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It is not known for certain who created the Freemason logo. The symbol system of this movement began to develop in the late 16th century when societies of free masons – the predecessors of Freemasonry – emerged. Since they were builders, the emblem includes the main attributes of medieval architects: the compass and the square.

Freemason: Brand overview

Strict confidentiality, ritual systems, faith in the Great Architect of the Universe, secret meetings, concealed passwords, active charity work, a good reputation for each participant, and a ban on religious and political discussions – all this best characterizes Freemasonry. The ancient movement originated as a brotherhood, so traditions forbid accepting women into it. However, there is Liberal Freemasonry, which removes existing restrictions and interprets all rules in its own way.

Meaning and History

Freemason Logo History

Freemasonry originated from the guilds of stonemasons, that is, those who created sculptures, buildings, and other architectural structures from stone. The modern brotherhood dates back to the end of the 13th century, when its symbol system also originated, which has hardly changed over time. Traditional signs reflect moral principles – what masons adhere to. Most of the symbolism is related to stonemasons, including, for example, the ashlar, gavel, level, and plumb. However, the most famous Freemason logo is a combination of the square and compass. These are the main attributes of a medieval architect. They are often used in various Masonic rituals.

The square is depicted at the bottom and has the shape of the letter “V” with a right angle. The open compass is located above and intersects its ends with the two sides of the square. Together they form a kind of diamond, inside which, in English-speaking countries, there is often a large black letter “G.” It is believed that it stands for the word “God,” as all members of the movement must necessarily believe in the so-called Great Architect of the Universe. According to another version, “G” stands for “Geometry,” since the work of stonemasons was based on this science in the past, and now the concept of Freemasonry is built upon it.

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a transnational organization about which little is known. It is far from religion and politics, and its participants maintain anonymity and use a whole system of passwords and signs to distinguish each other from the uninitiated. Most Masonic lodges have specific functions, most often related to charity. The main goals of Freemasonry are the unification of humanity and moral self-improvement.

Freemason symbols have a deep meaning, which corresponds to the global goals of the fraternity: to unite humanity and morally self-improve. It is believed that the compass outlines the Mason and allows him to stay within the boundaries of society, while the square helps to restrain oneself, one’s needs, desires, and actions.

Font and Colors

Freemason Emblem

Since the Freemasons do not have dogmas, there are no strict rules defining the appearance of their symbols. However, the letter “G” in the logo is most often depicted in a bold geometric font with large serifs and rounded corners. The black “G” is usually surrounded by white instruments with black outlines.

Freemason Symbol

Freemason color codes

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