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EAA: Brand overview

Founded in 1990, European American Armory, commonly known as EAA, is headquartered in Cocoa City, Florida. The company operates primarily in the firearms industry, importing, distributing, and manufacturing firearms, mostly handguns. Among the handguns offered by the company, the Witness series with polymer and steel frames is particularly notable.

EAA’s operating model involves purchasing firearms from well-known European manufacturers such as Italian companies Tangfolio and Tanfoglio. Once imported, these firearms are rebranded and enter the U.S. market under the EAA brand. A critical aspect of EAA’s mission is to present a wide range of handguns that meet a variety of requirements, whether for sport shooting, self-defense, or law enforcement, without compromising affordability.

In addition to its import operations, EAA operates a manufacturing facility in Marietta, Ohio. This facility is dedicated to creating new firearms to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Throughout its existence, EAA has earned a reputation for producing reliable and affordable handguns, including pistols and revolvers. The company utilizes a network of distributors, dealers, and retailers throughout the United States to make its products available to a wide audience.

Meaning and History

EAA Logo History

1990 – today

EAA Logo

The logo is in the form of text and consists of the initial letters of the name European American Armory. The jagged symbols look worn due to the jagged edges and rough edges. These symbols have deep cuts, long stripes, and torn sides. On top of each symbol are horizontal lines that run across the top of the symbol. Both “A’s” are identical except for the stripes: the lines are thinner on the latter than on the latter and do not reach all the way to the end on the other side. On the right, along the vertical leg of the letter “A,” is the word “Corp,” made in the same style as the initials EAA. The entire emblem is red in color.

It gives the impression that the emblem has gone through many adventures. The shabby look and red color give it an edgy and fighting spirit. It gives the impression that the characters are warriors who have been in battle. The word “Corp” on the side reminds you of a loyal friend who is always there for you but never distracts you. It’s all very cool, but without being overdone.