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FaZe Clan Logo

FaZe Clan Logo
FaZe Clan Logo PNG

FaZe Clan is an American CS: GO esports community. He is a participant in the world-famous Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Overwatch competitions. Now it consists of European players.

Meaning and History

FaZe Clan Symbol

What is FaZe Clan?

It is a U.S. company that owns esports teams. It all started with the Call of Duty clan, which consisted of three people. Then new gamers joined him, and over time, the organization began to participate in tournaments for other games.

The logo appeared in 2016 when FaZe ClipZ created a team to publish Trick Shots on Call of Duty on YouTube. Its author is an independent graphic designer known online as Ferox. He was inspired by โ€‹โ€‹combining two characters (F and C), which are the first letters of the organization’s compound name. Depicted them as horizontal and vertical stripes of varying lengths.

The original version consisted of an inverted F and C in the familiar spelling. The main color was red; the background color was white. Then the logo was changed with minor changes. The iconic form remains the same in the updated version, but the palette has become more diverse. Many new colors have appeared: dark blue, yellow, and black, which follows the contour.

Sometimes, instead of a graphic symbol, a word sign is used, developed at the start of FaZe Clan’s career. It is a word written in a custom font, where each character is individually designed from scratch. Outwardly, this logo seems unusual since it has different angles and lengths of the crossbars.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

FaZe Clan Emblem

The evolution of the North American esports team’s branding started with the intersection of short and long lines. As conceived by the author, they denote two capital letters taken from the community – F and C. A distinctive feature of both elements is right angles and sharp ends. The beveled cut creates this effect at the edge. Simultaneously, the upper stripes are always longer than the lower ones, which is also typical of the modern version.

The color scheme of the logo changed frequently. The debut version was completely red. Then white was added to it. And over time, yellow and dark blue appeared. This is directly related to the team’s composition: it is assumed that the colors represent the countries from which the team members came. Bright colors are concentrated in the upper left corner of the logo. The rest is red, the edging is black, with a uniform perimeter coverage.