Famous owl logos: Your essential guide to companies with owl logos

Famous owl logos. Your essential guide to companies with owl logos

Firms that incorporate owl imagery in their logos aim to project traits such as wisdom, enigma, and a sense of wonder through their branding. Utilizing animal symbols in branding is an effective strategy, as various creatures carry inherent meanings that have evolved over centuries across different cultures. While logos featuring owls may not be as prevalent as those showcasing other birds or mammals like horses and tigers, the owl holds a particular resonance for a broad spectrum of consumers.

Examining the symbolism embedded in well-recognized owl-themed logos can provide valuable insights into effective brand strategy. Understanding the appropriate contexts for utilizing owls and similar symbolic animals in logo creation is crucial for brand identity. While owls predominantly symbolize wisdom and mystery, they can also communicate other nuanced messages depending on the overall design elements, such as color schemes and the industry in which the company operates.

The relative rarity of owl logos in the corporate world can also be an advantage, allowing a brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Opting for an owl image could help differentiate a business, capturing consumer attention while conveying an image of sophistication and depth.

The incorporation of owls in logos serves various strategic functions. From embodying wisdom and charisma to offering differentiation in the market, The Owl is a compelling choice for any organization aiming to establish a distinctive and meaningful brand presence. Understanding the complex layers of symbolism associated with owls can prove invaluable for companies considering animal symbols in their branding strategies.

Why do companies use logos with owls?

Incorporating an owl in a company’s logo seeks to harness the rich tapestry of associations and emotions attached to this nocturnal bird. Much like the iconic symbols that popular brands employ, an owl can communicate a myriad of messages based on its portrayal.

The owl, revered in various cultures and mythologies, is primarily linked with wisdom and intelligence. However, the multifaceted nature of this bird means it can represent other diverse ideas, too. For instance, its nocturnal habits symbolize mystery or the unknown, while its acute senses might denote vigilance or attentiveness.

Specific features of the owl can be highlighted to draw out certain emotions or concepts. Emphasizing the owl’s broad eyes can evoke a sense of curiosity, wonder, or even humor. It’s much like how the depiction of other animals in logos can bring forth specific attributes, such as agility in the case of a cheetah or loyalty to a dog.

However, the interpretation of owl-centric logos isn’t static. Several factors influence the perception of these emblems, including:

  • Color choices. Colors associated with an owl emblem frequently provide insights into its intended message. Deep hues suggest an aura of enigma, whereas vivid tones evoke enthusiasm and dynamism. For instance, tones of blue often resonate with reliability and dependability.
  • Positioning. The stance and posture of an owl in a logo significantly influence its interpretation. Given their predatory nature, depicting an owl with extended wings, claws reaching out, and its beak positioned as if ready to capture can intensify the emblem’s aggressive connotation. On the other hand, a more serene or contemplative pose could convey wisdom or calm. The design details play a crucial role in determining the overall perception of such logos.
  • Emphasis and proportion. The emphasis on specific features of an owl in a design can dictate the emotions or ideas it evokes. When the eyes are enlarged, or the head appears more prominent, it can suggest innocence, curiosity, or a sense of wonder, characteristics typically attributed to the young. In contrast, highlighting the bird’s wings can symbolize liberty, strength, and dominance.

Exploring various owl emblem designs across the globe can provide deeper insights into these interpretations. Each design can tell a unique story based on accentuated elements, from minimalist outlines to intricate depictions. Whether it’s the sharpness of the talons, the curve of the beak, or the fluff of the feathers, every detail can imbue the logo with a specific sentiment or message.

Famous owl logos

Collingwood Fighting Owls

Collingwood Fighting Owls Logo

The symbolic representation of the owl in athletic teams and institutions of learning has become a common theme. With their keen eyesight and predatory nature, owls resonate with the spirit of competition and the tenacity that characterizes sports. Among such representations is the emblem of the Collingwood fighting owls.

Taking a cue from similar inspirations like the Warren Wilson Athletics emblem, the design for the Collingwood fighting owls accentuates the owl’s formidable and robust attributes. The meticulously crafted imagery presents the bird with talons extended forward, creating an illusion of the creature lunging at an adversary. This design choice captures the essence of competition and injects an element of anticipation and excitement.

