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One look at the Estrella logo is enough to understand that the emblem belongs to the popular star brand. The elements are reminiscent of the curling edges of crisps and evoke the crunchy toasted sound and rich flavor of the popular snack.

Estrella: Brand overview

Founder:Intersnack Group GmbH & Co

Estrella is a Swedish brand owned by the German snack food company Intersnack Group GmbH & Co. The most famous product of this brand chips:

  • smooth (with bacon, cheese, onion, salty);
  • corrugated (sour cream with mushrooms, cheese, onions, and salmon in a creamy sauce).

In addition to chips, the company’s price list includes up to 200 different snacks, including popcorn, nuts, peanut butter, straws. Products are exported to two dozen countries and bring in more than 1 billion dollars in revenue.

Meaning and History

Estrella Logo History

The brand’s history begins the year after the end of World War II (1946). Estrella means “star” in translation. The company’s name is Spanish, as the owner, Folke Anderson, spent a lot of time in Spanish-speaking Ecuador. Under the Estrella brand, the businessman imported fruits to his homeland, Sweden, and his banana plantations were located in South America.

The fruit entrepreneur was inspired to produce snacks by visiting America, where he tried chips and saw their popularity. The first conveyor was launched in the 57th year.

The brand changed its owner several times, becoming part of ever-larger corporations.

  • In 1965, Anderson sold Estrella to the Swedish chocolate maker Marabou. Under their leadership, the brand actively developed, opening production in Finland, Denmark, and exporting chips and popcorn to the Baltic States and Iceland.
  • Marabou was taken over by Kraft Foods and became part of Kraft Foods Sverige (Mondelēz International).
  • In 2014, Estrella was resold and became part of the German Intersnack Group GmbH & Co.

All brand owners were leaders in their fields. They helped to realize the main goal of the brand – development and leading positions. The company cooperates with leading manufacturers and studies snacks popular in different countries, constantly improving and adding new flavors. Therefore, Estrella associated her name and visual symbol with the idea of ​​leadership.

What is Estrella?

This is a food processing company from Sweden that deals in chips, snacks, peanut butter, nuts, and more. It also has a selection of beer. The brand name is translated from Spanish as ‘star,’ which is reflected in the Estrella logo. He used to specialize in fruit imports (under founder Folke Anderson) and then moved into making chips (after moving to Marabou). The trademark is now owned by Intersnack Group GmbH & Co.

1997 – 1999

Estrella Logo 1997

The brand received its first logo dedicated to chips after joining Kraft Foods. Before that, they wrote on the packages: American chips. And the company’s emblem was still associated with fruit – a green banana bunch. Despite the popularity of snacks, no one has changed the visual sign. Therefore, the new owners took up the issue.

The emblem of the chips was a white Estrella lettering on a red ribbon with white stripes. The lettering font is italic, reminiscent of Swedish capital letters, except for the letter r.

The red color of the background meant leadership. The brand was the first in Sweden to produce chips, and the company prospered. The color is also bright, as is the taste of snacks. The white lettering was associated with potatoes and the white lines with the flag of Sweden and America (the headquarters of Kraft Foods in the USA and the production of chips of the first owner was inspired by a visit to New York).

The background strip also resembles a potato chip production line.

However, in general, the logo had little in common with the product’s name and essence, so another option was chosen three years later.

1999 – 2003

Estrella Logo 1999

The second emblem also has a ribbon, but not straight, but slightly twisted and without white stripes. It is similar to Marabou labels. The end of the ribbon rises, which symbolizes the development and path of the Star to the sky.

Under the first letters of the name, there is a three-dimensional star with rays bent in different directions. She looks like a living character who stands in the pose of a winner and a fighter. He seems to be looking up into the sky, hugging everyone with one beam and showing the game of biceps with the other, hinting at his strength and power.

The star became a visual representation of the name and conveyed the product’s aspirations for leadership positions.

The name, placed directly horizontally, balanced the entire composition. The lettering and color have not changed.

2004 – today

Estrella Logo

In 2003, the head of Kraft Foods changed. The new head developed his marketing policy, which was reflected in the visual signs of the brands.

The logo further increased the emphasis on the leading star positions of Estrella. The star has risen above the ribbon and immediately attracts attention. Symbolizes a clear leader. The reverse side of the rays was painted with a golden helmet, as an indication of victory, the first place among the snacks producers in Sweden. The ribbon at the top took on a golden shadow from the starlight. The black shadow below emphasizes the confident development of the brand, its stable position, and the power of the corporation standing behind it.

The inscription has also changed and become more authentic. The font of the name exactly corresponds to the capitalization of Swedish letters and emphasizes the brand’s birthplace.

Font and Colors

Estrella Emblem

The main colors of the emblem are red and white. The first and the second are signs of leadership, first positions, high aspirations. Red is the hot flame of roasting chips, their sharp, bright taste, the brand’s rapid rise to the top. And white is a constant renewal, the emergence of more and more new products natural ingredients in the base.

Estrella Symbol

The first logo font was more in line with Edwardian Script ITC. The latter version uses an analog of Brush Script MT, which is closer to the Swedish style.

Estrella color codes

LustHex color:#e32819
RGB:227 40 25
CMYK:0 82 89 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
CarmineHex color:#9f0d17
RGB:159 13 23
CMYK:0 92 86 38
Pantone:PMS 7626 C
Aztec GoldHex color:#c3943a
RGB:195 148 58
CMYK:0 24 70 24
Pantone:PMS 7563 C
Blanched AlmondHex color:#ffefce
RGB:255 239 206
CMYK:0 6 19 0
Pantone:PMS 7506 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What is the meaning of the Estrella Logo?

The meaning of the Estrella logo is simple and accurately conveyed by the visual identity. This is the strength that products produced under this brand give confidence, a surge of energy, satisfying hunger, and a quick recovery. And it also denotes leadership among companies with a similar assortment, which is hinted at by the star in the form of a picture and the name. After all, it is translated from Spanish as ‘star.’ The red color also speaks of energy.

What does the logo symbolize Estrella Logo?

The Estrella logo symbolizes leadership, vivacity, and strength. Therefore, the star is colored red and depicted as a bodybuilder who demonstrates powerful muscles. This concept is confirmed by each element of the emblem: the name (translated from Spanish, it means ‘star’), color (red represents energy), and handwritten font (indicates individuality).