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The logo of Food Darzee represents the brand’s dedication to providing personalized nutrition solutions tailored to each individual’s dietary needs. Food Darzee operates like a “darzee” or tailor-made food, crafting meals that meet its customers’ nutritional profiles and health goals. The emblem underscores the company’s focus on customization in nutrition, highlighting its unique approach to health and wellness. The logo embodies the brand’s mission to deliver personalized, chef-prepared meals that meet the unique dietary requirements of each customer, setting it apart in the meal delivery service market.

Food Darzee: Brand overview

In 2017, Anjali Gandhi, Devrath Bhatia, and Aasim Sheikh started Food Darzee because they saw that people in cities wanted easy ways to eat healthily. Gandhi, a certified dietician, and her partners wanted to create a service that could help people eat right, whether they wanted to lose weight, gain muscle, or just be healthier. What makes Food Darzee special is how it lets customers choose meal plans just for them. They use fresh ingredients for every dish, make them daily, and deliver them straight to your door, making eating well easy and high-quality.

Right from the start, Food Darzee stood out by making everything personal. They use technology to keep improving their meal plans, which a team of dietitians carefully designs to meet each person’s different eating needs. This has been a big part of their success.

Food Darzee quickly became popular in Mumbai, taking advantage of the growing online shopping and food delivery trend. They also made most people more interested in eating healthily. The company grew and started serving more cities in India, like Bangalore, Delhi, and Pune, reaching out to even more people.

In 2018, the company got some money from investors, which helped it grow even more and improve its technology. This included making an app that made it easier for customers to look at menus, customize their meal plans, and track their deliveries.

Food Darzee has been doing even more lately, like adding vegan and vegetarian options and plans for snacks and juices. They’ve also started working with companies to offer healthy eating options at work. Now, Food Darzee is a leader in delivering personalized healthy meals in India and is known for being trustworthy and innovative.

Food Darzee’s story shows how personalizing food, making it convenient, and focusing on health can change how people eat. With the help of technology and their expertise, they make it easy for people to choose healthier food options without giving up taste or convenience.

As more people in India want to eat healthily, Food Darzee is in a great spot to keep growing. They’re all about putting their customers first, using technology to meet their needs, and building a strong brand. Food Darzee is set to stay at the top of the game in personalized nutrition for a long time.

Meaning and History

Food Darzee Logo History

What is Food Darzee?

Food Darzee, founded in 2017 in Mumbai, India, is committed to providing healthy and customized meal options. The company aims to offer a convenient way for people to maintain a balanced diet without the hassle of cooking. Food Darzee features a diverse menu created by professional dietitians and chefs tailored to each client’s health goals and dietary preferences. Their offerings include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks from fresh, nutritious ingredients. By delivering meals directly to homes or offices, Food Darzee makes it easier for busy individuals to access nutritious food options.

2017 – 2020

Food Darzee Logo 2017

Between 2017 and 2020, Food Darzee introduced its initial logo, choosing the Indian name “Darzee,” which means “tailor.” This name set the tone for their brand identity, emphasizing tailored nutrition comparable to custom-made clothing. They selected ingredients known for their health benefits and taste, customizing each meal to fit individual dietary needs.

The slogan “tailor-made nutrition” further explained the brand’s focus, demonstrating that diets are personalized to meet specific tastes and requirements. The logo features white dots and a winding thread that resembles stitches, linking the brand to the craftsmanship of tailoring, where every item is made to fit precisely.

Like a bindi, the logo’s round element connects the brand to Indian traditions. In Indian culture, a bindi signifies awareness and spiritual growth, thus enhancing the logo by associating these qualities with the brand’s approach to nutrition. It suggests that their food nourishes the body while also catering to the overall wellness of the customer.

This round symbol also indicates Food Darzee’s all-inclusive service, which covers everything from designing personalized menus to sourcing ingredients and delivering them to the customer’s home. This logo feature underlines the company’s commitment to health and convenience, ensuring comprehensive care in their clients’ dietary routines.

2020 – today

Food Darzee Logo

In 2020, Food Darzee updated its visual identity to make its logo lighter and airier, focusing on innovation, health, and customer care. The logo now has a yellow square background, representing the sun, energy, optimism, harmony, and warmth. This reflects the company’s goal to help customers reach their nutrition and health targets.

At the logo’s center is a stylized musical note. It represents harmony and balance, underscoring that good nutrition leads to a healthy, balanced life. The logo suggests that following Food Darzee’s dietary advice helps keep the body in tune, much like a well-played song.

The logo includes a pentagon, highlighting the company’s diverse menu options, such as keto, vegan, and low-calorie dishes. This shape shows Food Darzee’s commitment to catering to different dietary needs.