The logo’s dynamism is further enhanced by depicting the owl soaring in mid-air, embodying agility, speed, and action. Such a design evokes the feeling of momentum and drive, which is integral to athletic pursuits. Overall, the choice of the owl in such a setting, especially emphasizing its fierce nature, underscores the determination, vigor, and relentless spirit intrinsic to competitive sports.

Columbus Owls

Columbus Owls Logo

The Columbus Owls, once a noteworthy name in minor league professional hockey, presented a distinct take on how to incorporate the image of an owl into a team’s brand identity. Instead of the typical portrayal of an owl exuding aggression or a combative stance commonly found in athletic logos, the design chosen for the Columbus Owls deviated from the norm.

One of the emblem’s standout features is its intriguing approach to detail. The lower part of the owl, particularly the feathers, has been ingeniously crafted to resemble the fingers of a hand firmly holding a hockey stick. Such an imaginative design not only captures the essence of the sport but also creates a lasting memory in the minds of spectators and fans.

The abstract nature of this design prompts a second glance, inviting viewers to decode its symbolism. This thoughtful design choice marries the sport’s primary element, the hockey stick, with the team’s mascot harmoniously and memorably. Through such innovation, the brand effectively creates a lasting impression, ensuring that the Columbus Owls remain a topic of discussion among hockey enthusiasts.


Dijon Logo

Founded in 1998, Dijon Football Cote d’Or emerged from the unification of two regional football squads. Although primarily recognized within French borders, this French football club boasts a potent emblem with cultural and historical significance.

From its inception, the club embraced the owl as its mascot. This choice wasn’t arbitrary. The owl holds a special place in the heart of Dijon’s residents. It is not just a bird but a symbol representing the city of Dijon itself. Its presence is deeply ingrained in local lore, with the bird being an integral detail in the city’s iconic Notre Dame.

By integrating the owl into its brand identity, Dijon Football Cote d’Or is doing more than just adopting a mascot. It’s paying tribute to its roots, acknowledging the cultural heritage of Dijon, and embedding the city’s essence into the club’s fabric. The emblem bridges sport and tradition, resonating with local pride and making every match more than a game. It’s a celebration of community and identity, where the spirit of Dijon is represented both on and off the field.


Logo Duolingo

Though occasionally absent from specific branding initiatives, Duolingo’s emblematic owl remains synonymous with the brand. Recognized by many as an online platform facilitating multilingual learning, Duolingo’s choice of an owl as its representative is no coincidence. Traditionally linked to wisdom and intellect, owls resonate well with the essence of language learning.

The brand’s color palette, dominated by shades of orange and green, is thoughtfully chosen. Orange is frequently linked to innovation and enthusiasm, capturing the zest for acquiring a new language. Green evokes feelings of growth, renewal, and the thrill of discovery, aligning seamlessly with mastering a new tongue. Duolingo’s core values and objectives are artfully conveyed through these design choices, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to facilitating language exploration and proficiency.

Florida Atlantic Owls

Florida Atlantic Owls Logo

Florida Atlantic University’s sports representation, the Florida Atlantic Owls, aligns with the age-old significance of owls. These nocturnal creatures, frequently symbolizing intelligence and insight, become an apt mascot for institutions promoting academic rigor and enlightenment.

The team has established a reputation, especially in baseball circles, distinguishing itself through athletic achievements and unique branding. The embrace of the owl motif isn’t merely a nod to the creature but a thoughtful integration of its attributes.

A standout element of their brand identity is the ingenious wordmark. Here, the letters ‘F’ and ‘U’ are embellished with designs evoking the wings of an owl. This attention to detail transforms a straightforward typeface into a more layered and dynamic representation. Complementing the wordmark is a portrayal of the owl’s face. Its sharply narrowed eyes exude a sense of resolve and ambition befitting a team committed to excellence.

Such a design doesn’t pay homage to the owl but captures its essence, merging it seamlessly with the ethos of competition and aspiration.

Green Owl Renovations

Green Owl Renovations Logo

Situated in the heart of London, Green Owl Renovations has carved a niche for itself as a reputable property renovation firm. While its owl emblem might not hold worldwide recognition, it underscores the adaptability and versatility of owl symbols, fitting seamlessly into diverse sectors and industries.

