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The businesslike and strict style of the identity of this company shows that it offers serious things. Indeed, the Ellesse logo is practical. At the same time, it is soft because it consists of smooth lines and curves. The key factor in her work is convenience because she specializes in sportswear.

Ellesse: Brand overview

Founder:Leonardo “Mantis” Servadio
Umbria, Italy

Ellesse is a stylish Italian sportswear brand for skiers and tennis players that combines fashion and comfort. It has been owned by the private English corporation Pentland since 1994.

Since childhood, Leonardo Servadio absorbed the love of fashion as his parents kept a textile shop. And in his youth, the future fashion designer became interested in skiing. Unable to find suitable attractive clothing for skiers, he decided to create his own. His initiative was supported by the inhabitants of his native city of Perugia, and in the late 50s, the first collection of sports trousers appeared. In 1959, Servadio opened an atelier, and in 1966 a large factory. And by the end of the 60s, the name Leonardo was known throughout Italy.

Meaning and History

Ellesse Logo History

The name Ellesse is derived from the combination of the words “ELErra” and “SErvadio.” Elerra is the city where the sportswear manufacturer is based. At the same time, Leonardo Servadio is the man who opened the first Ellesse store in 1959 to sell men’s trousers made of stretchy knit fabric.

In the 1970s, the brand introduced a line of tennis apparel that was revolutionary for its various colors, as tennis players had only worn white before. During this time, the famous logo was created, featuring a semicircle made up of three fragments. Two symbolic colors were used:

  • Orange represents the brightly shining sun;
  • Red symbolizes a passion for sports and active recreation.

With enough imagination, the semicircular shape could be seen as half of a tennis ball connected to sharp-edged skis. This connected the two sports for which the company produces equipment. The original emblem and the elegant wordmark have undergone several redesigns.

What is Ellesse?

Sportswear brand created by Leonardo Servadio in 1959. Its peculiarity is thought out from the point of view of the athlete’s convenience and, at the same time, stylish things.

1959 – 1968

Ellesse Logo 1959

The first logo was quite detailed. He gave an idea about the company’s name, the name of the founder, the place of work, and the direction of activity.

Servadio decided to immortalize his name in the emblem by placing the initials “L&S” in the center of the composition. On the sides, from top to bottom, there is a transcript – the name and surname of the businessman. The information seemed to be placed inside the walls created by the words of Leonardo and Servadio. They formed a kind of defense and indicated that the idea of ​​the brand was born and grew in the heart of the founder and is the product of his work alone. As fame grew, the name and surname of the fashion designer were removed on the sides.

At the head of the logo was: “prodotto italiano di fine artiqianato sartoriale” (Italian product, fine tailoring). The inscription focused on selling not just sports goods but designer items. The lower part of the emblem reinforced the effect: “sale of products made from fine fabrics” (creazione commercio tessuti pregiati). All phrases created the feeling of a special offer, a design masterpiece, a new sports fashion.

The composition was concluded with the name of the street (Corso Vannucci) and the city (Perugia) where the studio was located. Such an emblem was both a business card and an advertisement for the product.

1968 – 1975

Ellesse Logo 1968

New production facilities in Eller have been launched. Tailoring in large quantities, popularity and fame required a rethinking of the logo. It is much easier than the first one. All explanatory inscriptions were removed as the brand became recognizable. Only one word remained on the emblem – Ellesse, which is a derivative of the combination “L&S.” Servadio combined the Italian pronunciation of the letters L (elle) and S (esse), giving the company its modern name. The central letter is common to the two parts and links the initials. The new name added style to the brand.

To keep the focus on design work, the logo is made in the form of a layout, which is being developed. The lines in the background are like guides to indicate the center, top, and bottom of the pattern. They also look like ski tracks. The pre-drawn feel is enhanced by the lack of color and the use of a simple pencil for all elements. The inscription demonstrates the process of the birth of new creations, which begins with a sketch.

The lack of a capital letter fits perfectly with the spirit of the outline. The brand is still looking for new ways of development and ideas for implementation. It serves sports and athletes. Therefore, attention should not be focused on the name but on the convenience and personality of the one who wears the item.

