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Fnatic’s logo symbolizes unity and teamwork. The emblem demonstrates the power of collective effort when each player’s strengths are optimally utilized. This way, participants come together to form an invincible super-warrior.

Fnatic: Brand overview

Founded:23 July 2004
London, U.K.
Fnatic is a British esports operator with international teams competing in major gaming disciplines (such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and League of Legends). Founded in 2004 by 18-year-old rugby player Sam Mathews, community members have participated in 600 tournaments, claiming 370 medals.

Meaning and History

Fnatic Logo History

Despite several rebranding efforts, the emblem’s core elements remain consistent: a schematic representation and the name in black capital letters. This consistency shows that over 20 years, the company’s primary mission and objectives have remained the same – to unite strong players and participate in professional, fair competitions. The organization seems to have crafted its glyph of strength that encapsulates its essence. Thus, there’s no need to change it.

What is Fnatic? 

An esports organization that has won over $15 million in tournaments and competitions and has consistently ranked in the top 5 of its category for 15 years. They are one of the founding members of G7 Teams. They own the esports store Bunkr and produce their lines of gear and sportswear.

2004 – 2015

Fnatic Logo 2004

At the top of the emblem is an orange composition reminiscent of Chinese glyphs. The schematic representation appears to be:

  • A rebus in which the name is encoded. The same lines play the role of glyphs of different letters. The result is an image where the letters of the inscription overlay each other. This design symbolizes stationary movement since esports are competitions where the player remains seated. It also signifies unity. The players’ strength lies in teamwork. Each member contributes their unique abilities to form a powerful team. This theory is further reinforced by orange – a color of communication and collaboration.
  • A figure of an esports athlete. Overlaying the images of letters on each other creates a superhero, a ninja warrior proficient in martial arts. Hence, the drawing’s resemblance to a Chinese character.
  • A bird. According to some interpretations, the emblem features a phoenix as a symbol of the ability to accept defeat, rise from the ashes, and start anew. This approach has enabled the organization to thrive for 20 years and consistently rise to the top.
  • A butterfly, symbolizing the butterfly effect on the future. Even minor events in the present impact humanity’s future. It’s a symbol of inspiration and passion for the game. The main reason Mathews founded Fnatic was the desire to compete not just once a week but every day.

Below the drawing is an inscription spanning the image’s width. The letters seem to form a foundation or ground beneath one’s feet. The square shape of the symbols further hints at teamwork.

2015 – 2020

Fnatic Logo 2015

In 2013, Anne Mathews – Sam’s mother, became the executive director. She had a significant influence on Fnatic’s development. By 2015, the hue of the emblem shifted from light orange to a darker shade, and the glyphs of the “hieroglyph” were made bolder, signifying the company’s decade-long experience. The organization had the most successful Counter-Strike team, winning eight titles.

2020 – today

Fnatic Logo

In 2019, the company raised $19 million for restructuring and expansion, aiming to cover Asian and North American regions and increase the staff from 150 to 1,000.

The new logo, reflecting the company’s ambitious plans, is more abstract. The figure consists of strict geometric lines with sharp edges reminiscent of a samurai sword.

The changes indicate a transformation from a young and energetic entity to an experienced organization and a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Beyond expansion, the organization plans to bolster its warriors with special nutrition, new psychology programs, and physical training, making them strong competitors.

Font and Colors

Orange and black are the two main colors in Fnatic’s palette. Orange represents teamwork and communication, embodying a team with a friendly and warm atmosphere. It signifies competitions and tournaments – activities that involve close human interactions. The black color symbolizes the players’ power, invincibility, and self-confidence.

The font resembles a transformed Sporty Pro Bold. Square letters with rounded lines and sharp ends speak to strength, agility, and dominance on the battlefield.