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The stylish Golds Gym logo motivates gym-goers towards self-discipline, dedication, and self-improvement. It conveys that the body can be perfect if you visit the training base and, in return, gain incredible strength. The path to muscularity and health is only through this fitness center.

Gold’s Gym: Brand overview

Golds Gym is an American chain of fitness centers that became an international franchise with more than 400 training gyms in 37 states of the USA and in 20 countries worldwide. Starting from a small gym, it transformed into a major sports company, managed from the head office in Dallas (Texas). Its founder is Marine Joe Gold. In 1965, he opened a convenient place for bodybuilders’ workouts in Venice Beach (California).

Meaning and History

Gold’s Gym Logo History

Starting with training bodybuilder friends, Gold’s Gym eventually evolved into an international-level sports franchise. This transformation was aided not only by the owner’s persistence but also by the logo. When Ken Sprague acquired the fitness center, he made significant efforts to develop it actively.

One such effort involved the bald, phlegmatic lifter Ric Drasin, who sketched the emblem on the back of a napkin. Sprague found the result intriguing, leading to the new symbol being adopted on all Gold’s Gym T-shirts. Other marketing tactics were employed: photo shoots of bodybuilders in branded clothing with the club’s name and beach walks in printed tank tops. This strategy was successful: by 1975, the gym had become renowned as the best place for bodybuilding. Today, its identity is well-known to over 3 million members of the sports franchise worldwide.

What is GFuel?

Gold’s Gym (or Golds Gym) is an international chain of gyms for strength training. The central office of these fitness centers, now numbering over 400, is located in Dallas, Texas, having moved from Venice Beach, California. The franchise’s founder is Joe Gold (in 1965), its popularizer is Ken Sprague (from the 1970s), and the current owner is TRT Holdings (since 2004).

1965 – 1990

Gold’s Gym Logo 1965

The Gold’s Gym logo features a muscular bodybuilder. He is positioned in the middle of the emblem, surrounded by the name of the gym. “Gold’s” is placed in a semi-circle at the top and “Gym” at the bottom like a pedestal. The golden lines running through the center of each letter give them a three-dimensional appearance. Below them is another inscription – black, italic, as if handwritten. It indicates the city and state where the head office of the fitness center is located, as well as the year of the first training base’s appearance: “Venice, California.” The figure in the drawing holds a bent barbell and smiles friendlyly.

1990 – 2000

Gold’s Gym Logo 1990

2000 – today

Gold’s Gym Logo

This version of the visual identity is professionally and technically crafted. In the center is a sportsman: only his black silhouette is clearly visible, not his face or muscular relief. The bodybuilder holds a barbell with downward-tilted ends, indicating its heaviness. The athlete’s size makes the sports equipment appear very small. He is surrounded by a small ring. Next is the name of the gym. The inscription is in uppercase with decorative letters. They have pointed serifs in the shape of spikes. The outer strip is the same thickness as the inner one but differs in length. The background is a yellow-neon circle.

Font and Colors

Gold's Gym Symbol

From the beginning, the inscription in the Golds Gym logo was made in an antique font with triangular serifs. They are large, sharp, and expressive; they catch the eye, but they don’t hinder the normal perception of the sports brand’s name. The font resembles Latin Wide, published by CastleType.

Initially, the palette was modest: it was monochromatic, except for thin stripes running along each glyph. However, they were so indistinct that they were almost unnoticeable. Later, the logo gained vibrancy with the addition of a neon-yellow background.

Gold's Gym Emblem

Gold’s Gym color codes

Middle YellowHex color:#ffec00
RGB:255 236 0
CMYK:0 7 100 0
Pantone:PMS 102 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C