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The logo of Florida A&M University is a link that connects the entire educational community, including teachers, students, and alumni. It signifies their affiliation with one educational organization. As part of the FAMU brand, the emblem plays an important role in promoting the university and serves as a symbol of pride.

FAMU (Florida A&M University): Brand overview

The official founding date of Florida A&M University is considered to be 1887, when a school for African Americans, operating in Tallahassee on the premises of Lincoln Academy, was renamed State Normal College for Colored Students. In 1891, it moved to the site of the former Highwood plantation, which previously belonged to William Pope Duval. The educational buildings were located right in the plantation buildings, creating an oppressive atmosphere for students whose ancestors could have been slaves (in the mid-19th century, Tallahassee was a center of the slave trade). FAMU became a university only after the adoption of the Buckman Act in 1905. It was then that Duval’s mansion burned down, after which a new construction campaign began. The university received its current name in 1953. Since then, it has transformed into a promising educational institution with over 10,000 students.

Meaning and History

Florida A&M University Logo History

Florida A&M University, like other American educational institutions, has its own system of visual symbols. At its core are the brand colors: green and orange. They ensure the design’s integrity, which is important for a university that manages many different colleges and schools. FAMU’s logos and seal demonstrate its uniqueness and diversity. They connect the entire university community, allowing its members to feel a part of a friendly collective. The appealing brand helps the university attract new students and potential investors to expand educational programs.

What is Florida A&M University?

Florida A&M University is a higher education institution established in 1887 specifically for African Americans. Its main campus is in Tallahassee, with additional locations in other areas of Florida. FAMU provides accessible, high-quality education and conducts research in various scientific fields. The university has its own sports team, known as the Rattlers, participating in NCAA Division I.

The FAMU branding guidelines state that this text mark is used as an alternative logo. It contains the name of the educational institution, styled in different colors and fonts. In the center are large green letters “A” and “M,” separated by an overlaid orange ampersand. To the left is the black word “Florida,” and to the right – “University.” They are underscored by thin green lines extending from the “A” and “M.”

1987 – today

Florida A&M University Logo

The Seal

Florida A&M University Seal Logo

The university is very strict about using its seal, so it cannot be depicted in advertising materials. It adorns the university’s official documents, including graduates’ diplomas, and is sometimes found on business cards and official letterheads.

A dark green triangular shield in the central circle with two inverted arches at the top. It is divided into four parts by a white cross, inside which the founding year of the educational institution, 1887, is indicated. Above the shield is the orange word “HEAD,” below it – “FIELD,” to the right – “HAND,” to the left – “HEART.” These are the core values of FAMU, which educates students in science and physical labor. Beyond the green circle are depicted:

  • A hand holding a torch (a symbol of enlightenment);
  • A plow (hinting at the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences);
  • A mechanical gear (referring to the School of Architecture and Engineering Technology);
  • An open book (embodying accessible knowledge).

Each drawing is positioned opposite one of the words corresponding to its meaning. The name of the educational institution occupies the space between the pictograms without the conjunction: “FLORIDA AGRICULTURAL MECHANICAL UNIVERSITY.” The outer contour of the seal is decorated with numerous sharp protrusions, making it resemble the sun or a gear.

FAMU Emblem

FAMU Emblem

According to the university’s standards, this emblem is its primary official logo. It consists of two parts with different designs.

  1. A large green rectangle on the left contains the white letters “FAMU.”
  2. On the right is the full name of the university. It is divided into four lines and is in bold font, except for the conjunction “AND,” which consists of thin glyphs. The text is placed inside tall square brackets in orange color.

This design creates a balance between the two halves of the logo, one of which appears visually heavy and the other – empty.

Font and Colors

Florida A&M University Symbol

Florida A&M University’s typography features various types of fonts. For instance, the text mark is designed in a contrasting serif font with thin serifs. On the other hand, the logo with the rectangle contains inscriptions in bold grotesque. A similar font, but with more elongated glyphs, is used in the circular seal. This demonstrates the university’s rich diversity.

Logo Florida A&M University

In all of FAMU’s visual symbols, its official colors are present: orange (#EE7624) and green (#1B5633). The first is associated with Florida’s developed citrus industry, and the second is with agricultural plants.