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Gerber: Brand overview

In 1927, Dorothy Gerber had an idea to start selling prepared baby food after she made mashed peas for her daughter, Sally. Together with her husband Dan, who ran the Fremont Canning Company, they made this idea a reality. By 1928, Gerber had launched its first line of baby foods, including five mashed fruits and vegetables. This innovation provided parents a nutritious and convenient way to feed their children.

The company expanded quickly during the 1930s, growing its product range to over 30 items by the decade’s end. The introduction of the “Gerber Baby” logo in 1931 helped make the brand even more popular. During World War II, Gerber supplied the U.S. armed forces with over 24 million cans of food, demonstrating its commitment to providing nutrition to infants and adults in need.

After the war, Gerber continued to grow by adding new products, such as cereals, juices, and snacks for toddlers in the 1960s and bottles and toys in the 1970s. It also started selling its products in international markets, including Mexico, Canada, and the Philippines.

In 1994, the company was acquired by Sandoz, which later became part of Novartis. This change led to even more growth, including introducing organic products and items for older children. In 2007, Nestlé bought Gerber, further boosting its global reach and product innovation.

Recently, Gerber has been focusing on meeting the demand for healthy and organic options. It has expanded its organic product line, simplified ingredients, and improved the nutrition of its offerings. Today, Gerber is a top brand in the U.S. for baby nutrition and products, enjoying a strong global presence. It provides various foods, drinks, snacks, and baby essentials for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Since its start in 1927 with just five mashed products, Gerber has become a leading name in child nutrition. The company’s history is marked by constant innovation and a dedication to the health and happiness of children. As preferences shift towards more organic, nutritious, and convenient food options, Gerber keeps adapting to stay a key resource for parents wanting to raise healthy and happy kids.

Meaning and History

Gerber Logo History


Who is the Gerber baby logo?

The Gerber baby logo features Ann Turner Cook’s image. Before becoming famous as the face of Gerber, Cook was an English teacher and a mystery novel author. The logo originated in the early 1930s when Dorothy Hope Smith, Cook’s neighbor, sketched her as an infant. Smith submitted the sketch to a Gerber contest looking for a baby image for their products. Gerber selected Smith’s work to depict a baby’s innocence, their symbol for over 85 years.

For a long time, the identity of the Gerber baby was a mystery, with incorrect tales circulating. One such story falsely identified actress Jane Seymour as the Gerber baby. However, in 1978, Gerber revealed that Ann Turner Cook was the baby in their logo. Cook has expressed her joy in being associated with Gerber. Her image on Gerber products is recognized around the globe.

Who was the original Gerber baby picture?

Ann Turner Cook’s photo has been on Gerber products since 1928. At 93 years old, Cook, now retired from teaching and writing mysteries, is famous for being the first Gerber baby. Her photo from when she was a baby is known worldwide and stands for healthy and nutritious food for babies. Cook has been linked with Gerber since she was a baby herself. Her face is known worldwide and has played a big role in shaping the image of Gerber for nearly a century.

What is the Gerber baby story?

Ann Turner Cook’s story as the Gerber baby is interesting. Many people spent years guessing who the baby in the Gerber logo was, thinking it might be someone famous. But actually, it was Cook’s face as a baby. When she was four months old, her neighbor, Dorothy Hope Smith from Connecticut, sketched Ann for a contest by Gerber. This sketch, showing Ann’s adorable face, won the contest and became a big part of Gerber’s image.

For a long time, no one knew who the Gerber baby was, leading to many guesses. The mystery ended when it was finally made public that Ann Turner Cook was the baby in the drawing. Now, her image is known worldwide, symbolizing the happiness and purity of being a child. You can see her face on Gerber products, making it one of the most famous logos, and people worldwide love it.

Is Gerber a brand?

Gerber, a leading name in baby food, is part of Nestlé Global and a significant player in the food and beverage industry. It offers a variety of products like purees, cereals, and snacks. These items are crafted to meet the nutritional needs of babies and toddlers, helping them grow up healthy. Parents and caregivers trust Gerber for its focus on high-quality and nutritious options to feed their children.

How many months can I give Gerber to my baby?

When your baby reaches around six months old, introducing Gerber foods is a good time. Starting solids before four months is too early because babies are unprepared for it. After six months, they need nutrients from solids that breast milk or formula doesn’t provide. At this age, babies often show they’re ready for solid foods. They can sit up with minimal assistance, show interest in food, and have good head and neck control. Remember, each baby develops at their own pace. If you’re unsure about when to begin solids or which Gerber foods to pick, it’s best to consult with your pediatrician. They can offer guidance based on your baby’s growth and health requirements.

How long can Gerber last after opening?

Once you open Gerber baby food, use it within two days and store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. This helps ensure the food remains safe for your baby. To warm the food, mix it well and test its temperature so it won’t burn your baby’s mouth. Gerber offers support if you’re looking for advice on feeding your baby or storing baby food. They provide a service named MyGerber Baby Expert for customized advice. Additionally, you can contact their round-the-clock hotline at 1-800-284-9488 for any assistance.

What is Gerber good for?

Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula offers complete nutrition for babies from their first day to their first year. It aids digestion and strengthens the immune system. The formula includes a beneficial probiotic called B. lactis, which supports a healthy stomach. This leads to fewer digestive issues for babies, such as gas or constipation. It contains essential nutrients supporting a baby’s growth and health, ensuring their development.