The emblem’s abstract design aligns perfectly with contemporary aesthetics, providing a canvas for viewers to interpret and connect with the brand uniquely. This element of interpretation fosters a deeper engagement, allowing clients and partners to form a more personal connection with the company.

The design radiates a certain warmth and friendliness. This friendly disposition is vital for a firm in the renovation sector, where building trust and ensuring comfort are paramount. Through its well-thought-out emblem, Green Owl Renovations subtly conveys its commitment to professionalism while ensuring clients feel at ease entrusting their properties to the company’s care.

Hoot Design Studio

Hoot Design Studio Logo

Warren Wilson College in North Carolina is not the only entity embracing the symbolic nature of owls. Another noteworthy mention is Hoot Design Studio. This acclaimed illustration studio, which also delves deep into the craft beer industry, leverages the appeal of owls to represent its distinct identity.

The craft of producing labels tailored for craft beers requires precision, creativity, and a flair for understanding the essence of the beverage. Hoot Design Studio aptly captures this essence in its logo. Rather than a standard depiction of an owl, the logo ingeniously incorporates the owl’s eyes into the studio’s name. By positioning the eyes to replace the two “O’s” in “Hoot,” a visual play on words is created.

The asymmetry in the placement and proportion of the eyes further echoes the studio’s unconventional and innovative approach. This creative deviation from the norm encapsulates the essence of Hoot Design Studio: imaginative, distinctive, and a tad offbeat. It’s a testament to the power of branding, where a simple logo can communicate volumes about a company’s ethos and direction.


Logo Hooters

Hooters’ owl logo is among the most iconic and widely recognized in branding. Opting for an owl symbol seems fitting, especially considering that “Hooters” mirrors the distinctive hooting sounds associated with these nocturnal birds. Beyond the auditory association, the name holds additional connotations, which are accentuated by the strategic presentation of the owl within the emblem.

The logo design draws attention to the owl’s bright fluorescent eyes and artfully hints at the mixture of awe and delight that customers can experience when they meet the charismatic waiters at Hooters establishments. It’s as if the owl’s gaze encapsulates the essence of an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The choice of the color orange in the design is not random. Often tied to originality, zest, and vivacity, the hue reinforces the lively and energetic ambiance that Hooters aims to cultivate. The fusion of these design elements not only strengthens brand identity but also resonates with the playful and spirited ethos of the establishment. The design approach provides more than just a visual marker—it gives an insightful peek into the brand’s character and what patrons might expect from a visit.

Kennesaw State Owls

Kennesaw State Owls Logo

Kennesaw State University, renowned for its academic and athletic achievements, chose the owl as the symbol for its football team – the Kennesaw State Owls. The team, competing since 2015 as part of the Big South Conference, proudly dons its emblem of the owl, reflecting both prowess in sports and dedication to academia.

Gold and black, the chosen colors for the emblem, do more than merely showcase the university’s official hues. These colors infuse the logo with a sense of majesty and grandeur, reminiscent of the owl’s natural disposition. Across various cultures and epochs, owls have been associated with wisdom, knowledge, and insight, making them a fitting representation of a higher learning institution’s athletic team.

The depiction of the owl in Kennesaw State’s emblem, while bearing the customary extended talons seen in other athletic logos, presents a more composed and reflective posture. It’s a nod to the balance between athletic vigor and the thirst for knowledge. Combining these elements results in a logo that is a testament to the university’s commitment to sports and educational pursuits.

Kentucky Owl Bourbon

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Logo

Within the realm of historic alcoholic brands, a particular owl emblem emerges prominently. This representation isn’t just an ordinary depiction; it embraces an intricate and classic design that resonates with an age-old aesthetic charm. Such depth in design distinctly contrasts with the modern trend of simplistic branding, a testament to the brand’s dedication to tradition.

This emblem’s motto, “The wise man’s bourbon,” underscores the deep-rooted association between the owl and sagacity. The detailed rendition of the owl instills a sense of nobility, elegance, and distinction.

This design is a bold reminder of a brand’s legacy and commitment to excellence in a branding era that often leans towards contemporary minimalism. This emblem, imbued with rich historical connotations, remains an enduring symbol in today’s fast-evolving beverage market, signifying tradition and unmatched quality.


