logo features three tongues of flame positioned diagonally. They are elongated upwards, indicated by a wide base and a narrow top. Additionally, these elements strongly resemble fiery dragons or blazing salamanders descending from the heights. The detail on the left is the longest, the one on the right – the shortest. All have wave-like and uneven edges with small, chaotic protrusions. The first flame is colored yellow, the second – orange, and the third – red. It’s visible that they are striving towards a single point, to form a unified whole.

Font and Colors

Preston Emblem

This is a graphic logo: there is no text in it. The YouTuber decided to express his individuality through a picture and color; hence the hues in his emblem are much more significant than anything else. The palette predominates in red, orange, and muted yellow shades. They symbolize energy, dynamism, peak emotionality, positivity, joy, and fullness of life. People who prefer such a combination are goal-oriented individuals who strive for self-assertion.

Preston Symbol