The letters that make up the initials (l and s) are highlighted with a beautiful print formed from different variations of machine stitches and stitches. This demonstrates the combination of the work of the factory’s sewing machines and the elegant ideas of the fashion designer. The remaining letters that form the pronunciation are indicated schematically.

1975 – 2006

Ellesse Logo 1975

In the 70s, items for tennis players were added to the range. It was then that the idea of ​​a visual image appeared, which supplemented the name. It combines elements of tennis and skiing: a half ball, the sides of which are painted and resemble the front parts of skis.

The image was placed above the “esse” segment. In height, it was equal to the tops of the letters L. This made the logo complete and harmonious. The ball and skis seemed to take off because of the word, showing that the brand has succeeded in these directions. The title and border of the image are in dark blue. This is a shade of experience, and confidence, a symbol of intense regular training.

The composition was ideal for placement on clothes and distinguished all the designer’s suits, which Pentland actively exported to a British audience.

2006 – 2010

Ellesse Logo 2006

In 1994, Pentland, which had been the brand’s distributor since 1981, bought Eless, leaving Servadio with 10%. The fashion designer has already retired and agreed to transfer the brand for further development to his permanent major partners, who promised the company long life.

The new owners lightened the visuals by removing the dark blue border. Instead, all parts of the compound hemisphere were demarcated with white lines, and each ski triangle and the central part of the ball were rounded, giving the pattern a soft and friendly look. The new version of the image supported the impression of flight, giving the brand the freedom to grow and expand.

The hemisphere in relation to the whole word has become smaller. It fits over the double S. The division of the sphere and the doubling of the letter indicate the two main sports for which the brand works. Reducing the size also demonstrates the expansion of the subject matter. The company actively cooperates with fashion designers who create branded items for sports and everyday sports styles.

The title is in light grey. The word Italy has been added below to emphasize the country of origin. The designation helped Pentland integrate Eless into its family of British brands and highlight the overseas manufacturer to local buyers.

The spacing between the petals of the logo, the light colors, and the increased spacing between the letters created a feeling of space and lightness, hinting at globality, elegance, and growth in sales. Light gray, cold shades supported the idea of ​​snowy mountains, and half of the ball resembled a rising sun, predicting new dawn for the brand.

2010 – 2020

Ellesse Logo 2010

In honor of the 50th anniversary, the brand released a special Ellesse heritage collection with the most popular models of the past years and slightly updated the logo.

Rebranding touched the logo palette. The Ellesse lettering is now rich gray, and the ski triangles are closer to crimson. The word “Italy” was removed since the brand is known worldwide and has long been owned by an English concern.

2020 – today

Ellesse Logo

This Ellesse logo is very similar to the original version presented in the 1970s. The only difference is that the semicircular ball has a darker and more saturated color scheme that meets modern demands. The emblem shows that bold colors, extravagance, and the ability to stand out in a crowd are currently in vogue. The brand name is located in the same place as before, under the semicircle, directly above the doubled “ss.” It still uses a contrasting serif font similar to BODIDLYbold Medium from Lorvad, Kremlin Chairman Bold from Bolt Cutter Design, or Standard Poster Regular from ParaType.

Font and Colors

Ellesse Symbol

Primary colors of the logo:

  • Red – passionate, bright. Demonstrates the fashion designer’s love for skiing, which captivated him and allowed him to create world-famous models. It is also a symbol of superiority (the creation of the brand began with suits for skiers).
  • Orange – sunny, warm, active. Represents light summer clothes for playing tennis.
  • Gray – reliable, constant, measured. This shows that the brand continues to develop systematically and confidently. He has a solid foundation and fans in the sports world.

Ellesse Symbol

A rounded font was used for the name, similar to Broadway TS Regular. The letters resemble tennis balls, and the two L’s are ski poles. The bolder middle parts of the letters end in graceful thin lines, which show the combination of sports themes and design developments.

Ellesse color codes

Space CadetHex color:#0d1d41
RGB:13 29 65
CMYK:80 55 0 75
Pantone:PMS 2768 C
Safety OrangeHex color:#fd8204
RGB:253 130 4
CMYK:0 49 98 1
Pantone:PMS 151 C
Fire Engine RedHex color:#cf152d
RGB:207 21 46
CMYK:0 90 78 19
Pantone:PMS 185 C