OVO Logo

October’s Very Own, often abbreviated as OVO, stands as a testament to the fashion influence of Hip Hop artist Aubrey Drake Graham, popularly known as Drake. Delving into the brand’s logo, one can discern the owl-inspired design where the double “O’s” mirror the creature’s eyes and the “V” artfully represents its beak. This symbolic design, characterized by simplicity and minimalism, resonates with the brand’s aesthetic ethos in fashion and design.

The beauty of this design lies in its adaptability. In certain instances, an expanded version of the logo can be observed. This version magnifies the owl’s facial features, emphasizing the striking visual of the eyes paired with the beak, all set on a larger canvas.

OVO’s brand identity, encapsulated in this owl motif, seamlessly combines contemporary fashion sensibilities with a hint of wildlife inspiration. Its understated and bold ability highlights the brand’s commitment to creating a distinctive and memorable image in the sartorial world. The brand captures the attention of fashion enthusiasts and cements its place as an iconic symbol in the industry.

Red Owl

Red Owl Logo

Established in 1922, the Red Owl Company is a testament to the lasting impact of well-branded retail chains in the United States. With its operations overseen by a private investment firm, this grocery store chain became widely recognized for its symbolic red owl that graced various offerings, from food products to the most essentials like herbs and spices.

Choosing a vivid red hue for the owl wasn’t just a whimsical design decision. Such a striking color serves a dual purpose. It acts as a beacon, drawing the gaze of potential customers, be it pedestrians strolling by or motorists in passing vehicles. On the other hand, the boldness of the red combined with the owl’s assertive demeanor encapsulates the brand’s fierce market presence and ambition to stand out in the competitive retail sector.

While owls are typically associated with wisdom and serenity, this depiction diverges slightly from the norm. Its robust and somewhat intense appearance could very well symbolize the brand’s resilience, longevity, and drive to thrive in the ever-evolving world of retail.

Rice Owls

Rice Owls Logo

Rice Owls, stemming from Rice University in Texas, represents an esteemed collegiate sports program in the United States. With 14 diverse teams catering to male and female athletes, this program offers various sports, such as Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer.

The Rice Owls’ emblem showcased an owl – a symbol that resonated deeply with the program’s identity. In 2010, the decision was made to part ways with the bird’s depiction in the logo. The legacy of that iconic image persists. The earlier design portrayed the owl with its wings unfurled, capturing a sense of dynamism and emphasizing the notions of advancement and momentum.

Even without the direct owl imagery, the Rice Owls embody the spirit of determination, agility, and excellence in collegiate sports. The logo’s evolution is a testament to the program’s adaptability and progressive approach while paying homage to its rich heritage. In college sports, where tradition and innovation often intersect, the Rice Owls exemplify how a brand can honor its past while looking ahead to the future.

Standaard Boekhandel

Standaard Boekhandel Logo

The logo of Standaard Boekhandel, a prominent retail chain in Belgium specializing in book sales, among other items like board games, employs the image of an owl in a manner that is both clever and meaningful. The design heavily emphasizes the proportions, particularly focusing on the owl’s eyes, to subtly suggest the significance of reading or keen observation. This makes sense, given the store’s primary merchandise: books.

The structure of the logo also offers an intriguing nuance. The lower section of the owl figure appears to be divided, serving dual symbolic purposes. On one hand, it gives the impression of two distinct wings, emphasizing the bird’s agility and versatility. On the other hand, this division conjures the shape of an open book, subtly reinforcing the store’s literary focus.

By skillfully manipulating design elements, the logo successfully conveys multiple layers of meaning while maintaining aesthetic coherence. It serves as an example of how logos can function as more than just visual identifiers for a business; they can communicate core aspects of the brand’s identity and focus in an evocative yet nuanced manner.

TAS Group

TAS Group Logo

Positioned at the forefront of the Fintech industry, The TAS Group offers cutting-edge platforms that cater to the ever-evolving demands of digital payments, payment networks, and intraday liquidity. Their emblem, the owl, isn’t just an arbitrary choice. It embodies attributes like trustworthiness, sagacity, and profound knowledge, which are paramount in the intricate interplay of finance and technology.