Interestingly, the logo features the website address at the bottom instead of the brand name. This change makes placing orders easier for potential customers, highlighting the company’s dedication to convenience.

Despite the logo’s cheerful and welcoming design, it might be unclear to those unfamiliar with the brand. This points to the need for additional marketing to explain the logo’s symbols and colors and share the company’s main values and offerings.

Font and Colors

The logo features a bold sans-serif font against the yellow background, conveying efficiency and modernity. Using all capitals in the tagline and the website URL imparts a sense of importance and formality, suggesting that the services offered, likely related to health, are significant.

A consistent font style throughout the logo ensures a cohesive and harmonious design. While there is no size or font style variation to differentiate elements within the logo, spatial placement establishes an information hierarchy.

The phrase “THE KEY TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH” is prominent at the top, serving as the primary message. The website, positioned at the bottom, is perceived as additional information, directing viewers where to go for more details.

The black text on a yellow background is a classic combination for high visibility, often found in warning signs. In this context, the bright yellow may subtly play on the importance of health. The bright yellow evokes energy and vitality, which are relevant for a brand associated with good health.

The logo’s simplicity of font, stark color contrast, and clear messaging make it memorable and effectively communicate its intended idea.


Who is the owner of Food Darzee?

Food Darzee is an Indian company that creates personalized meal plans for people, focusing on their health goals and what they like to eat. The company’s founders are entrepreneurs who believe in making healthy eating easy and available for everyone.

Anik Bhandari and Anirudh Ganeriwal started Food Darzee together. Anik has a background in business and marketing, which helps him grow the company. He’s also started another company, showing he’s good at handling business challenges. Anirudh looks after how the company runs, what products it develops, and how it talks to customers. He’s also started another company, proving he’s committed to solving problems for customers.

Usually, in new companies like Food Darzee, the CEO is the one who started the company. This person leads the company, makes important decisions, and talks to the public and people invested in the company. The company also has directors, including the founders and maybe some outside experts, who ensure the company is doing what it should, working efficiently, and meeting its goals. These directors can also advise to help the company grow.

What is the name of the company Food Darzee?

Food Darzee is a part of 3CAD Hospitality LLP, a business set up in India. This kind of company, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), gives its owners less risk if things go wrong. They can run the business together without worrying too much about personal losses.

The company started in 2008, following India’s rules for LLPs. These rules ensure companies like 3CAD Hospitality LLP are properly set up and run.

3CAD Hospitality’s main office is in Mumbai, at 207, Veena Beena Shopping Center, Turner Road, Bandra (West), with the zip code 400050. This is where all the important business stuff happens, like paperwork and official meetings.

3CAD Hospitality LLP, the company behind Food Darzee, enjoys some perks as an LLP. It can be flexible in how it’s run, and the owners are not personally on the hook for debts. It might even get some tax breaks. All this helps Food Darzee focus on making and delivering meals specially designed for each customer’s health goals.

Is Food Darzee in Chandigarh?

Food Darzee is now in Chandigarh because lots of people asked for it. They also started serving in Jaipur. If you live in Chandigarh, you can sign up for Food Darzee’s meal plans, which are made just for you. Just go to their website at to subscribe. Food Darzee wants to help more people by making meals that meet their health and diet needs. So, if you’re in Chandigarh and want meals that fit what you like to eat, check out Food Darzee.

Does food darzee deliver to Bangalore?

Food Darzee delivers to several big cities in India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. If you’re in Bangalore, you can deliver their healthy meal plans to your door. They offer a variety of meals that fit different diet needs and goals.

If you need food delivered in Bangalore, you can change your delivery location in the Food Darzee app. Remember to do this by 10 am before you want your delivery. This helps Food Darzee plan their deliveries better so your food arrives fresh and tasty.

The app makes it easy to change your delivery spot, which is great if you often move around or visit different cities that Food Darzee serves. For anyone in Bangalore, whether you live there or are just passing through, Food Darzee’s service is a handy way to eat healthy without much hassle.

Is Food Darzee in Hyderabad?

Yes, Food Darzee delivers in Hyderabad and other big cities in India, such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. This means people living or visiting Hyderabad can get healthy meals delivered that fit their diet goals, whether trying to eat better or following specific diet plans.

Using the Food Darzee app, you can change where you want your meals delivered if you do it by 10 am the day before. This is handy if you move around or switch your delivery spot.

Losing weight with Food Darzee depends on your current weight, what you like to eat, and your lifestyle. Food Darzee focuses on meals that are good for you and can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. How much weight you lose can vary because everyone’s body and lifestyle differ. Eating these healthy meals, working out, and maybe talking to a nutritionist or doctor to ensure the plan fits you is a good idea for the best results.