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The designer who created the Golf le Fleur logo decided to showcase the creative direction of this brand. For this, he developed a wordmark with a non-standard design. The letters in the emblem appear visually heavy, and their black color creates a sense of strength, power, and authority.

Golf le Fleur: Brand overview

Founder:Tyler Okonma
Los Angeles, California, United States
Golf le Fleur belongs to an American rapper known by the pseudonym Tyler, the Creator. Initially, the musician created his flagship brand Golf Wang (in 2011), to sell street-style clothing. In 2016, at one of the fashion shows, the Golf le Fleur collection was first presented and released in collaboration with Converse. Over time, the line was established as an independent trademark. It even got its own nomadic store, moving from place to place.

Meaning and History

Golf le Fleur Logo History

The phrase “Golf le Fleur” in an approximate translation from French means “flower boy,” which corresponds to the title of Tyler’s fourth studio album: “Flower Boy.” That is, the series of shoes presented at the 2016 fashion show (a few months before the album release) was a kind of advertisement for the rapper’s new songs. The musician and producer developed the collection of colorful sneakers in collaboration with Converse and presented it within his Golf Wang clothing brand.

Over time, other products under the Golf le Fleur brand appeared: scarves, sunglasses, notebooks, stickers, nail polishes and files, perfumes, suitcases, pillows, tents, backpacks, and skateboards. By 2021, the line had turned into an independent brand, separate from Golf Wang. Its range is replenished with various clothing and accessories every season.

What is Golf le Fleur?

Golf le Fleur is a luxury clothing and accessories brand owned by American producer and rapper Tyler Gregory Okonma. It debuted in 2016 at a fashion show as part of the Golf Wang project, which is associated with street fashion and is also owned by Tyler. In 2021, Golf le Fleur was established as an independent brand with its own store.

Golf le Fleur Symbol

As a creative person, Tyler Gregory Okonma took care of the visual identification of his trademarks. Thus, a logo with the black inscription “GOLF” appeared inside a bright yellow rectangular plate. The word is executed in a bold geometric sans-serif font, explained by the designer’s desire to attract the attention of potential buyers. The letters have a slight asymmetry, which is manifested in different thicknesses of the main and additional strokes. Moreover, the lower horizontal bar of the “F” is shorter than the upper one.

The wordmark best conveys the brand name and shows its importance. The logo is designed in the form of a sign or label, so it is versatile enough and suitable for use on any media.

Font and Colors

Golf le Fleur Emblem

The “GOLF” inscription font is a bold, contrasting grotesque, which is roughly similar to Magnum Sans Heavy by FontMesa, Chorus Expanded ExtraBold by SoneriType, and JT Leonor Extra Bold by JAM Type. Thanks to the large black letters, the word is highly noticeable against the background of the bright yellow rectangle.

Golf le Fleur color codes

Golden YellowHex color:#fedb00
RGB:254 219 0
CMYK:0 14 100 0
Pantone:PMS 109 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C