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The G4S logo cleverly uses negative space as a key design element. The designers integrated the number “4” into the emblem by placing it within the space created by two red geometric shapes, fragments of a broad diagonal stripe. The remaining letters, “G” and “S,” are depicted in standard black but bear unconventional forms, with one being rather inflated and the other appearing shortened.

The imaginative use of negative space for the digit “4” not only helps distinguish the logo from others but also demonstrates the company’s innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. The red geometric forms add a touch of vibrancy to the emblem and represent energy, strength, and passion – attributes often associated with the color red.

The altered form of the black letters “G” and “S” further exemplifies the brand’s uniqueness and creativity. Bloated and shortened shapes introduce an element of visual intrigue, indicating the company’s willingness to adapt and change to meet customer needs.

The logo of this security company effectively communicates its dynamic, innovative, and customer-centric approach through its visually striking and thoughtfully crafted design.

G4S: Brand overview

Founder:Allied Universal
London, England, UK

G4S, a multinational private security company, has revolutionized the security industry for over 16 years. Since its establishment in 2004 through the merger of Securicor and Group 4 Falck, G4S has become a prominent and influential force in the field.

The strategic merger of Securicor and Group 4 Falck allowed G4S to harness the strengths and expertise of both companies, creating a powerhouse in security services.

Securicor, established in 1935, has a rich history of delivering reliable security services.

Group 4 Falck, with a legacy dating back to 1901, has been at the forefront of security and emergency services.

G4S has established itself as a go-to security provider for governments, businesses, and organizations worldwide through its global reach and comprehensive range of services.

Meaning and History

G4S Logo History

The company’s emblem has remained unchanged for the last twenty years. It is based on information about all past companies that helped shape the current enterprise. The mark demonstrates respect and the ability to honor traditions and memory. The logo endows military actions with noble meanings and higher purposes. A key characteristic of the mark is its brevity. Warriors are not tied to a place; they are always ready to march. Minimalism reflects purposefulness, quick response and reminds military commands. A single word is enough to mobilize an entire army.

What is G4S?

A private military formation that outnumbers the regular armies of most European countries. It deals with security issues, transportation of valuables and ammunition, participation in armed conflicts, and maintaining order. It owns 91% of Hashmira in Israel and Wackenhut in the USA. It actively resolves the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, protects the seaports of Estonia, government structures in Latvia, private prisons in the USA, and Africa. The headquarters is in London.

G4S is the largest private military company in the world. It provides security for organizations, private individuals, defense facilities, government bodies, etc. It has 800,000 trained employees. The organization’s offices are in 100 countries. The company is actively growing, acquiring companies worldwide: Scottish Rock Steady Group, RONCO Consulting Corporation, ArmorGroup International, and 12 other companies bought in 10 years. The turnover of funds for private military services amounts to 20 billion dollars. It has been owned by Allied Universal since 2021.

2004 – today

G4S Logo

The company’s logo is made in the avant-garde style. A British design agency, Stylus, designed it.

Black letters G and S partially touch the red strip, which runs diagonally. Sharp and rounded corners of the strip extend beyond the letters. On the red canvas, elements of the white number 4 are visible, like a lace pattern. Because of this, the strip seems to be divided into three separate islands. The longest line of the number 4 merges with the white background, and it takes imagination to see it.

G4S – it’s an abbreviation for Group 4 Securicor. The name was derived by combining the names of two companies that formed the organization: the British Securicor and the Danish Group 4 Falck. The latter was, in turn, formed by Group 4 and Falck. The synthesis of names suggests that the company has deep roots and extensive experience in providing services for rescue and military operations, as the oldest of the companies, which became Group 4 in 1968, has existed since 1901.

The number 4 signified the union of four British subsidiaries of Swedish Securitas AB into one separate independent structure. The half-visible semi-transparent image of the number four in the logo refers to the past. The history of mergers is no longer relevant.

The word Securicor shares roots with the name of the Roman goddess of safety and stability, Securitas. Her name meant “deliverance from anxiety.”

The red dividing line hints at two separate companies. At the same time, it embodies tension, military conflicts, and danger. The company helps to distinguish the two sides and create a buffer line. G4S comes where there is a battle and blood is shed. It’s her element. The rounding of two out of 4 corners in the red banner personifies the smoothing of conflicts.

The red line also resembles a unit. The number 4 on it indicates that each warrior fights for four.

All emblem elements are grouped and united into a single whole to demonstrate the fighters’ coordination and the blows’ precision.

Font and Colors

The G4S logo resembles a fist strike and a torch soaring into the sky. This combination forms an impression of the organization as an alliance of selfless, brave, and strong warriors ready to fight for a righteous cause.

The contrasting color palette reveals the entire range of driving emotions and physical capabilities of the military units.

  • Black – its strength and fortitude, readiness to draw and hold borders, to achieve goals. The shade symbolizes weapons, trenches, and heavy training.
  • Red – embodies the flame of conflict, dangerous emotions, unstoppable energy, and combat power, characteristic of G4S units. Indicates the color for quick response, maneuverability, and surprise. Red – the color of blood that the fighters shed.
  • White color speaks of the desire to fight for the truth, to protect the innocent, and to stand on the side of justice.

The bold lines of the letters hint at the strength, physical preparation of the fighters. The company’s contingent is an impressive, powerful link in the chain of defense and protection for any customer.

G4S color codes

RuddyHex color:#fc1b24
RGB:252 27 36
CMYK:0 89 86 1
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C