The depiction of the owl diverges from the conventional. Rather than portraying a stoic or authoritative bird, this representation leans towards an abstract, playful, and intriguing design. Such an innovative approach encapsulates the progressive spirit of a Fintech entity, merging tradition with modernity.

Complementing the visually captivating owl is a crisp, sans-serif wordmark in an adept combination of orange and blue. The blue hue underscores stability and trust – two pillars in the financial realm. The vibrant shade of orange signifies innovation, dynamism, and the zest characteristic of the tech-driven world.

The TAS Group’s branding synthesizes essential elements of the finance and technology sectors. It assures stakeholders of its robust foundation in time-tested financial principles while signaling its commitment to innovation and adaptability.

Temple Owls

Temple Owls Logo

Temple University, located in Philadelphia, has historically aligned itself with the symbolism of the owl as its mascot. Recognizing the changing trends and the need for modernization, the institution took the bold step in 2020 to revamp its emblem, transitioning from the familiar owl imagery to a solely typographic design.

The recognition and association of Temple University with the owl imagery remain strong despite the change. For many, the previous emblem is still etched in memory. That earlier depiction presented an owl with a fierce demeanor – its eyes, strikingly illuminated in a vivid shade of yellow, captured the bird’s sharp instincts and predatory essence. Beyond the owl itself, the word “Owls” in the design was imbued with a feather-like texture, adding a touch of realism and connection to the creature.

This metamorphosis in branding Temple Owls showcases Temple University’s forward-thinking approach while underlining its reverence for its heritage. The evolution of the logo reflects a journey from the tangible representation of an owl to an abstract appreciation of its essence. This transition symbolizes not only the adaptability of the institution but also its commitment to keeping its legacy alive in the hearts and minds of its community.


Logo Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor shares the spotlight with establishments such as Hooters in the domain of notable owl-emblazoned brands. Originating from the United States, this digital travel facilitator has, for over two decades, been the compass guiding numerous enthusiasts to exceptional destinations around the world.

Analyzing the Tripadvisor emblem, one finds a masterful blend of design and meaning. The platform communicates a profound message by leveraging the owl’s distinct features. Those piercing eyes of the owl aren’t just aesthetic elements but also symbolize an eagerness for exploration and uncovering hidden gems. A closer observation reveals that these eyes bear a striking resemblance to binoculars. This design choice is no accident. Binoculars, distant observation, and adventure tools echo the platform’s essence – helping users seek and discover remarkable places far and wide.

Through ingenious design choices, Tripadvisor not only positions itself as a guide for global explorers but also emphasizes the thrill of the journey.

Vanoss Gaming

Vanoss Gaming Logo

Evan Fong, hailing from Canada, is better known in the digital realm as Vanoss Gaming. Since inaugurating his YouTube channel in 2011, he has garnered substantial recognition in the video game commentary community.

In the initial stages, Fong opted for a straightforward logo, utilizing the initials “V” and “G” to represent his gaming persona. As time progressed, the logo transformed, incorporating the visage of an owl. This choice wasn’t arbitrary; it mirrors the owl mask that Fong’s character dons in the popular game GTA Online.

This contemporary rendition of the logo encapsulates minimalism at its finest. It highlights the defining features of an owl – the pronounced ears, piercing eyes, and distinct beak. The design’s simplicity complements its elegance, making it easily recognizable and memorable for the channel’s vast audience. Through this symbol, Vanoss Gaming merges the virtual and the symbolic, creating a brand identity that resonates with gamers and viewers alike.

Warren Wilson College

Warren Wilson College Logo

Warren Wilson College, located in North Carolina, boasts a distinctive educational approach. This private liberal arts institution intertwines work, academics, and service in its curriculum, setting itself apart in the academic realm. But, beyond its academic achievements, it has a unique emblem for its athletic teams: an owl.

Contrary to many typical portrayals of owls emphasizing sagacity, Warren Wilson’s emblem leans towards the bird’s formidable side. The emblem spotlights the owl’s stark white talons and expansive wings, drawing attention to its might and capability in the wild. Such a depiction aligns perfectly with the sports arena’s competitive nature.

This emblem, evoking an owl’s power as a formidable predator, aligns seamlessly with the spirit of sports. In the world of athletic competition, where tenacity and strength are celebrated, the chosen representation of the owl at Warren Wilson College symbolizes much more than mere wisdom. It encapsulates the essence of determination, agility, and the will to overcome challenges.

