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The official FIU logo embodies the historical roots of the higher education institution. It conveys the unique university spirit, continuity of generations, and loyalty to traditions. At the same time, it is a modern emblem that reflects the ambition to grow, progress, and take pride in students’ achievements.

FIU: Brand overview

Founder:Florida Legislature
Miami, Florida, United States
FIU (Florida International University) is a higher education institution in the United States located in Miami, Florida. It ranks among the top three largest universities in the state and is in the top five nationwide in terms of the number of students. It holds the highest academic category, R1, confirming active research work. The institution was founded by SACS in 1965 as a school and gained university status in 1972.

Meaning and History

FIU Logo History

FIU owes its existence to Senator Ernest “Cap” Graham, who, in 1943, raised the issue of opening a university in Miami-Dade County due to the growing population. However, his proposal was not considered by the state legislature at the time. Nonetheless, the official persisted and insisted on the need for a university. Eventually, he reached the regional leadership, and in 1964, the state governor Robert M. Haverfield commissioned the development of its implementation plan.

The visual identity of the educational institution was initially accepted in the form of an academic seal, reflecting two factors:

  • The close connection of the university with the region where it is located;
  • The advantage of education and the knowledge it provides.

In addition, the emblem serves an informative purpose, as it contains the full name of the university and the year it was founded. The seal is used on all official documents, while the FIU logo is found on educational materials, souvenirs, promotional media, on the website, and for other purposes.

The emblem is exclusively textual, consisting only of the university’s name, presented in two forms:

  • The short form is an abbreviation set in uppercase block letters. The massive letters with wide serifs are colored dark blue and outlined by a golden border.
  • The full name is located to the right and occupies three lines, left-aligned. It is written in a bold serif font, with all glyphs uppercase.

A vertical line, equal in height to the three-level inscription and block letters, separates the right and left parts. It is colored the same as the outline.

What is FIU?

FIU is an abbreviation for Florida International University, the third-largest university in the state and the fifth in the US by the number of students enrolled. It was opened in 1965 as a school but gradually grew into a higher education institution of the R1 category. Its founder is SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), initiated by Senator Ernest “Cap” Graham. The university is located in Miami, Florida.

before 2005

Florida International University Logo before 2005

The FIU logo features a gold seal, which consists of several concentric circles. At the center, there is a triangular heraldic shield with the Latin inscription “SPES SCIENTIA FACULTAS” at the top. Beneath the motto are the following:

  • a torch – symbolizing enlightenment;
  • a globe (western hemisphere) – representing the university’s global influence;
  • an open book – embodying knowledge.

Below the shield is a scroll with the university’s founding year, adorned with two laurel branches signifying primacy and achievements. The seal is surrounded by a ring with the inscription “FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY MIAMI.”

The second part of the logo is a dark blue wordmark. In the top right corner is the large abbreviation “FIU.” The full name of the institution is written beneath it. A straight-serif font is used for this text fragment. The phrase “Miami’s public research university” at the bottom is written in elegant italics.

2005 – 2009

Florida International University Logo 2005

The logo from this period is not particularly original. It consists of a dark blue inscription, “FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.” Although all letters are uppercase, the initials “F,” “I,” and “U” are slightly enlarged. The contrasting serif font appears rather strict but dynamic.

2009 – today

Florida International University Logo

The main logo consists of the printed letters “FIU” and the university’s full name. In the horizontal version, the text “FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY” occupies three lines and is aligned to the left edge along a thin vertical line that separates it from “FIU.” All inscriptions are dark blue, with the abbreviation featuring an additional outline. The outline and the dividing line are the same gold color. The font of the two emblem parts differs. The standalone “F,” “I,” and “U” are bold, massive, and have rectangular serifs, while the other glyphs use the Adobe Garamond typeface with thin, elegant serifs.


Florida International University Seal Logo

The academic seal reflects the university’s heritage, its core values, and priorities, which are manifested in every detail of FIU’s visual identity.

  • First, it is worth noting the circular shape, reminiscent of the classic rondel that forms the basis of most American emblems.
  • Second, the eye is drawn to the triangular shield, divided into four sectors with a torch, a globe, an open book, and the Latin slogan “Spes Scientia Facultas.”
  • Third, attention is attracted to the two palm branches with long leaves. They originate from the ribbon with the university’s founding year and stretch upward.
  • Fourth, the design features a wide band formed by two rings, between which the university’s full name and location are placed.

All elements of Florida International University’s seal are colored gold. The inscription is set in a typeface similar to the one chosen for the logo.

Font and Colors

FIU Emblem

Adobe Garamond and Adobe Bembo typefaces are used for inscriptions in the seal and FIU logo. They consist of bold letters with serifs and are applied to all main communications. Block glyphs are drawn, extra-bold, with large rectangular serifs. For headlines, subheadlines, and university documents, New Frank and Furore are recommended.

FIU Symbol

The official color palette includes two colors, both of which appear in the university’s visual identity. They are dark blue and gold. Their combination creates an aura of nobility and high intellect.

FIU color codes

Space CadetHex color:#081e3f
RGB:8 30 63
CMYK:87 52 0 75
Pantone:PMS 282 C
Dark GoldenrodHex color:#b6862c
RGB:182 134 44
CMYK:0 26 76 29
Pantone:PMS 7551 C