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The sign tells about the ability to get up from your knees and start the fight from scratch. The Dynamo Kyiv logo is a story about honor, glory, determination, and team spirit. The emblem, like epaulets, gives the athlete who got into the club the highest rank.

Dynamo Kiev: Brand overview

Founded:13 May 1927
Founder:Ihor Surkis
Kyiv, Ukraine

Dynamo is the first Voluntary Sports Society in the Soviet Union. It was created on August 18, 1923, within one of the RSFSR – State Political Directorate NKVD departments. Dynamo Kyiv club was founded in 1927.

There were similar sports organizations in large republican and regional centers, but the Kyiv VSS, along with the Moscow one, was considered the most successful. Between 1961 and 1981, it won nine championships and made it to the European Cup. Until 1929, it was a team of military personnel and law enforcement officers, and civilians were not accepted into it. Then the severe restrictions were lifted.

Meaning and History

Dynamo Kiev Logo History

The Kyiv club’s logo reflects its name, which it inherited from the Voluntary Sports Society “Dynamo.” Initially, this word was suggested by the head of the political department and a former employee of the electric machine-building enterprise “Dynamo.” The name chosen embodies movement, strength, and energy. True, only the first letter is depicted on many emblems – blue (as before) or white (as now).

What is Dynamo Kyiv?

Dynamo Kyiv is a football club from Ukraine. They play at the professional level in the Premier League and are based in the capital of Ukraine. The club’s actual founding date is 1927, but it officially became recognized in 1989, as it was previously part of the Soviet Dynamo Sports Society.

1924 – 1926

Dynamo Kiev Logo 1924-1926

On October 8, 1924, the State Political Directorate NKVD issued an order to create a governing body for sports societies “Dynamo,” which appeared in various cities of the Soviet Union. At the same time, its logo was approved: a black and white diamond, which depicted eleven sports attributes, including a soccer ball. The top corner of the diamond was decorated with a five-pointed star, and the name of the organization was written in the center.

1927 – 1938

Dynamo Kiev Logo 1927-1938

Dynamo Kyiv was founded in 1927 and immediately adopted a simple, laconic emblem with a capital Cyrillic letter “D” in a white rhombus with a blue outline. The designers used an imitation of a handwritten font with loops and smoothly curving lines.

1939 – the 1970s

Dynamo Kiev Logo 1939-1970

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the Voluntary Sports Society “Dynamo,” a small logo redesign was carried out to coincide with the receipt of a special award – the Order of Lenin. The letter’s writing style has changed, the lines have become thinner, and a five-pointed star with a red-white gradient appeared at the top of the rhombus.

the 1970s – 1988

Dynamo Kiev Logo 1970-1988

In 1972, the logo took on the shape of a triangular heraldic shield with a rounded bottom. At the top was the Cyrillic inscription “URSR” (abbreviation for Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic). The diamond with the letter “D” was reduced and moved down – into two wide stripes of red and blue, representing the state flag of the Ukrainian SSR.

1989 – 1995

Dynamo Kiev Logo 1989-1995

In 1989, based on the sports community Dynamo Kyiv, a football club of the same name was established. In honor of this event, the management organized a competition for the best logo. After considering many options, the jury chose a minimalistic wordmark. It contained the already familiar letter “D” (above, without a rhombus) and the inscription “КИЇВ” in Ukrainian (below, in a blue rectangle). The geometric shape that contained the name of the city turned yellow in 1991. This color was chosen as a tribute to the national flag of Ukraine.

1996 – 2010

Dynamo Kiev Logo 1996-2010

In 1996, the new leaders of Dynamo Kyiv initiated a change of the logo. As a result, the club crest became round like a seal. The center was a yellow circle with a large letter “D,” a blue rectangle with the name of the city and the number “1927”. A blue ring was used as a frame, written in Russian letters “FOOTBALL CLUB DYNAMO.”

In 2003, a single yellow star appeared above the logo, marking the victory in ten national championships. In 2008, a second star was added to it – a reminder that the team won thirteen USSR championships.

2011 – today

Dynamo Kiev Logo 2011-present

In the early 2010s, the club returned to its roots and adopted a diamond-shaped emblem with a capital letter “D.” It was distinguished from previous versions by the presence of the word “КИЇВ” and a simple frame consisting of two lines.

To avoid visual similarity with a similar Moscow Dynamo sign, blue was chosen for the background, and white for the inscriptions. The yellow had to be removed because the yellow and blue palette belonged to the national team. The author of the new logo is Maria Priydan.

Dynamo Kiev: Interesting Facts

Dynamo Kyiv is a famous Ukrainian football club known all around Europe for its long history and big achievements.

  1. How It Started: The club began in 1927, making it one of the oldest in Ukraine. It was part of the Dynamo Sports Society, which was linked to Soviet security services like the KGB.
  2. Winning a Lot in the Soviet Times: Dynamo Kyiv was good at football when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. They won many championships and cups, showing everyone in the Soviet Union how great they were.
  3. Winning in Europe: They were the first club from the Soviet Union to win a big European competition in 1975 and did it again in 1986. This made them famous in European football.
  4. A Famous Coach: Valeriy Lobanovskyi was an amazing coach who helped the club win many trophies. He had new ideas about training and playing, making the team one of the best in Europe.
  5. Their Stadium: The stadium where they play is named after Lobanovskyi to remember all the great things he did for the club.
  6. Famous Players: Dynamo Kyiv trained some incredible players like Andriy Shevchenko and Oleh Blokhin, who won big awards while playing for the club.
  7. Big Rivalry: They compete with Shakhtar Donetsk, another Ukrainian club. Their games are very exciting and important for football fans in Ukraine.
  8. Staying Strong: After the Soviet Union ended, Dynamo Kyiv continued to win in Ukraine and compete well in European tournaments.
  9. Training Young Players: The club has a great program for training young players to become good at football. Many players from this program have played for Dynamo and the Ukrainian national team.
  10. Champions League Adventures: They did well in the Champions League, reaching the semi-finals twice. This showed that they could compete with the best clubs in Europe.

Dynamo Kyiv is not just a football club; it’s a big part of football history in Ukraine and Europe. They’ve had lots of success, had some amazing players and coaches, and continue to be a strong team today.

Font and Colors

Dynamo Kiev Emblem

The main symbol of Dynamo Kyiv is the Cyrillic letter “D.” It was developed for the visual identification of the Voluntary Sports Society “Dynamo,” and then was inherited by all sports societies of the same name in different cities of the Soviet Union. The Ukrainian club kept it in order not to lose touch with its origins.

The logo uses two radically different fonts. The first one is handwritten, with rounded lines and decorative loops (letter “D”). The second is printed, strict, sans serif (the word “KYIV”).

The main colors are white and blue. When the Voluntary Sports Society “Dynamo” was created, they symbolized the organization’s employees’ pure thoughts. Now it is simply an iconic palette, without which Dynamo football club cannot be imagined.

Dynamo Kiev codes

True BlueHex color:#176fc1
RGB:23 111 193
CMYK:88 420 24
Pantone:PMS 285 C
UrobilinHex color:#e4ac21
RGB:228 172 33
CMYK:0 25 86 11
Pantone:PMS 130 C