White Owl Cigars

White Owl Cigars Logo

Established in 1887, White Owl Cigars has become a hallmark in the American cigar industry. Owned by Swedish Match, this iconic brand has consistently utilized the imagery of a white owl as its central brand mascot. Making the owl a key element of the brand’s visual identity has stood the test of time and resonates well with a diverse consumer base, nationally and globally.

The logo features a white owl perched atop a cigar, which serves as a creative stand-in for a tree branch. The overall design is more traditional in its approach, emphasizing meticulous detail. This differentiates it from more contemporary or simplistic designs in other branding initiatives. The nuance of the illustration makes the brand instantly recognizable and memorable. Each feather and contour of the cigar has been carefully crafted, imparting an air of authenticity and attention to detail.

Unlike other representations of owls in brand imaging, where the focus might be on the bird’s predatory or aggressive traits, the white owl in this logo exudes a more serene, wise aura. This aligns well with the mature and sophisticated target market associated with cigar aficionados. The white owl is a mascot and an emblem embodying the brand’s values and long-standing reputation for quality. This calculated alignment of visual elements and brand ethos has helped White Owl Cigars maintain its relevance in a highly competitive market, captivating fans from around the globe.

Meaning of brands with owls in their logos

With their enigmatic aura and symbolic depth, owls are frequently chosen as central figures in logo design. Not every business might find them suitable, but these birds can encapsulate many ideas and meanings when thoughtfully incorporated.

Animal motifs in branding aren’t a mere coincidence. A pivotal aspect of crafting a logo is encapsulating and communicating profound sentiments through minimalistic imagery. Such designs often hinge on leveraging universally recognizable symbols to foster an immediate connection with the audience. Naturally, animals, with their deep-rooted cultural and symbolic connotations, emerge as preferred choices.

In the commercial domain, the potency of an animal-centric logo is unmistakable. For instance, the Jaguar emblem effectively harnesses the robust image of the wild cat to symbolize agility and prowess. On the other hand, Porsche’s emblem, even if not solely animal-themed, evokes notions of refinement and grandeur.

Turning the spotlight back on owls, they’re predominantly linked with sagacity. But the beauty of the owl symbol is its adaptability. Beyond wisdom, it embodies diverse meanings, from power and enigma to tenacity.

The academic sector seems to have a preference for owl-centric branding. Institutions of learning leverage the owl’s imagery to reflect values of diligence, intellectual curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. However, the ubiquity of owl logos isn’t confined to academia. Their versatility ensures relevance across diverse sectors.

Owls, as branding elements, can encapsulate:

  • Intelligence and Insight: Globally, tales and folklore celebrate the owl as an epitome of erudition and deep insight.
  • Dominance and Might: Beneath their graceful veneer, owls are potent predators, adept at their survival game.
  • Enigma and Intrigue: The nocturnal tendencies of owls and their distinctive features make them symbolic of mystery.
  • Quest and Exploration: An owl’s expansive vision symbolizes exploration, unearthing the unknown, and venturing beyond the horizon.
  • Distinctiveness and Novelty: With their unique physiological attributes, like the ability to rotate their heads extensively, owls stand out in the avian world, making them apt for brands that wish to underscore their distinct identity.

The symbolism behind famous owl logos

As central figures in logo design, owls offer a rich tapestry of symbolic connotations that can effectively shape a brand’s image. Notable owl logos run the gamut from lighthearted and jovial representations, evident in brands like Hooters, to more authoritative and commanding depictions, as observed in several collegiate athletic emblems.

When embarking on the journey to select a brand symbol, deep reflection on the core values, ideals, and messages that must be communicated is paramount. An owl, for instance, might resonate with brands aiming to project wisdom, mystery, or authority. It’s equally crucial to consider if this symbolism aligns seamlessly with the brand’s ethos and target audience.

For those on the fence about adopting an owl-centric motif, seeking insights from seasoned logo designers can be invaluable. Such professionals understand how to juxtapose brand values with fitting symbolism, ensuring that the final design captivates and resonates with its intended audience. Whether it’s the enigmatic allure of the owl or any other symbol, the right logo can serve as a powerful brand ambassador, encapsulating its essence at a glance.