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The sportswear manufacturer’s corporate identity for boxing symbolizes the spirit and characteristics of this sport. The modern Everlast logo represents resistance strength, fighting spirit, resilience, and perseverance, which are characteristic of athletes.

Everlast: Brand overview

Founder:Jacob Golomb
Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Everlast is an iconic sports brand from the USA. The company specializes in producing boxing attire and mixed martial arts clothing sets. It is part of the Sports Direct company structure. Founded in 1910 by Jacob Golomb.

Meaning and History

Everlast Logo History

The trademark appeared simultaneously with the launch of the brand and has remained one of the most recognizable for 110 years. The font and letter size have never changed; only the color palette and graphics have been revised.

What is Everlast?

Everlast is an American sports equipment brand known for its boxing and other sports gear. The company also offers clothing and footwear for active lifestyle enthusiasts. Founded in 1910, it became the official supplier of boxing gloves for the Olympic Games just two years later. Since then, many famous boxers, including Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, have worn its equipment.

1910 – 1978

Everlast Logo 1910-1978

The debut version contains much information. An oval, the name, foundation year, and company location are depicted in a rectangular frame on a dirty yellow background.

1978 – today

Everlast Logo 1978-present

Designers radically changed the logo, removing the excess data and background square. A stylized letter “E” appeared under the brand name.

2011 – today

Everlast Logo 2011-present

In this year, developers made minor changes to the logo, changing the color to black.

The redesign of the sports brand logo Everlast progressed slowly, as redesigns were conducted at significant intervals. Changes affected the background elements and did not impact the name, whose style has remained unchanged to this day.

The debut version was essentially an advertising label with a lot of useful information: the brand’s location, year of foundation, and assortment. The second emblem is much simpler: it contains none of the above – only a comb-like stroke at the bottom, resembling a lying letter “E.” It is also used in the modern logo. The rest of the space is occupied by the word “Everlast,” executed in letters narrowing towards the middle.

Font and Colors

Everlast Emblem

The word part is executed in Grand Canyon RR font, characterized by bold, slightly thickened, and clear lines. The letters are positioned as if moving towards the center, gradually decreasing. As a result, “E” and “T” are the largest, while “R” and “L” are very small.

The graphic part is an original presentation of the first letter in the name. “E” is positioned diagonally and complemented by sharp, elongated ends reminiscent of claws—the ideological meaning of the sign: resistance strength, fighting character, resilience.

Everlast Symbol

The logo’s colors are yellow, black, and dark gray on a white background. The author’s intention is for them to demonstrate seriousness, power, momentum, and the energy of moving forward.

Everlast color codes

Granite GrayHex color:#6b6566
RGB:107 101 102
CMYK:0 6 5 56
Pantone:PMS 410 C
Cavendish YellowHex color:#ffe200
RGB:255 256 0
CMYK:0 11 100 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C