EAA Logo


The EAA logo is text-based, consisting of the initial letters from the name “European American Armory.” The block characters appear worn due to frayed fragments and uneven edges. They feature deep cuts, longitudinal stripes, and jagged rims. Horizontal lines pierce through the top of each glyph. The two “A” characters are identical except for the stripes; the final “A” has thinner stripes that don’t reach the opposite side. Along the vertical leg of the last “A,” the word “Corp” appears, designed in the same style as the EAA abbreviation. The entire emblem is red.

The weathered look of the characters speaks volumes about the brand’s identity. It evokes a sense of durability, suggesting that the products can withstand rugged conditions. The deep cuts and frayed edges aren’t just stylistic choices; they convey a history of resilience and tough usage, characteristics one would expect from a company in the arms industry.

The horizontal lines at the top of each glyph add another layer of symbolism. They could represent a line of sight or target, linking back to the armory aspect of the business. This subtle detail enriches the logo by grounding it in the company’s core focus. When you look at EAA’s emblem, you’re not just seeing initials; you’re getting a snapshot of the company’s mission and values.

Red, the color of the entire emblem, is rich in symbolism. It’s the color of passion, urgency, and strength—attributes often associated with armory and defense. The use of red amplifies the inherent ruggedness of the design, creating an aura of robustness and energy.

The word “Corp” that aligns with the vertical leg of the last “A” is equally significant. It emphasizes the corporate aspect of the entity, reminding the viewer that behind the rugged and durable products is an organized, formal institution.

On closer inspection, the distinction between the two “A” characters provides nuanced messaging. The thinner stripes in the final “A” subtly indicate precision or refinement, which complements the overall rugged appearance of the characters. The logo, as a whole, balances toughness and finesse, highlighting the company’s expertise in producing arms that are both durable and finely crafted arms.

The emblem is a narrative, an open book that describes what the company is all about—from its focus on rugged durability to its attention to detail and quality. It delivers a visual message that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s ethos and area of specialization.

EAA: Brand overview

Cocoa, Florida, United States

Established in 1990, the European American Armory, commonly known as EAA, has its main office in Cocoa, Florida. The enterprise primarily revolves around the firearms sector, concentrating on importing, distributing, and fabricating firearms, focusing on handguns. The Witness series of polymer and steel-framed pistols is particularly notable among its offerings.

EAA’s operational model involves sourcing firearms from eminent European producers, such as Tangfolio and Tanfoglio, based in Italy. After importation, these firearms are rebranded and introduced to the U.S. market under the EAA banner. A pivotal aspect of EAA’s mission is to present an array of handguns that cater to various needs, be it sport shooting, self-defense, or law enforcement, without compromising on affordability.

Complementing its import operations, EAA also boasts a manufacturing unit in Marietta, Ohio. This facility is dedicated to crafting new firearms to meet the diverse needs of its customer base. Over its existence, EAA has cultivated a standing for producing dependable and cost-effective handguns, including pistols and revolvers. The company employs a distribution network comprising distributors, dealers, and retailers across the United States to ensure its products are accessible to a broad audience.

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