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The blogger’s eccentricity, folly, and wild imagination are depicted on the emblem. The idea of a combination of entertainment, knowledge, and a good mood is invested in the Unspeakable logo. The channel surprises viewers and pleases with unusual videos.

Unspeakable: Brand overview

Founder:Nathan Johnson Graham
United States
Unspeakable is the nickname of American video blogger Nathan, who shoots extraordinary videos and presents them on his YouTube channel of the same name. He has an unusual style of presenting the content: he plays pranks on his friends, runs crazy challenges, drives crazy cars, and entertains users together with his team. He also owns a store where he sells his goods. The YouTuber’s year of birth is 1997. The place of residence is the city of Houston Texas

Meaning and History

Unspeakable Symbol

To become famous, this man did not leave the city where he was born. Nathan settled in it, turning it into a platform for the successful growth of his popularity. What did he do? Nothing extraordinary. He persistently did what he loved – played Minecraft and shared his impressions with Internet users through the YouTube network. By the way, he dreamt of becoming a YouTuber since childhood, right after he gave up his unrealizable desire to be an astronaut because Unspeakable is a realist, a cheerful pragmatist, and a great businessman.

The blogger owns several channels. The first one appeared in 2012 and is entirely devoted to Minecraft. The second he launched in 2016, making it basic. It publishes his video blogs. The third was opened in 2017: this cycle became a gaming cycle and almost entirely devoted to Roblox, although there are other stories. Another channel of a young blogger appeared in the fall of the same year. He is associated with a fictional user nicknamed ASWDFZXCVBHGTYYN, who behaves like a novice discoverer of the Minecraft world.

Unspeakable has three other YouTube channels that originated between 2018 and 2020. One of them revolves around the game Chasecraft; the second is tied to a store dedicated to selling goods online; the third reveals behind-the-scenes secrets and shows how stories are filmed. The YouTuber uses a text logo and a frog mascot as an individual symbol.

UnspeakableGaming Logo

Unspeakable chose the simplest possible logo for self-expression, popularization, and quick recognition. It has nothing but the nickname, presented in a sloppy style. The letters seem to have been applied with a paintbrush. The strokes are done in a big way, conveying the author’s emotions, which makes it seem like they’re not written but drawn on the wall. For this purpose, a capital font is used, flat but choppy, with redundant strips in some places. Almost all of the characters are closely connected, and some are even overlapped. For example, the horizontal “E” lines look like a natural complement to the adjacent “P” and “L.”

In addition, the video blogger has a mascot – a bright green frog of geometric shape. It has rectangular eyes with equally rectangular pupils, a large trapezoidal head, and arched eyebrows. The freshwater’s mouth is wide open. A red tongue protrudes from it as if the frog intends to catch its next victim and swallow it. The mascot is encircled by a black, bold band surrounded by a white line that serves as a background for the brand name below. The YouTuber’s nickname is written there. It’s done in the same style as the text emblem. The only difference between them is the palette, while the other features are fully preserved.

Unspeakable: Interesting Facts

Nathan, known as Unspeakable, is a well-liked YouTuber famous for his Minecraft videos, vlogs, and fun challenges.

  1. Start of YouTube Career: Nathan started his YouTube channel, “UnspeakableGaming,” in October 2012, focusing on Minecraft, sharing gameplays, how-tos, and content about other games.
  2. Expanding Channels: Nathan didn’t stop at one channel. He added “Unspeakable,” where he shares real-life challenges, vlogs, and pranks, and “UnspeakablePlays” for more gaming action beyond Minecraft.
  3. Branding and Merch: His logo, a cartoon face sticking its tongue out in bright green, is pretty famous. Nathan sells clothes, hats, and more with this fun design.
  4. Huge Following: Nathan has gained millions of subscribers across his channels thanks to his lively and engaging videos that capture a broad audience’s attention.
  5. Popular Videos: His videos, like trying to survive on a deserted island for 24 hours or exploring a lawless city, have racked up millions of views. These adventures are a big hit with fans.
  6. Working with Friends: Nathan often teams up with fellow YouTubers like MooseCraft and Shark, creating a group that brings fans even more fun and engaging content.
  7. Helping Others: Nathan also uses his fame for good, participating in charity work to support various causes and show his commitment to helping others.
  8. Creative Projects: Nathan is unafraid to try big ideas, like building a house out of trampolines or filling a friend’s house with plastic balls. His creativity knows no bounds.
  9. Minecraft Success: Beyond YouTube, Nathan is known in the Minecraft world for his gaming skills, competing in championships and tournaments.
  10. Evolving Content: Nathan’s videos have grown to cover many areas, reflecting his growth and the changing interests of his audience. This change has kept fans coming back for more.

Nathan, or Unspeakable, has become a major name in the YouTube world, captivating a wide audience with his gaming skills, creativity, and willingness to take on big challenges.

Font and Colors

Unspeakable Emblem

For the personal logo, we chose an original font of our own design. The letters are stylized like graffiti writing on the wall. They are wide, sprawling, half-slanted, without serifs, with broken ends. The color scheme is bright and inviting. It consists of toxic shades of green and red. It also includes black and white.

Unspeakable color codes

Lime GreenHex color:#00d100
RGB:0 209 0
CMYK:100 0 100 18
Pantone:PMS 354 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C