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The roots of this institution go back to distant times, so the logo of Georgetown University and its seal is, in essence, history portrayed in graphic form. Primarily, they reflect devotion to God, country, and knowledge, love for the land and music, and the pursuit of victories. These feelings are concentrated in simple but symbolic images that succinctly embody the worldview.

Georgetown University: Brand overview

Founded:January 23, 1789
Founder:John Carroll
Washington, D.C., U.S.

Georgetown University is an American higher education institution offering education in 48 master’s and bachelor’s programs. Its students study law, diplomacy, medicine, and business and participate in sports competitions at various levels as part of the Hoyas athletic department. The university was established in 1789 as a college and grew into a prestigious educational institution with a rigorous selection of applicants. Its founder was Bishop John Carroll, and it is located in the District of Columbia, Washington.

This educational institution was conceived as a college controlled by Jesuits from the Society of Jesus. The land was specifically acquired for it, with the purchase completed in the winter of 1789. The location of the site significantly influenced the university, as the administrative name of the Washington area was passed on to it – Georgetown University.

Initially, the college faced significant financial problems, but over time it was reformed. For example, in the spring of 1815, the fourth US President, James Madison Jr., signed a law allowing the university to award higher education degrees. The main milestones of its history are reflected in its visual identity. Even the textual logo conveys a connection with those who were at the origins of the university. However, most of the evidence is present in the academic seal.

Meaning and History

Georgetown University Logo History

The entire visual identity of Georgetown University is inspired by the past, yet modern and relevant for the 21st century. It meets key requirements of typography and graphics, informatively reflecting essential information about the university and supporting communication at all levels.

What is Georgetown University?

Georgetown University is a higher education institution in Washington, District of Columbia. It was established in 1789 and was once affiliated with Catholics, but it has since moved away from this religious denomination and accepts students of all faiths. The university offers education in 48 master’s and bachelor’s degree programs. The founder of the university is the Society of Jesus, represented by Bishop John Carroll. Today, it is a prestigious educational center with a rigorous selection process for applicants.

before 2011

Georgetown University Logo before 2011

This logo consists of two parts: a wordmark and a seal. On the left is the name Georgetown University, divided into two lines and aligned to the right edge. In the first word, only the initial “G” is capitalized, and all other letters are lowercase. The second half of the inscription is entirely in uppercase. The elegant serif font is similar to Gemerald Regular by GemFonts or Palladio FS Regular by FontSite Inc.

The seal depicted next to the wordmark has a long history. It inherited its shape and many elements from an oval emblem adopted in the late 1790s when Louis William Valentine was the university’s president. Changes were made to it over several centuries, but in 1977 a version closest to the original was approved.

  • The eagle in the center with a heraldic shield refers to the Great Seal of the U.S., created in 1782. It symbolizes national unity, American freedom, and strength.
  • The cross in the bird’s left claw represents the Christian heritage of Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in the U.S.
  • The globe in the right claw signifies rational knowledge and points to the global nature of the education provided by the institution.
  • The harp above the eagle’s head is a symbol of inspiration. It likely refers to the Faculty of Arts, where students study music, theater, painting, and other disciplines.
  • The stars (8 on each side) represent the 16 states that were part of the U.S. when DuBourg managed the university.
  • The unfolded scroll in the bird’s beak contains the Latin inscription “UTRAQUE UNUM.” It was taken from the sacred text Book of Ephesians and, in this case, indicates the absence of contradictions between education and religion.
  • The phrase “COLLEGIUM GEORGIOPOLITANUM AD RIPAS POTOMACI IN MARYLANDIA” in the oval frame reminds us that the institution was founded in the Province of Maryland, which was not yet part of the District of Columbia.
  • The wreath made of two branches has different interpretations. Some researchers believe it represents an oak – a symbol of independence and strength. According to another opinion, the emblem features olive leaves – an embodiment of peace. A third version suggests it is laurel, associated with success.
  • The number “1789” marks the founding year of Georgetown College, which laid the foundation for Georgetown University.

2011 – today

Georgetown University Logo

The Georgetown University logo is a wordmark. It consists of the name of the educational institution, arranged in two levels with center alignment. The lower line harmoniously occupies the space between the first and last letters of the word in the upper row. The italicized inscription looks intellectual, old-fashioned, and elegant, as the font Adobe Caslon dates back to the 18th century.

  • Graceful “N” and “G” resemble elements of a monogram in a vignette style. They have elongated legs, extended silhouettes, and smooth curves.
  • The glyphs are bold, but with refinements in some places, adding aristocracy and gracefulness to them. They are not connected to each other but are positioned at a minimal distance.
  • All letters have even serifs that are characterized by symmetry, smoothness, and well-proportioned features. The “G” and “N” also have points at their ends.

The text is set on a white background and is colored in a dark shade of blue. This is the official color of the university, called Georgetown Blue. It dates back to the Civil War era and, along with Georgetown Gray, symbolizes the union of students from the northern and southern regions of the country.

The Seal

Georgetown University Seal Logo

The Georgetown University seal did not appear immediately: it was adopted during the tenure of its third president, Louis William DuBourg. The design is based on the Great Seal of the United States, with some elements replaced. This was done intentionally to emphasize the official nature of the emblem and the unity of the university and the country where it is located. The center of the emblem is an eagle, depicted with wings widely spread and raised above its head. The bird holds:

  • in its beak – a scroll with a Latin inscription (the university slogan “Utraque Unum”);
  • in its right talon – a globe lined with meridians and parallels (symbolizing rational knowledge);
  • in its left talon – a large cross (representing the Christian faith, as the university was founded by the Society of Jesus).

All elements are closely related. For example, the text on the fluttering ribbon explains the presence of the two lower details in the logo. That is, the inscription “Both are One” (translated into English) indicates that both rational knowledge (the globe) and faith in God (the Christian cross) are essential for a person. Therefore, there should be no conflict between science and religion.

The bird is surrounded by 16 stars (8 on each side), an inscription, and a wreath of oak and laurel branches tied together at the bottom with a ribbon. When the seal first appeared, it had an oval shape. However, in 1844, designers made it round at the university’s request. It remained in this form until 1977, after which it was returned to its original design – the oval.

Font and Colors

Georgetown University Emblem

Georgetown University’s visual identity is based on the Adobe Caslon font, which dates back to the 18th century. It was used in the founding documents: John Carroll wrote his proposal and submitted the application to establish the university in this typeface. Hence, this font became the official one. Its modern free equivalent is Libre Baskerville Italic. The logo contains two colors: Georgetown Blue and Georgetown Gray. They are associated with the Civil War and symbolize the unification of young people from the North and South of the United States.

Georgetown University Symbol

Georgetown University color codes

Space CadetHex color:#041e42
RGB:4 30 66
CMYK:94 55 0 74
Pantone:PMS 2768 C
Granite GrayHex color:#63666a
RGB:99 102 106
CMYK:7 4 0 58
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 10 C